Bridal Braid Hairstyles: 30 Wedding Braid Hairstyles To Suit Any Mood And Every Occasion

Wedding Braid Hairstyles

So many braids, so little time! You’ve got to admit –– this timeless hairstyle literally fits into any and every occasion, including weddings. Braids are one of the most versatile go-to hairstyles that are favourite for many. From buns to ponytails, fishtails to Dutch, the options in bridal braid hairstyles are endless. Some braid hairstyles for Indian weddings are easy breezy boho-chic, while others will literally take your outfit to a whole new level, altogether. Hunting through the depths of the world wide web, we’ve gathered a multitude of hairspiration wedding braid hairstyles that’ll fit into a sangeet, mehendi, reception, and cocktail. Go on then, it’s time to find ‘the one wedding braid hairstyle (or maybe three).

Best Wedding Braid Hairstyles

The best part about bridal braid hairstyles? There are so many options to choose from! Whether you want to take it simple or go pretty big and pull the focus on you, there’s a braid to suit your every mood. Don’t believe us? Check these gorgeous braid hairstyles for Indian weddings out!

Tip: If you’re going to be styling your hair continuously for a couple of days, make sure you have the best haircare products by your side, to prevent any damage!

Fishtail Bling! 

Image courtesy: Instagram

How cute is this loose fishtail braid? Paired with a hair clip or an elegant hairband, this wedding braid hairstyle is the perfect wedding go-to.

Ribbon Braid


Image courtesy: Instagram

Putting a bridal spin on the classic choti, this braid incorporates a ribbon and some flowers. It’s where the traditional side of you meets the quirky side of you.


The Jumbo Braid

Image courtesy: Instagram

Go big, or go home with this braid! An uber stylish and gorgeous wedding braid hairstyle that uses a combination of three or four braids, paired with a few cute accessories. 

The Traditional One

Image courtesy: Instagram

A fishtail braid meets the classic gajra! If you’ve got long hair, and would like to wrap it up in one neat traditional package, then this braid should be your go-to.


The Crown

Image courtesy: Instagram

 A great wedding braid hairstyle, this crown braid merged into a loose bun works well for the main day of your wedding. If you want you can add a few blingy hair pins or keep it simple with a few flowers too.

A Simple Waterfall

Image courtesy: Instagram

Want to let your hair down, but not keep it boring and too simple? This easy-breezy version of the waterfall wedding braid hairstyle plays into exactly what you’re looking for. 


Side Braid, High Bun

Image courtesy - Instagram

Think retro meets millennial for this one! Keeping the elegance of a bun, tightly braid the side of your hair to give you a sleek look. Add a flower for that sophisticated 60’s touch. This is an amazing side braid hairstyle for weddings!

Dutch Ponytail 

Image courtesy - Instagram

A little bold and a whole lot of edgy, this hairstyle screams experimental. Great for the cocktail or sangeet, this updo works well with those cocktail gowns, as well as a contemporary lehenga.


Long & Strong

Image courtesy - Instagram


This chunky wedding braid hairstyle will remind you of something from the 50s! Great for when you want to get your hair out of your face, without compromising on style. 

Braid To Juda

Image courtesy - Instagram

Going with a backless choli? Try this hairstyle out if you want to flaunt that sexy back. A semi-messy braid, pulled back into a low messy bun –– accessorised with some flowers, will give you exactly what your heart desires.


The Braided Bun

Image courtesy - Instagram

Classic, clean, and subtle, this traditional wedding braid hairstyle with bun gets a modern spin. Throw in some flowers, and you’re ready to give people some Deepika Padukone-esque vibes with this hairstyle.

Bubble Half & Half

Image courtesy - Instagram

Where a waterfall braid meets a bubble half pony –– this is the quintessential hairstyle that’ll add that cute factor to any traditional outfit.


A Hint Of Braids

Image courtesy - Instagram

Don’t want to go all out? Just add a few mini braids to your curled hair and tie the look in with some pretty pins.

Double Trouble

Image courtesy - Instagram

Instead of letting your hair down completely, just make a crown braid that goes across your head. Double it up, to break the monotony of your long, long hair. It’s another beautiful option for a wedding braid hairstyle!

Half Fish-Tail

Image courtesy - Pinterest.com

A feather braid combined with a half-fishtail works well for long hair that wants to play things more natural. A cute flowery headband adds a nice dimension to your entire bridal braid hairstyle.

Rose Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

How cute is this little bundle of creativity? The Dutch braid paired with the little floral centre makes this bridal braid hairstyle a lovely option for when you don’t want to be stuck with a boring braid.


Image courtesy - Instagram


All the boho brides in the house please stand up! This wedding braid hairstyle pairs perfectly with ensembles that are on the edgier side, rather than traditional. 

The Rapunzel Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to look like a Disney princess for a wedding? This oversized braid, paired with one big accessory makes for a great wedding braid hairstyle that’s traditional, but not utterly boring.


The Double Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

Two braids are better than one! This one’s a bit casual, however the chic factor in it simply bumps it up to being a great go-to for a haldi or mehendi ceremony. It keeps your hair at bay, plus it also looks super stylish. 


The Cute & Chic Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

Who said basic needs to be boring? This plain ol’ fishtail braid is a perfect example of how it isn’t. Wear this hairstyle with a suit instead of a lehenga or a saree!


The Halo Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

 An angelic hairstyle that retains the style of your natural hair, while giving it an elegant spin. Add a few flowers or some bling hair clips (especially, if you’ve got black hair) to add some texture and depth to the wedding braid hairstyle.

Side Cornrow Braids

Image courtesy - Instagram

This one is quick, easy, and looks so darn edgy. If you’re opting for some beachy messy waves, then why not amp up the look with a few side cornrows? It’ll give your look a nice bold touch.

The Big Bad Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

This one is a classic go-to, especially if your attire is a little more on the traditional side. A great wedding braid hairstyle for sarees, the big bad braid works amazingly well for the bride that wants to look OTT on her big day

The Braided Ponytail

Image courtesy - Instagram


A low ponytail combined with a twisted braid! This wedding braid hairstyle is great for those functions where you’re required to sweat it out (without ruining your hair, of course).


Princess Jasmine Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

Think of this as Princess Jasmine meets desi-kudi! A braid that bursts into a bubble ponytail, this hairstyle gives us traditional paranda vibes, with a cool spin.

A Simple Waterfall

Image courtesy - Instagram


Toning things down a little (especially your outfit and your makeup is over the top), this waterfall braid looks simple in comparison to other hairstyles –– but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t stylish.

A Simple Crown

Image courtesy - Instagram

Amp up your wavy hair with this wedding braid hairstyle that may seem like a bore, but in actuality it isn’t. You can dress this simple crown up with a headband, tiara, or some studded pins for that extra wedding vibe.

A Messy Top-Knot Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

This is a go-to for your night’s out, so why not as a wedding hairstyle? This messy half top-knot is given a funky twist with a side braid. It’s one of those hairstyles that you can take from AM to PM with just a few head shakes.

The Chic Flower

Image courtesy - of Instagram

 Another hairstyle that isn’t too out there! A great braided bridal hairstyle, this’ll look ultra elegant when paired with outfits that are larger than life.

The Triple Braid

Image courtesy - Instagram

Three braids, one hairstyle! The mother of all bridal bride hairstyles, this combines three mini fishtail braids with one big chunky one. A touch of matching flowers here and there makes this a great bridal hairstyle go-to.

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