Here Are 20 Gajra Hairstyles To Rock This Festive Season!

Gajra Hairstyle

To be honest, in India, flowers have more significance than just being lovely to look at and pleasant to smell. Women who accessorise their hair with flowers are meant to bring happiness and joy to their homes. Who would have believed that something as basic as gajra could be used to deck up your hair in so many different ways and yet look that stunning?


Whether you are attending your bestie's wedding or decking up for Navratri, here are 15 hairdo ideas with gajra that you must check out. Oh boy, and don’t forget to follow a good haircare routine (shampoo, hair oil, conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum) before you decide on your hairstyle. You can thank us later, darling!


20 Gajra Hairstyles You Can Pull Off With Any Indian Outfit


So, when we started looking through Pinterest and Instagram to give you inspiration for some amazing hairstyles, we literally got obsessed with gajra. Who thought that something as simple as gajra can be used in so many different and beautiful ways? Well, here are some ways in which you can incorporate gajra in your hairstyle – bridal and non-bridal.


Gajra Bun Hairstyle


When you consider accessorising your hair with gajra, what is the first hairdo that comes to mind? Buns…and why not? Buns go with any outfit you could possibly wear to a wedding, including sarees, suits, shararas, and lehengas. They are extremely simple to pull off.


Messy Side Bun Hairstyle 



One of the most loved gajra hairstyles is this messy side bun hairstyle. This is such a versatile hairstyle as it gives you the perfect opportunity to play with hair accessories and hair colour. So make a messy side bun with gajra tied around it with some accessories of your choice. Best part? You can sport this look on any occasion!


Heavy Gajra Braid Hairstyle



Want your hairstyle to capture people’s attention & look all OTT? This is the hairstyle for you! You can either make a simple braid or tie a fishtail braid and cover it heavily with white flowers all over.

Half Moon Affair


Half Moon Gajra Hairstyle

With a Banarasi saree, this gajra bun hairdo will look absolutely stunning. Get a messy bun hairstyle or a braided bun like the one in the pic, either with or without a centre parting and dress up your juda with a gajra in the shape of a half-moon.


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Bun Wrapped With Baby Mogras


Bun Wrapped With Baby Mogras | Gajra Hair Style


In order to give your bun a more dressed-up appearance, you can use the gajra to completely enclose it rather than just a string. Try this at the next wedding you attend to turn heads. In this one, the addition of baby mogras looks so fresh and new. Try this wonderfully scented hairdo with a lehenga, sharara, or saree.


Circle It Up


Circle It Up | Gajra Hairstyle on Saree

A single or double-stranded gajra can be wrapped around a regular bun for those who like to keep things simple and classy. Both a low, sleek bun and a sloppy bun with gajra work wonderfully for that festive look. These gajra hairstyles complement Banarasi sarees so well.


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Jaalidar Mogra To The Rescue


Jaalidar Mogra Gajra Hairstyle With Saree

Another easy yet lovely method of using gajra to adorn your bun is as seen in the picture. Make a lovely gajra net and use it to embellish your bun. Instead of going completely white, you can even use colourful gajra.


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Braided Gajra Hairstyles


Don't worry if you don't want to wear your hair in a bun but still want to use a gajra! You can even braid your hair and add a gajra to beautify it.

Hair Clip Gajra Braid Hairstyle


Have you ever thought you can style a gajra like a hair clip on your braid? Well, it’s a hairstyle that’s been the talk of the town and is sure to gather a lot of attention. You can pair this hairstyle with everything and anything. 


Criss-Cross Gajra Wrapped Around Your Braid


Gajra Hairstyle for Long Hair

You too can add gajra to your long braid in a crisscross pattern, much like Sonam Kapoor did. Trust us, you'll be shaadi-ready for your bestie's wedding if you add chain earrings or Raakodis and gajra to your hairstyle.


Twirl It Around


Twirl It Around | Simple Gajra Hairstyle

Make a simple braid with any type of front styling you like and wrap long gajra strings around the braid. The easiest and most beautiful way to accessorise your traditional outfit, whether it be a suit or a lehenga, is with a gajra.


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Gajra Strings For The Win


Gajra Strings Hairstyle for Lehenga

You're mistaken if you believe that gajra can be used to decorate a regular braid or a fishtail braid. Choose a lovely style like a tangled bubble braid and combine it with strings of gajra to make it look fantastic.


Gajra Hairstyle On Open Hair


Who said you could just use gajra when making a fancy hairstyle for yourself? Even when you prefer to wear your hair open, you can accessorise it with a gajra. Here are various gajra-adorned hairstyles for open hair. Look them up!


Side Gajra Open Hair Hairstyle



A string of gajras on one side with open hair is the best way to add an oomph factor to your personality. So curl up your hair, put them all on one side & pair it with some pretty flowers & gajra.

Colourful Gajra Hairstyle


It’s time to ditch the cliche white gajras & be friends with some colourful ones! Sounds interesting? This colourful gajra hairstyle spreads vibrant vibes and makes you look super pretty. So curl your hair or style them wavy and don’t miss decorating them with colourful gajra flowers around it.

Half Updo With Gajra


Half Updo With Gajra for Long Hair


When in doubt, we frequently gravitate towards gentle curls and half-tied updos. Some girls like to keep their hairstyle simple, while others enjoy accessorising it. How about replacing the hairclip with gajra strings? It adds elegance and takes your conventional hairdo up a notch.


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Hang Along The Gajra Curtain


Hang Along The Gajra String Hairstyles

You can create this gajra hairstyle on open hair by yourself because it's extremely simple. Simply create a half-updo and pin it in place. The only thing left to do is to tie a few strings of gajra together and clip it onto the half-do like a curtain falling along your tresses. Sleek and classy!

Gajra Hairstyle On Long Hair


Gajras have always been a part of Indian culture, but nowadays, ladies are accessorising their hair with gajras in unusual ways. Although you may have already come across numerous lovely hairstyles with gajra, some gajra styles will appear even more beautiful on long hair. Here are some examples of long hair gajra styles.


Jazz Up Those Soft Curls


Jazz Up Those Soft Curls with Gajra

This gajra hairstyle is ideal for you if you have lovely long hair and would prefer to show it off rather than pull it back into a bun or braid. Demand gentle curls from your hairstylist, then half-tie them however you wish. After that, you can add white or colourful mogra flowers in various places to style your long, luxurious hair. Doesn't this seem lovely?


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Gajra + Hair Embellishments = Adorned Bun


Adorned Bun With Gajra


Using a gajra does not mean bidding adieu to any other hair accessory. To go completely glamm, pair the gajra string with roses or other hair decorations. The gajra and floral string only need to be wrapped around a messy or simple bun. Throw in a beautiful hair trinket for an added oomph.


That Typical South Indian Braid


That Typical South Indian Braid | Gajra Hairstyle on Saree

One of the most traditional ways to adorn a South Indian girl's braid, especially for the brides, is with mogra veni. You can use different hair ornaments, such as phooljadas or nagajadas, in addition to mogra veni (which come in a variety of colours), to further elevate your look. If you're a bride from South India, you must go with this gajra hairdo.


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Gajra Hairstyle On Saree


Gajra and saree are a couple made in beauty heaven and we’re all for it. Wondering how to pull off this classic combo this festive season? These hairstyles will look absolutely stunning on all types of sarees. 


Wear It As A Maatha Patti


Wear It As A Maathapatti | Gajra Hairstyle for Long Hair


There are so many alternatives these days for Matha Pattis, from floral to Gota Patti designs, and they are all so trendy. So why not wear a gajra Matha Patti if you're considering decking up for your best friend's wedding? It is obviously going to look a class apart with a saree, but you can also wear this with a suit or a lehenga for her Mehendi or Haldi ceremony.


What About A Gajra Dupatta?


Gajra Dupatta

Pick a good gajra dupatta if you want all eyes on you at your sister's wedding. Trying to picture it? Wear a saree as usual and carry the gajra dupatta as a veil. To do some twinning at your sister's Chura ceremony, have two gajra dupattas made for you both. Also, if you're a bride yourself, do this at your Haldi/Sagan ceremony, and presto, you'll be showered with compliments!


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Gajra Weaved In Your Bun


Gajra Weaved in Your Bun | Gajra Bun Hairstyles


Why not use gajra as an extension rather than hair extensions and have your hairstylist weave your hair and gajra into a lovely bun? Don't bother about choosing an outfit; just pick anything; this will look elegant and go with any attire.


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