Want To Banish Frizz For Good? A Protein Treatment For Hair Is Your Best Bet

protein treatment for hair

If you aren’t born with silky straight hair, chances are you are battling frizz daily. But there’s an easy solution: protein treatments for hair. You’ve heard about it in salons and may also know about at-home protein treatment kits. They are absolutely worth the hype because they are super effective in strengthening your hair and removing all signs of frizz. Here’s all you need to know about the best protein treatments for hair.

Benefits Of Protein Treatment for Hair 

As our hair is already built up of protein amongst other elements, a protein treatment for hair works like building blocks to strengthen and reverse any damage that the mane has encountered. Furthermore, protein treatments have a smoothening effect which makes your hair soft and frizz free. Unruly hair textures can turn to protein treatments to make the mane more manageable and protect it against breakage. Protein treatments are especially beneficial for those who have chemically damaged or heat damaged hair. Porous, dry, and prone to breakage and hair fall–if these are the concerns your hair is going through right now, a protein treatment will work best to restore your natural and healthy mane. 

How To Use Protein Treatment For Hair

how to apply protein treatment for hair


You can either opt for an in-salon protein treatment for hair or opt for one at home. At-home protein treatments will usually come in hair mask form. Here’s how you can apply it.

Step 1: Section & Apply

Detangle your hair by applying a hair serum and then combing. After this, section your hair and apply the protein treatment hair mask from root to tip. Focus more on the lengths of your hair and hair ends. Once applied to all sections, comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to spread out the product evenly.

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Step 2: Wrap It Up

After applying the protein treatment hair mask, clip up your hair in a bun or tie it with an elastic band. Then wear a shower cap to cover your entire hair or wrap it up with a towel.

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Step 3: Apply Heat

Use a blow dryer to disperse heat over your wrapped up mane. Put the blow dryer setting on low heat to avoid burning. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes after wrapping up your hair. 

Step 4: Wash It Off

Allow the protein treatment mask to sit for as long as mentioned on the packaging. Usually, it could be anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. After the time is up, unwrap your hair and rinse out the mask. Use a shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair if instructed on the packaging.

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Best Options For Protein Treatment

You can try in-salon protein treatments that will help smoothen your hair and give amazing results. In-salon protein treatments can give excellent results and will transform your hair texture. At-home protein treatments like keratin hair masks are also great as they will smoothen your hair with regular use. Using an at-home keratin hair mask will make your hair more relaxed and remove all signs of frizz. You can also try DIY protein hair mask treatments with eggs or mayonnaise that can also help nourish and moisturise your hair while strengthening it.  


How often can I get a protein treatment done?

You can book a salon appointment and get a protein treatment done or you can use a protein treatment hair mask once a week or once a month before a hair wash.

Can protein treatment cause hair fall?

No. In fact protein treatment can help reduce hair fall and strengthen your hair.

Should I wash my hair before a protein treatment?

It is ideal to use a protein treatment on clean hair so washing it a day in advance should suffice too. If you just got back from a workout or your hair is greasy and sweaty, wash your hair before applying the treatment. Even if you have used hair oil, make sure to wash it off before applying a protein treatment.

Can protein treatments hurt my scalp?

No, it cannot damage your scalp but excessive heat can damage your scalp. So if you are using a protein treatment make sure to not use too much heat on your scalp.

What type of hair needs protein treatment?

Dry, damaged, and unruly hair can use protein treatment. Chemically treated hair that is rough and breaks easily should definitely be coated with such treatments regularly.

If you have dry and damaged hair that is in need of help, try a protein treatment for hair to revive your mane. This essential guide will help you reap all the benefits of this haircare treatment.

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