How To Wear Your Hair Down, Without Looking Boring: 30 Open Hairstyles To Pair With Lehengas

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When it comes to hairstyles, almost everyone is most comfortable with letting their hair down...quite literally –– especially if it’s for a wedding. The long-wearing hours means that you require something that’s stylish yet comfortable. In this case, an airy lehenga and a hairstyle that requires minimum pins poking your head goes hand-in-hand. But, does that mean you have to opt for a boring hairdo that looks pretty much the same as your regular hair? No, not necessarily. We’ve got a bunch of open hairstyles for lehengas that’s stylish, pretty, and so not boring!


Open hairstyles To Pair With lehenga

Sneakers have now replaced heels. Lehengas have replaced sarees. And tight, uncomfortable hairdos have been replaced by elegant hairstyles that don’t look and feel like they’re weighing you down. It’s all about comfort. Check out the options galore we have for your –– you’re bound to like more than one of the open hairstyles with lehengas.


The Edgy Half Pony

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Alt txt=The edgy half pony loose open hairstyles for lehenga

If you’ve got poker straight hair, and are going for a slick back look then this hairstyle is for you. An edgy and bold twist to the half pony, feel free to let your hair down with this slightly contemporary hairstyle.


Curls Galore!


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Alt txt=Curls Galore open hairstyle for lehenga

Tight curls paired with an extra large accessory will look absolutely stunning, if you’re going for  a more OTT vibe. A little shimmer paired with those old school curls will add so much glama to your outfit.


Accessorise With A Braid

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If you don’t want to go with the bling, then try accessorising with a side braid. This look works particularly well on coloured hair that’s freshly blow-dried.


Hollywood Glam!

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Go with some dramatic old school waves to bring out the shine in your hair and your outfit. If you want to add more drama to it, simply wear a studded beret on one side of your hair.


Short Hair, Don’t Care Curls



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Who said short-haired-girls can’t have all the fun too! If you’ve got a bob haircut, tong it to add some texture and volume to your hair. Pin a few flowers and you're ready to go!

Fish Braid Half And Half

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Alt txt= Fish Braid Half And Half open hairstyle for lehenga

Give your curly do and upgrade by tying it into a mini fish braid. This way the crown of your hair remains neat, while the bottom of your hair looks fun and messy.


Twisted Half And Half

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Tight curls plus a twisted braid makes for a great wedding hairstyle. Add some flowers that match with your lehenga and you’re ready to go!


Neat Side Braid

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Break the monotony of boring straight hair with this hairstyle. The side-braid adds a nice edge to your blow dried hair.


Hairband Bound

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Want to keep things rather simple? Just add a headband or a hairband to your already blow dried hair.


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If you’re sporting some loose curls from the previous day’s ceremony, then why not try out a loose waterfall braid. It’s easy, stylish, and will save you loads of time.


Flower Crown

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Again, if you still have your blowdry from the previous day’s ceremonies, then don’t douse it with any more haircare products. Just braid it into a feathered braid and add a bunch of tiny flowers to make it look uber pretty.


Sleek & Straight

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Classy, simple, and elegant, straight hair parted in the centre will make anything you wear look pretty. Tease the hair around the crown to give it that slight retro volume.


Voluminous Waves

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You can never go wrong with tight waves and a side-parting. So much volume, so little time!


School Girl Pretty

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How pretty is this subtle hairstyle? The blow dried curls paired with the coloured studs around the crown add a princess-esque vibe to this look.


Half Pony Braid

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Give your curly hair some definition with this half-braid, paired with a gorgeous headpiece like this one. Doesn’t it look oh-so regal?

Hollywood Meets Bollywood Waves

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Drama. Drama. Drama. This hairstyle screams that! The Hollywood-esque pin-up waves look amazing when paired with a simple hairpiece.


Flower Power

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Give your tonged hair a bit of a floral spin! Pin back the front of your hair and crown in a twisted pattern and secure it together with a floral headpiece.


The Bollywood Bride

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Doesn’t this remind you of something a princess would wear, back in the day? The feathered crown braid combined with a traditional hair accessory gives this more of a royal Bollywood-esque feel.


Minimal Glamm

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This one’s for the glamorous bride, who wants to keep it minimal. The combination of straight and neat, paired with curly at the end is an interesting fusion of minimalistic glam, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable open hairstyle for lehengas.


Party Ready


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This look will literally make you feel party ready –– from the mini bouffant to the messy waves, this hairdo gives us fun, party vibes.

Loose Waves

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When in doubt, loosen your waves out! This simple yet stylish look may seem rather subtle, but paired with a lehenga, it’ll really add a soft feminine touch to your entire outfit.


Slick Back

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If you’ve got poker straight hair that remains poker straight no matter how much you style it, then this one's for you. Wear your hair back neat and slick, and add a jeweled headband to it. 


Beachy Messy Waves

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A millennial and Gen Z go-to, these beachy messy waves are perfect if you’re looking to leave your hair untied, but still don’t want to go with a boring style. Also, it pairs really well with a lehenga.


The Frida Twist

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Wear your messy beach waves with a floral headband –– and give your ensemble a Frida Kahlo kind of vibe.


Embellished Hair

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Switch out your maang-tikka for an embellished hair clip. Wear it on freshly styled hair, that’s neat around the crown and front, and curly at the bottom.


Two Braids Meets One

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If you don't want to do much with your hair, simply braid either side and tie it together with a pretty clip or bow.


Studded Story

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Have fun with some star studded stickers! Pull back your hair to one side, and pin it behind your ears.


Flowery Waterfall

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You can never go wrong with a half pulled back pony, paired with some pretty flowers. Go with colours that complement your lehenga.

The Western Touch

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A taste of fusion for the Indo-western bride, if you’ve got mid-length hair then go for this hairstyle. The loose curls, coupled with a hair pin, makes it slightly edgy too.


Bold & Beautiful

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Wearing a contemporary lehenga paired with a bold eye? Then get a little experimental with your hairstyle too. Wear your hair down with a slick back side-parted hairstyle. Add a bunch of pretty pins to tie in the look.

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Wearing your hair down is comfortable (especially for a wedding), we agree. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear your hair boring. These open hairstyles for lehengas are easy to recreate and really comfortable to wear. We promise –– you won’t find yourself with poking pins or slick back headaches with these looks!

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