10 Of The Most Unique Bridal Juda Hairstyles For Every Kind Of Woman

bridal juda hairstyles

I was recently going through my mom’s photo-albums from the ‘90s. Many snaps were from her and her friends’ weddings through the years. A blood-red lip was one element that tied all of their looks together. The next was a heavy, flower  juda-hairstyle that gloriously complimented the boldness of their makeup


But it’s not the same anymore. Unique bridal juda hairstyles have become more diverse. While the traditional one remains, more have come forth. If you’re a minimalist or sucker for different kinds of flowers, I’ve put together a mood board for every kind of bride.

10 Of The Prettiest Bridal Jude Hairstyles To Add To Your Wedding Mood Board

Ahead — the juda hairstyle for your wedding. I promise you’re going to love them.


Rosy Red

 rosy red bridal juda hairstyles

Lo and behold — a classic, timeless look where red roses embellish the whole bun. This bridal juda with roses has been sprayed with some glitter to play into the glamour of the look even more.

Jasmine Jolly

 jasmine  bridal juda hairstyles

You can swap the roses for jasmines. This switch will soften your look instantly, if that’s the aesthetic you’d like to go for. Do remember to tuck in a round hair-pin for a neater look. The pin will also add an element of drama to your look. This bridal juda style is enchanting. 


Pink Paradise

 pink paradise  bridal juda hairstyles

If you do like roses, you can try tucking in smaller ones throughout the bun. This will capture the essence of the flower without pulling away the attention from the rest of your look.


Ditzy Disney

ditzy disney hairstyles  juda hairstyles

For a look that’s soft and angelic, make Baby’s Breath your bridal show-stopper over other flowers. These wispy little things have a Disney-esque element that add a tinge of magic and delicacy to your hair. This juda style for wedding is perfect.


Chic Candy

You can simply ask your hairstylist to tuck in flowers along the sides of your bun instead of the centre. This is a chic, modern take on the classic, conventional juda, and it’s perfect for a minimal bride like you. 


Jewel Jam

 jewel jam  bridal juda hairstyles

How about cutting flowers out of the equation and roping in some jewellery? The top of the bun is embellished with a jewel that wraps around it beautifully. The hairstylist has looped in an earring toward the centre of the bun to finish the look. 


Colourful Carnation

Colourful Carnation  bridal juda hairstyles

This colourful carnation is gorgeous. You can go in with different kinds of flowers instead of settling for one. From orchids to jasmines, there’s no having to choose between them. This look shows all the flowers included. Just decorate the borders of the bun neatly. 


Blingy Bash

Blingy bash  bridal juda hairstyles

If the bling is yours to claim, you can decorate the entire bun with a dangling chain of pearls instead. 


Raging Royalty

raging royalty  bridal juda hairstyles

You can simply decorate the underneath of your bun with baby’s breath. This one looks like royalty, and you cannot deny it. This juda hairstyle for bride is elegance at its best. 


Pearly Promise

pearly promise  bridal juda hairstyles

If you want to play around with jewels as well as flowers, try something like this. Tuck in a few pearls all over the bun and decorate the underside with soft pink flowers. You get the best of both worlds, and who doesn’t like that? Such a pretty bridal juda hairstyle.


Flower Power

 flower power  bridal juda hairstyles

You can also play around with roses but in different colours. It maintains the traditionality of roses while leaning into the freshness of different variations of the flower. 

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That’s it. Pick any juda hairstyles for wedding. Rest assured you’ll look stunning in all of them.


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