20 Elegant Bridal Buns That’ll Go Well With All Your Wedding Ensembles


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When planning for your wedding, everything needs to be perfect, including your hairstyle. While there are a plethora of styles to choose from, when it comes to bridal wear you cannot deny the fact that the classic bun is a definite go-to for many. Whether you choose to wear it up or down, accessories it or keep it plain and textured, there’s something about a bridal bun that is functional and pretty. However it should be noted that a bun can be worn in more ways than just one. Scroll through to see 20 bun hairstyles for brides that go from traditional to modern, depending on your vibe. 


Bun Hairstyles For Indian Bride


Buns are anything but basic, and let these looks prove that to you. Check out these bridal bun hairstyles for lehengas, sarees, gowns, or even your cocktails parties!


Crowning Glory

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A classic updo for all brides-to-be, this bun hairstyle for brides is one for the books. The messy effect paired with a cute accessory is perfect to get your bling going on your big day.


Full Of Flowers

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This traditional bun hairstyle for brides will add a retro look to your outfit. Twist your hair in the front and pin it back, and then add a whole lot of flowers to complete this look.

Fish Braid Bun

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You can never go wrong with a fish braid bun. Add a few white flowers to bring this bridal hair bun to life. 


Curly Bun

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The perfect example of where retro meets modern, this messy bridal bun hairstyle is great for an Indian bride. Add a few curls in the front to frame your face and you’re good to go.


Twist Of Fate

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This cute wrapped style bun hairstyle for the bride can go from lehenga to saree with minimal effort. Apply some hair serum, add some modern accessories, and even you can make this beautiful hairstyle work for your big day.


Let Loose

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It’s time to pin your freshly washed and blowdried hair into the bridal bun of your dreams. After you shampoo your hair and dry it, simply take your hair up into a low pony and braid it loosely. Twist it up into a bun, and gently remove a few strands of hair. Using a curling tong, curl those strands.


Neat And Tidy

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If you’re looking for something more neat and tidy then why not give this bun hairstyle for brides a try! It wraps your hair up into the perfect bun- the twists add a nice element of texture to it too.


Full Of Flowers

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You can never go wrong with this classic bun hairstyle for brides. Put your hair up into a slickback large bun. Instead of going with big flowers, opt for two smaller types. Wrap your bun with one bunch and then cover the face with another. 


Disco Fever

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Who said a traditional updo is the only bun hairstyle for brides? This modern take on the classic bun adds a contemporary twist to your entire look! Wear it with a lehenga or a cocktail dress, no matter what your choice, know that it’ll add a fun element to your look.


Wrapped Up

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Tie a ribbon around your hair and call it a day with this bun hairstyle for brides. Make sure you apply a little hair oil to add some shine and keep the flyaways at bay for this one.

Flower Power

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Instead of adding flowers to your hair, why not turn your hair into a huge flower. This bun hairstyle for brides lets you tap into your creativity and go a step further with your updo.


Side Bun

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This texture bun hairstyle for brides is great for lehengas. You can add a little hair accessories to give this updo a more unique look.


Sleek And Sexy

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If you’ve got straight hair and like to wear it up, then you’re going to love this one. This bun hairstyle for brides pins your hair into an elegant low bun. Remember to use enough hair conditioner though –– you don’t want it to be messy.


Elegant Heaven

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Twist your hair into a messy braid and then pin it up into a low bun. Remove a few strands from the front of your hair to frame and soften your face. Add some hair care products and you’re good to go.


Rolled Up

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Another fun bun hairstyle for brides, this updo can really uplift your entire look. Keep it messy yet elegant, classic yet modern –– it won’t let you down.


Petal Power

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Combine the power of a ribbon with some flowers in this bun hairstyle for brides. Make sure to use a ribbon when braiding your hair and then wrap it up into a bun. Using contrasting flowers, make sure to wrap it around your bun.


Star Studded

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A fun bridal bun hairstyle for lehenga, pin your hair into a low bun. Add a few studs to give it that party element. 


Textured Updo

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You can never go wrong with this bun hairstyle for brides. The twist on the crown of your hair, leads to a twisted low bun that screams bridal! Give it a little bling by clipping on an elegant clip.

Braided Bun

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A Dutch braid that eventually makes it way to a pretty bun, if you’ve got highlights in your hair then this bun hairstyle for brides will definitely make you stand out.


Up And Away

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Go for the triple braid with bun hairstyle for brides. It’s simple yet is very intricate. Bling it up with a pearl or diamond hair accessory.



What Are The Different Types Of Buns?

There are different types of buns, including top knots, half buns, low bun, bun with braids, pigtail buns, messy buns, and so many more!


How Do You Make A Wedding Bun?

A simple bridal bun involves tying your hair into a low ponytail. Using a hair donut, wrap your hair around it and cover your hair with the donut. Pink it all up for a neat look. 


How Do You Do A Low Messy Bun For A Wedding?

Tie your hair into a low ponytail and gently wrap it in a twisted bun and secure it. Pin the rest of the hair, however, allow for a few strands to fall on your face to give it that messy look.


How Do You Tie An Indian Style Bun?

One way to tie an Indian style bun is to tie into a braid before you put up in a low bun.


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Need inspiration for your wedding updo? Let these 20 bun hairstyles for brides serve you looks for all your events, including your wedding day.


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