He asked you to marry him. You replied, "Yes!" Finally, after the proposal day, it soon becomes clear that there are only a few weeks left before you two are engaged! So you spent a lot of time juggling salon visits, wardrobe fittings, and dermat visits, but there was one thing you entirely overlooked: your hair!


Besides following a good hair care routine of applying hair mask and hair serum, you need to finalise a good hairdo for your engagement day. Fortunately for you, we've searched far and wide to compile a list of the best saree hairstyles that you'll be proud to wear on your engagement day. This is how it works because, after all, you'll never take the crown off! Let’s look at the list of 10 engagement hairstyles that will compliment your saree.


Best Engagement Hairstyles For Saree


Best Engagement Hairstyles For Saree

Even though there are countless lovely Indian engagement hairstyles available, picking the perfect one for your big day may seem difficult. You don't need to worry since we have painstakingly put together a list of the top 10 engagement hairstyles for saree, which you can glance over and show to your hairdresser for inspiration. We've compiled a list of all the popular hairstyles, from the open hair bridal hairstyle to the traditional bridal bun, to help you narrow down your options.


Poky Straight Hair FTW


poky straight hair for Engagement Hairstyles on Saree

For that non-nonsense glamm look on your engagement day, opt for this straight hairstyle if you want your hair to look longer. Take a few strands of your hair and secure them with clips. Run the straightener slowly downward from the scalp to the tip of each part, one at a time. Before moving on to the next piece, repeat it until it is perfectly straight. You only need a little serum or hairspray to give your locks the perfect finishing touch.


Anyone Up For Soft Waves?


soft waves for engagement hairstyles

If judaas aren't your style, choose this elegant soft waves engagement hairstyle to frame your face. For the simple bride-to-be who wants her hair to match her laid-back attitude and designer saree, waves are a terrific option. Your hair will look amazing in this engagement hairdo regardless of its length.


Pouffe It Up!


pouffle it up engagement hairstyle for saree

We adore the volume-focused juda worn by the bride-to-be! Choose an engagement hairstyle with a lot of volume at the crown for a look that screams out loud. A basic juda and a puffed up front create for a stunning engagement hairstyle.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care!


elegant side braid for engagement hairstyles

One gorgeous yet easy bridal hairdo that never fails to dazzle is a messy yet elegant side braid. To be honest, it is the only engagement hairstyle that looks stunning not just with a saree but also with an anarkali or lehenga-choli. For the best-ever engagement look, braid your hair in a thick, unkempt side braid and adorn it with beautiful flowers.


Braided Bun


braided bun engagement hairstyle for saree

You should now pin your newly cleaned and blow-dried hair into the engagement bun of your dreams. Take three braided sections from the crown and simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail and loosely braid it after shampooing and drying it. Twist it into a bun and carefully pull a few strands of hair out to create that look. Adorn the bun with flowers and accent pieces.


Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid engagement hairstyles for saree

How stunning is this hairstyle for engagement? You, the future bride, absolutely must try out this one style because braids are gaining all the popularity now. We adore this unkempt fishtail braid that is accessorised with little flowers. This is a stunning bride-to-be hairdo with an overdone look.


For The Minimalist At Heart


minimalist engagement hairstyle for saree

This ponytail exudes effortless elegance by perfectly blending traditional and modern fashion. Add a tiara to your crown to keep everything in place and kick your style up a notch. Another approach to making this saree engagement hairdo more elegant is to frame your face with an inch of hair tendrils falling on your face.


Flower Power


flower engagement hairstyle for saree

For all you trendsetters out there, choose a slicked-back bride-to-be hairdo for a sophisticated appeal. Take style cues from your favourite celebs like Anushka Sharma for a look that is subtle, understated, and simple. Fasten the flowers securely to the bun and all around it so that they stay in place even when the dupatta is pressed on the bun.


Super Sophisticated Hairdo


super sophisticated engagement hairdo on saree

When it comes to preventing flyaways and smoothing down those baby hairs, a little bit of pomade goes a long way. Maintain a strict hair-care schedule. After that, curl the lowest part of your hair and emphasise your style by pairing it with a maang tikka. To rock longer locks, you can also use hair extensions.


Gajra Hairdo Will Be The Game Changer


Gajra look for saree on your engagement

When we're confused about our hairdo, we always opt for half-tied hairdos with loose curls. While some girls prefer to keep their hair simple and basic, others like to accessorise it. How about gajra strings in place of a hairclip? It adds elegance and takes your regular engagement hairstyle up a notch.


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Which engagement hairstyle will you choose on your big day?