30 Square Face Hairstyle Ideas That Will Enhance Your Best Features

square face hairstyle

Different face shapes need different hairstyles to complement their best facial features. That’s why square face hairstyles are what you need to look up if you do have this face shape. Square faces usually have sharp and angular features that can look super striking or romantic based on the type of hairstyle you sport. And here’s a list of the best square face shape hairstyle ideas to reinvent your look all year round.


Trending Square Face Hairstyle


Looking for the perfect square face hairstyle to elevate your hair game? Here’s a list of 30 hairstyles for square faces that are sure to wow you.

1. Curtain Bangs Style For Square Face

Curtain Bangs square face hairstyle

Curtain bangs are the best fringe styles to try on square faces. It is easy to style and looks so damn good.

2. Straight & Long Hairstyle for Square Face

Straight & Long Hair square face hairstyle

A head of long and straight hair that grazes your lower back is the simplest and most stunning square-face hairstyle to have. Just make sure to frame your face by cutting the hair there to graze your chin. Also, go for regular trims to make the ends look healthy with no split ends.

3. Curly Hairstyle for Square Face

Curly Hair square face hairstyle

Curly hair looks exceptionally good on square faces and you can experiment with different curl patterns to enhance your features too.

4. Centre Parted Sleek Hair For Square Face

Centre Parted Sleek Hair square face

Show off the symmetry of a square face shape with this centre-parted hairstyle on sleek hair. You can also go for a wet look with some hair gel.

5. ‘90s Blowout Short Hair Style For Square Face

90s Blowout Short Hair square face hairstyle

Add volume to your hair and softness to your face with this gorgeous ‘90s blowout. This style of blow dry has large curls that make the hair look super voluminous and soft to the touch.

6. Layered Bob Style For Square Face

Layered Bob square face hairstyle

This is a great haircut for square faces. It is a short cropped layered bob with a long fringe that is easy to style and maintain.

7. Top Knot Hairstyle For Square Face

Top Knot Hairstyle square face hairstyle

The top knot is every lazy girl’s go-to hairstyle and it looks amazing on square face shapes too.

8. Side Swept Hairstyle For Square Face

Side Swept square face  Hairstyle

Tousled waves swept to one side is the easiest and most alluring hairstyle on a square face shape. It helps to have balayage highlights for this look as it adds more dimension to the hair.

9. Wispy Bun Hairstyle For Square Face

Wispy Bun square face Hairstyle

This sleek updo with wispy pieces of hair peeking out is one of the prettiest square-face hairstyles you will see ever. Accessorise with a large floral clip for a touch of panache.

10. ‘90s Updo Bun Hairstyle For Square Face

90s Updo Bun square face  Hairstyle

This '90s updo with chunky face-framing pieces and a high bun looks super alluring on a square face. Make sure to use a hair oil before a shampoo and conditioner to make your locks super thick and shiny to rock this hairstyle.

11. Water Waves Hairstyle For Square Face

Water Waves  square face Hairstyle

Water waves hairstyle is a type of wavy hair texture that looks like running water in a river. To create it, braid your hair in two plaits and then clamp the plaits between a hair straightening iron. Undo the plaits and your water wave hair texture is ready to go.

12. Colourful Bobby Pin Square Face Hairstyle

Colourful Bobby Pin  square face Hairstyle

Add a pop of colour to your hairstyle while adding control by using colourful hair clips and bobby pins on one side of your hair. Let the rest of your hair down and you have a cute square-face hairstyle right there.

13. Twist & Clip Bun Square Face Hairstyle

Twist & Clip Bun square face Hairstyle

This easy-to-do hairstyle is perfect for square face shapes. Simply twist your hair and use a large claw clip to secure it in an updo while a few front pieces of hair frame your face.

14. Textured Ponytail Square Face Hairstyle

Textured Ponytail square face Hairstyle

Curl and texturise your hair to be super voluminous and then tie it up in a ponytail to make a bold style statement. It is a great square-face hairstyle that never fails to impress.

15. Layered Hairstyle With Fringe For Square Face

Layered square face Hairstyle With Fringe

Lots of layers and a fringe to go with it will make you look like a protagonist in a romantic film. The soft layered fringe makes square face shapes look more rounded and youthful.

16. Micro Fringe With Long Hair Style For Square Face

Micro Fringe With Long Hair square face

This micro fringe hairstyle will make your square face look super cute and youthful. It also adds fullness to the face.

17. Beachy Waves With Flower Accessories For Square Face

Beachy Waves With Flower Accessories square face hairstyle

Believe it or not, beach waves and a simple flower tucked behind your ear is one of the best square face hairstyles. It brings out your natural beauty and looks effortless.

18. Braided Hairstyle For Square Face

Braided square face Hairstyle

Don’t be shy of rocking a towering high braid. It is the square face shape hairstyle that will earn you loads of style points. Wear it whenever you want to make a statement.

19. Pinned Back Hairstyle For Square Face

Pinned Back square face Hairstyle

This half-up hairstyle with bobby pins is another classic hairstyle that will look good on anyone with a square face shape. It makes the face, especially the forehead area, look bigger which is what you want if your square face is too small.

20. Low Ponytail Hairstyle For Square Face

Low Ponytail square face Hairstyle

Square face shapes can easily pull off soft hairstyles like this classic low ponytail with a side parting. It looks classy and chic and is a low-maintenance hairstyle that is super versatile.

21. Smooth Waves Hairstyle For Square Face

Smooth Waves square face Hairstyle

Nothing beats a smooth wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle can be created by creating large curls with a curling tong iron and then breaking those by brushing with a large paddle brush. A spritz of nourishing serum spray and the results are smooth hair that looks naturally bouncy.

22. Side Swept Bob Square Face Hairstyle

Side Swept Bob square face Hairstyle

A one-length bob haircut which is side parted and styled into soft waves is one of the best square face shape hairstyle ideas to try out. It looks utterly chic and works for all occasions.

23. High Ponytail Hairstyle For Square Face

High Ponytail square face Hairstyle

A high ponytail hairstyle for square face shapes is a great way to flaunt the gorgeous contours of this unique face shape. It makes for a striking style statement and also makes the face look more lifted.

24. Gatsby Waves Square Face Hairstyle

Gatsby Waves  square face Hairstyle

Counteract the sharpness of a square face shape by opting for Gatsby waves. This elegant hairstyle has large and smooth waves that softens square faces and results in a classy and romantic look.

25. Messy Shag Haircut For Square Face

Messy Shag square face  Haircut

This haircut style is a great way to add more dimensions and softness to a square face. It has many layers and even a textured fringe that is not cut in a straight line.


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26. Layered Square Face Shape Hairstyle


This hairstyle softens the angular jawline of your square-faced shape. A little manipulation of layers with this square face hairstyle gives you the desired look. Such a hairstyle isn’t really hard to achieve!

27. Shaggy Bob In Platinum Blonde 


Simply colouring your hair differently on a short haircut is enough to achieve a fresh and flattering look. The platinum blonde colour on this square face shape hairstyle makes it look even more stunning!

28. Lob Haircut For Chubby Square Face


To ace this square face-shape hairstyle, you need to aim at achieving slim and tapered ends of your hair. This makes your jawline appear softer and less heavy!

29. Chin-Length Shaggy Bob Hairstyle


Why do you want to hide your strong jawline when you can flaunt it beautifully? Look confident and trendy with this chin-length bob square face hairstyle that lifts your face! You can add highlights to make them appear extra-stylish.

30. Centre-Parted Bob Haircut For Square Face


A straight bob square face hairstyle can look sexy too. A middle part, face-framing pieces and sharp ends are what make this hairdo stand out. Keep it a bit below the jawline to avoid that bulkiness in this area!

These Square face hairstyles are surely going to make you look stylish no matter what you wear. Bookmark these hairstyles and find the best one that goes with your style persona this season.

FAQ For Square Face Hairstyle


What Hairstyle Suits a Square Face?

For those with square faces, the goal is to soften the angular jawline and balance the proportions of the face. Flattering hairstyles include layers that start from the jawline, soft waves or curls, and lengths that fall either above or below the jawline to avoid drawing attention to it. Long, soft layers can help to elongate the face, while side-parted styles or asymmetrical cuts can add an interesting angle and divert attention from the squareness of the jaw.

Are Bangs Good for Square Face?

Yes, bangs can be incredibly flattering for square faces, especially when styled correctly. Wispy, side-swept bangs can soften the appearance of a broad forehead and angular jawline, creating a more gentle visage. Curtain bangs, which part in the middle and sweep outwards, can also work wonders by framing the face and adding a touch of elegance. It's best to avoid blunt, straight-across bangs as they can accentuate the squareness of the face.

Does Short Hair Suit a Square Face?

Short hair can definitely suit a square face, provided it's styled in a way that complements the face's natural angles. A textured bob that ends above or just below the chin can help to soften the jawline, while pixie cuts with added volume at the top can elongate the face. Incorporating layers and asymmetrical styles into short hair can also add a dynamic element to the overall look, breaking up the uniformity of a square face.

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