Chop Chop! 20 Super Cute Bang Haircut Inspired By Your Favourite Celebs

bangs hair cut

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Thinking about chopping your hair off in the front? Don’t think twice. Fringes, bangs, or front layers are the best way to amp up your hairstyle without having to lose your length. You’ll be surprised to see how much of a difference it makes to your entire look and vibe. Bang haircuts can be a little risky usually –– mainly because you don’t know what style to pick and how it’ll end up looking. But guess what? It’s a risk you need to be willing to take, because the reward is pretty fruitful. Adding a front cut hairstyle helps frame your face and gives your hair way more definition and volume. It also adds character to once lifeless looking mane. So, fret not, we’ve got your hairy needs covered. Scroll down to see which type of bang hair cut you should pick depending on your length, texture, and of course, mood.


Different Types Of Bang Hair Cut For Women


From the 80s all the way to the early 2000s, front cut hairstyles have always been in style –– and if they were not, they definitely kept coming back with a bang! In order to pick the right kind of bang hiarcut style for you, you need to understand your face shape and hair texture and then go ahead with it. Scroll down to see the different types of trending fringe hairstyles that have definitely stood the test of time. Take a cue from these celebrities who have dared to rock the bang hair trend and rock it well.

1. Layered Bangs For Medium To Long Hair


Layered Bangs For Medium To Long Hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


This bang haircut hairstyle works for both long and medium length wavy to straight hair. It frames your face naturally and adds a light volume to your hair. Make sure to cut the bangs at chin level or a little below. Add a little haircare product and you’re ready to serve those looks!


2.Choppy Fringe For Layered Hair


Choppy Fringe For Layered Hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


This front hair bang cut is perfect for someone looking for volume and texture. Best suited for straight, wavy, or curly hair, it looks best when worn a little messy and natural. This look works best on second day hair, so you might want to skip the shampoo for this one!


3.Side Bangs For Short Hair


Side Bangs For Short Hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


A pretty chic bang hair cut for short hair, this look is great for those who want to give their choppy hairstyle a bit of an upgrade. Feel free to either straighten them or leave them naturally wavy if need be. 


4.Wavy Bob Cut


front haircut for bob cut

Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve got super short hair, feel free to add a little volume to the front with a fringe hair cut. Style it wavy and scrunch in the waves for a messy effect.


5. Classic Light Fringe


front hair cut indian style

Image courtesy - Instagram


This fringe haircut is a really loved look by many. The light fringe with long side bangs is enough to frame your face, without being too dense. This bang haircut style looks best on people with straight hair.

6.Classic Curtain Bangs


front bangs haircut

Image courtesy - Instagram


Wear them in front or wear them on the side, whatever you choose to do, know that this curtain bang hairstyle will not leave you disappointed. Whether you’ve got straight or wavy hair, it’ll make sure you never have another bad hair day.


7. Side-Swept Retro Haircut

front hair cut indian retro style

Image courtesy - Instagram


Such a retro bang hairstyle. The teased crown, paired with the side-flick fringes makes this front cut hairstyle oh-so-glam! Make sure you use a conditioner when shampooing your hair though –– as you wouldn’t want any flyaways or split ends messing your vibe.


8. Layers For Curly Hair


front hair cutting style for curly hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

Who said curly haired peeps can’t get themselves the perfect front hair cut? Layer your hair in such a way that the front layers appear way shorter than the rest. This’ll give your curls shape and definition, without adding too much volume in the front. Scrunch in a little hair oil to tame the frizz and you’re good to go!


9. Voluminous Fringe For Curly Hair

front cut hairstyle for frizzy curly hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve got those curls popping like crazy, then go for a va-va-voluminous spin. Go for a front hair cut fringe along with layers for your hair. This bang haircut style change the shape of your face and your hair, adding a youthful touch to your vibe. Throw in a little serum and you’re good to go!


10. Microbangs


front micro bangs haircut

Image courtesy - Instagram


This fringe hair cut isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re daring enough to give this supermodel look a try, then don’t step back. Microbangs or short fringes give your hair a bit of a high-fashion, red-carpet touch, while adding more texture to your hair. But remember, this haircut is more for people with medium to short hair.


11. Wispy Side Bangs

Wispy Side Bangs


Such a pretty-pretty bangs haircut style! So if you’re thinking to adopt this elegant & breezy look, get this haircut style for yourself. This goes perfectly well with shoulder-length and long hair. Feel free to add beautiful accessories to your hair for that oomph factor!

12. Centre-Parted Curtain Bangs Ponytail

Centre-Parted Curtain Bangs Ponytail


If you’ve got long hair, feel free to make the ponytail look bouncy & free. All you got to do is to centre-part your hair, add long curtain bangs & make a ponytail out of it. Tie it with a scrunchy & it’ll give you a funky look with this bangs haircut style!

13. Eye-Touching Bangs Cut 

Eye-Touching Bangs Cut


This eye-touching bangs cut is one loved haircut style by so many people. Whether you’ve long hair or short hair, try these eye-touching bangs on the hair. 

14. Shoulder-Length Forhead Bangs

Shoulder-Length Forhead Bangs


This bang hair cut style is everything you might need to look the most confident & powerful. Forehead bangs on shoulder-length hair add an edge to the hairstyle and make your hair look textured to a great level.

15. Long Bangs Straight Hair Cut

Long Bangs Straight Hair Cut


If you’re someone who wants to try the simple yet classy look, you should definitely go for this bangs haircut style! You can either add some volume to your hair or straighten them for an added effect.

16. Blunt Bangs On Short Ponytail

Blunt Bangs On Short Ponytail


How about going for blunt bangs on the whole forehead with a little ponytail!? These bangs hair are super easy to make and pull off. Oh, they look cute too!

17. Baby Bangs Sleek Shoulder Haircut

Baby Bangs Sleek Shoulder Haircut


Baby bangs are one of the classiest & ultra-modern bangs haircut styles that every woman dreams to get at least once in their life. So add some coolness to your hair with this cut and step out in full swag!

18. Extraaa Short Baby Bangs On Ear-Length Hair

Extraaa Short Baby Bangs On Ear-Length Hair


Don’t be afraid to cut your front hair too short or fall back hair too ear-length! You can colour this bang haircut style in your favourite shade too and make your hair look attractive.

19. One-Side Bang With Wavy Hair

One-Side Bang With Wavy Hair


If you’ve got wavy short hair, get your bangs hair one-sided and people are going to love this side of yours. 

20. Top Knot Long Bangs

Top Knot Long Bangs


If there is no scope for you to leave your hair open, make way for this bangs haircut style. You can make a messy bun & pull out some hair along with long bangs. And it’s done!

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To get bangs or not to get bangs, that is one of life’s major hair questions! If you’re thinking about it, you’ve got to do it. Let these bang haircut looks give you an idea as to what to expect with your kind of hair type, texture, and shape. Don’t be too afraid to take the plunge! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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