You Can Channel Your Inner Ariel With These Fishtail Braids

fishtails braids

Think about school, and that one classmate who’d undo your three-way French braid during recess, and weave your hair into a fishtail-style braid. Most of the girls were impressed by her skills and lined up next to her desk in anticipation of modelling a new ‘do in school. The infamous fishtail braid is as iconic as ever, and while many are entrusting their locks to the style, you’re feeling this urge to do the same. We’ve got you. Ahead — 7 of the prettiest fishtail braids that amp up your hairstyle, and a step-by-step breakdown of each of them.


7 Prettiest Fishtail Braids To Twirl Your Tendrils Into


From encrusting your mane with a face-framing, messy fishtail braid to creating a halo of braids over the head, here are the most magical fishtail hairstyles to recreate — don’t worry, we have a fishtail braid step-by-step decode too. 


  1. Basic Braid


fishtail braid hairstyle - basic

This one’s the most conventional iteration of the fishtail. All you have to do is part your hair down the middle — or even a side-part works depending on your preference — and section it into two chunks of equal thickness. To make the braid, you’ll have to separate a piece of hair from the outermost edge of one section and cross it over to the other section. Repeat this process on the other side, and you’ve made one knot. Continue going back and forth until you’ve reached the end, and secure the base with an elastic. 


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  1. Ponytail Poise


fishtail braid hairstyle - ponytail


Run an anti-frizz serum or oil through your hair, and slick it all back into a low-hanging ponytail. Make a fishtail braid based on the steps mentioned above, and secure the end of the braid with an elastic. Spritz some hairspray all over to keep the style intact, and tame any flyaways with serum or oil. 


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  1. Half n Half

fishtail braid hairstyle - half n half

For this hairstyle, you’ll have to create lots of volume at the crown. You can do this by backcombing your hair with a brush, and spritzing some texturising, volume-inducing hairspray all over. Go on to pull your hair into a half ponytail, and section the chunk into two parts. Create a fishtail, and secure the end of the braid with an elastic. You can also secure the half ponytail with an elastic before you begin braiding.


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  1. Mini Mania

mini mania fishtail braid hairstyle


Just grab a piece of hair from the side of your head, and start braiding it fishtail-style. Secure it with an elastic, and you’re done. You can create more braids throughout the hair — even at the front as face-framing pieces. This side fishtail braid is just stunning even as a standalone. 


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  1. Triple Trouble

fishtail braid hairstyle - double fishtail braid


If you want to create something distinct, try something like this. Not a double fishtail braid — but a triple. The trick here is to create an inverted fishtail for the braid in the middle, and a normal one for the ones off to the side. An inverted fishtail is not very different from your standard one — instead of crossing pieces of hair over the braid, you pull each chunk under and cross it over to the other side. You can tie your hair into a half ponytail before starting. Once you’ve done that, take smaller chunks of hair from the sides, and braid them fishtail-style as shown in the picture. 


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  1. Halo Haze


 fishtail braids - halo haze


If you like wearing your hair in a bun, you can add a fishtail braid into the mix. Just braid the front face-framing sides of your hair, and twist them around your head before securing both braids with bobby pins or clips. 


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  1. Subtle Suave  

fishtail braid hairstyle - subtle suave

Braid the face-framing chunks of hair into fishtails, and merge both into one another at the back of the head with an elastic. This one’s simple and minimal — if that’s your style, GFI. 

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Which of these fishtail braids did you like best?



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