25 Fab Haircuts For Women With Long Faces That Are All The Inspo You Need Right Now!


It can be difficult to decide what will look best with our face shape. Which hairstyle and length should you choose if you know you have a long face? Should you experiment with colour this time? Are bangs too schoolgirlish? Doubts can be debilitating. In the end, we strongly advise you to work with your hairdresser to experiment with different cuts and styles (including the right conditioner, hair mask and hair serum for you) that will flatter your face shape and tame frizz.


If you've recently been thumbing through hairstyling blogs, page after page, looking for inspiration, we've got you covered. With these 25 new, inspiring haircuts and hairstyles for women with long faces, you can refresh your look and project a new attitude.


Best Hairstyles For Women With Oblong Faces


Hairstyles For Women With Oblong Faces

Only you can decide whether to approximate your face to classic proportions or to emphasise your individuality. However, knowing what styles work best for your specific face shape is always helpful. Let's look at some examples!


Long & Layered


Long & Layered haircuts for long face


Are you looking for a hairstyle for a long face? Katrina Kaif is the ideal role model. Katrina Kaif's hair is long and layered at the bottom, which we think complements her face shape perfectly. Doesn't this neatly combed-out look exude an air of effortless beauty?


Feathered Haircut


Feathered Haircut for long face

This stunning haircut enhances your appearance while perfectly shaping the ends of your hair. Multiple layers add volume to your hair, making it look even more beautiful and chic!


Textured Layer Haircut

Textured Layer Haircut for long face

If you want a chic and trendy shoulder-length haircut that screams 'effortless,' this is the one to go for! This haircut is particularly flattering on women with wavy hair, and the beautifully blended layers add texture and volume to your hair.


Blunt Cut With Side Bangs


Blunt Cut With Side Bangs for long face

If you believe that a simple blunt haircut is too basic, you can update it with some side bangs, which add an interesting element to your haircut! We're particularly fond of this haircut, which adds more dimension to the hair.


Pin-Straight Lob


Pin-Straight Lob for long face

Think again if you thought super-straight lobs were boring! Kim Kardashian's classic sexy look demonstrates that this haircut can be both elegant and feminine. However, if you have thin hair, this is not the best haircut for you.


Simple U-Shape Haircut


Simple U-Shape Haircut for long face

If you already have thin hair, sectioning it out or adding heavy layers can make the bottom part of your hair look even thinner. Instead, go for a U-shaped shoulder-length haircut that adds a chic element without drastically reducing the volume of your hair.


Choppy Haircut With Long Bangs


Choppy Haircut With Long Bangs for long face

If you have thin straight hair, this choppy haircut with long bangs is for you! The best thing about a choppy haircut is that it incorporates locks of varying lengths, which makes the hair appear more voluminous.


Layered Curly Haircut With Bangs


Layered Curly Haircut With Bangs for long face

Another layered haircut for women with curly hair that we adore. Accept your curly hair with this stylish haircut that frames the face beautifully, while the few bangs balance out the look perfectly!


Layered Bob


Layered Bob for long face

This layered bob hairstyle with more bulk on top and less bulk near the shoulder can look great on women with long faces! The voluminous texture of the hair complements the elongated shape of the face perfectly.


Long Shaggy Layers


Long Shaggy Layers haircut


Despite being choppy and textured, the current shag doesn't make you look like a member of an 80s hair rock group. Almost all hair lengths and textures can wear this hairstyle. However, avoid using too many layers, as this makes the design look a little jagged and old.


Front Bangs With Layered Haircut


Front Bangs With Layered Haircut

When looking for shoulder-length haircuts for a long face, choose one that will help you look longer. Camila Cabello's layered haircut with a few front bangs adds a vertically linear look that will complement those with round, long faces.


Dishevelled Locks With Bangs


Dishevelled Locks With Bangs for long face

These unkempt locks scream 'fashionista' and looks oh-so-chic! The front bangs elevate this shoulder-length haircut to a whole new level.


Versus Diamatrix Haircut For Curly Hair


Versus Diamatrix Haircut For Curly Hair

Do you find your curls difficult to manage, especially at the bottom? If so, you might want to consider this haircut. It is essentially a long diagonal angled cut designed to reduce the bulkiness of your hair at the bottom.


Two-Tiered Haircut


Two-Tiered Haircut

Want a shoulder-length layered haircut but don't like how heavy layers thin out the bottom sections of your hair? If that's the case, try a simple two-tiered layer haircut like this one! The first layer begins just above the shoulder length, allowing you to achieve a dimensional, stylish look without sacrificing volume at the bottom of your hair.


Tousled Layers


Tousled Layers

These tousled layers with flicked ends add interest to this shoulder-length haircut, which is ideal if you enjoy chic blow-dry styling. With this haircut, you can also achieve some really versatile hairstyles!


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Is long or short hair better for long faces?

The longer your hair is, the longer it will make your face look. It's often best to go with shorter styles or those that have plenty of volume.

How can I make my long face look smaller?

Soft curls and waves will lift your features, while upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape. A layered mid-length curly style will look best on those with long faces as it is layered through the back, sides and top with plenty of body and bounce.

Are bangs good for a long face?

Not only are they easier to manage, but longer, grown-out bangs are the most flattering on long face shapes. You have the space to work with, plus cropped bangs will only make your forehead look longer.

Which hairstyle is best for a long face?

Face-framing bangs and jaw-length bobs are great hairstyles for long face shapes because they prevent adding more length.


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Which haircut will you opt for?


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