15 Hairstyles That Will Stay Put As You Dance The Night Away During Your Sangeet


Sangeet is a fun night for the bride, groom, and all the guests that are part of the evening's festivities. It’s the one event where you can let your hair down (or wear it up) and have a whole lot of fun. When it comes to outfits, sangeets usually call for something that’s an amalgamation of traditional yet modern. And it’s the same for your hair too! Whether you choose to wear it straight, wavy, curly, braided, up or down, hairstyles for sangeet are pretty open ended. You can wear what you’re comfortable with at its maximum style potential. Scroll down to see 15 hairstyles for sangeet that are sure to pair well with any outfit you choose to wear.

Sangeet Hairstyles For Bride

A sangeet entails letting your figurative hair down and having a whole lot of fun before your big day. This means comfort and style are at par with each other. Check out these hairstyles for sangeet that vary from long, medium, and short, and are perfect for all the brides out there.

Sangeet Hairstyles For Long Hair

Go With The Flow

Long hair style for sangeet

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Tong the ends of your hair so that it falls naturally. Straighten the front part of your hair and apply a hair serum to add some shine. Pin the side with an accessory like a blingy clip. This is a perfect hairstyle for sangeet

Glam Doll

glam style hair for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Go for poker straight hair and tie it back in a high pony with this hairstyle for sangeet. Use a toothbrush and a hairspray to smooth down any flyaways. Tie your hair with a blingy scrunchie to add that glam factor.

Braided Beauty

braided style hair for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Got really long hair? Create beautiful waves to your entire mane for this hairstyle for sangeet. Braid the front and pin it together with some flowers. Create a half-braided pony that runs down your back –– it’ll add a little more character to your hairdo.

Sangeet Hairstyles For Short Hair

Elegant & Effortless

mini braid hairstyles for sangeet

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Don’t let short hair come in the way of a pretty mane. Create a mini braid that extends all the way to your crown. Either add a few hair accessories or pin in some flowers and you're good to go with this sangeet hairstyle!

Bun It Up

Bun style hair for sangeet

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Twist your hair into a messy bun. Pull out a few strands here and there so that it frames your face and softens the look. Add a hairband to bling up the look a little. Make sure you spritz on some hair product so that it holds.

Tight Curls

tight curls hairstyle

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Curl your hair into a movie star hairdo for your sangeet hairstyle! The tight curls add volume to your short hair and if you’ve got a few highlights here and there, it’ll add a whole lot of dimension.

Sangeet Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Volume Galore

galore style thin hair style

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When you’ve got thin hair, the only goal for you is volume. Uplift your roots with a cleansing shampoo. Create dense waves with a large barrel tong. Tease the crown of your hair to amp up the area around your roots.

Blowout Perfection

blowout style hairstyle for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


This classic hairstyle for sangeet adds density to fine hair. A simple blowout will work wonders in creating volume and fluffing up your mane.

Twisted Braid

braid with ribbon hairstyle for sangeet.

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Give your hair a little more character by pairing a simple braid with a pretty ribbon. Intertwine the ribbon into the braid and tie a bow at the end. This is a simple, yet pretty sangeet hairstyle for thin hair.

Sangeet Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Braided Front

 two braids style hair for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Play around with the front of your hair and create two braids that extend all the way around. Tong the ends of your hair so that it adds a bit of volume. This is a great sangeet hairstyle for medium hair especially, if you want to accessorise with a maang tika.

Side-Swept Waves

one side hairstyle for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Create large waves in your hair either with rollers or a large barrel tong. Create a side parting and pin one side back with a pretty accessory. Sweep the hair on to one side.

Simple Yet Pretty

simple hairstyle for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Don’t want to do much to your hair? Simply go with an outward blowout and bling it up with a hairband. Remember to use a conditioner so that your hair stays in place and doesn’t frizz up with time.


Guest Hairstyle For Sangeet Function


When it comes to a sangeet, even the guests need to dress to impress. Scroll down to see hairstyles for sangeet if you are a guest. While they aren’t as over-the-top as the brides, they are quite stunning!

Low And Loose

 low & loose hairstyle for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


Wear your hair down in some loose curls and pair it with a floral headband to match your outfit. Scrunch in some hair product at the ends to add a little shine.

Pony Up

pony style hair for sangeet.

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If you want a little modern twist to your sangeet ensemble, simply tie your hair up in a high pony. Make sure the top part of your hair is sleek and free of any baby hairs. Curl the ends of your hair to add some volume to the pony. Twist a few strands around your hair tie and you’re good to go! 

Up Top

donut bun hairstyle for sangeet

Image courtesy - Instagram


This classic hairstyle for sangeet makes for a comfortable updo. The donut bun is a go-to, especially if you want to keep your hair out of your face. Plus, it adds a sophisticated touch.

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Sangeets are meant to be loud, so why tone down the volume when it comes to your hair. These hairstyles for sangeet are sure to be a great fit with anything and everything you choose to wear on the day.

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