From Floral Buns To Contemporary Styles, These Bridal Hairstyles Are Perfect For Every Bridal Look!

bridal hairstyles

Are you one of those people who have been planning their D-day for God knows how many years? Do you also have a Pinterest board full of bridal inspiration pictures? Well, same here! Today, we’re here to make your day a bit easier by showing you some stunning bridal hairstyles to pick from. 


From chic and classic chignons for a totally timeless vibe to lush locks and romantic, soft curls for a contemporary look- there’s something for every aesthetic. If you wish to prevent last-minute panic, keep swiping as we’ve rounded up a whole lot of screenshot-worthy bridal hairstyles for long hair & short ones that will help you make a show-stopping statement.


Bridal Hairstyles


We scoured the length of the internet to pull some of the prettiest and most stunning bridal hairstyles you need to bookmark ASAP

Messy Bun Always Works

Messy Bun Bridal hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

It’s safe to say that Miheeka Bajaj’s makeup looks were one of a kind. It’s definitely worth bookmarking for all the bride-to-be’s out there. She left her lock in a half-up, half-down bridal hairstyle, which is perfect for pre-wedding festivities.

Pearl-Clad Plait For Trendsetters

pearl clad Bridal hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

If you are looking for a hairstyle for afternoon celebrations like the mehendi, sangeet, or pheras, you really can’t beat the simple charm of a plait. This mehendi, pheras and sangeet hairstyle will never go out of style and will always compliment your outfit.

The Timeless Hairdo

Bridal hairstyle like queen

Image Credits: Instagram

Rule of thumb: comfort is key. Pick a hairstyle that won’t need touch ups. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your wedding hairstyle should complement your attire. This stand out bridal hairstyle donned by this bride proves that it’s your day and you should look like a total queen.

Puffy Updo For A Stylish Look

Puffy Updo for bridal hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

Remember when our very own PC rocked an elegant look for her festivities by opting for a romantic, bridal updo? This low bun adorned with hair accessories is great for both the wedding day and for the reception.

Flower Power!

bridal hairstyle with flower

Image Credits: Instagram

Calling out all the fashionistas out there: opt for a slicked-back bridal hairstyle for a classy look. Take cues from none other than Anushka Sharma for a simple, elegant and understated style. The flowers were pinned very well on a bun and around it so that they stayed perfectly even with the dupatta pressing them on.

Soft Curls For A Contemporary Look!

bridal hairstyle for soft curls

Image Credits: Instagram

If you have long, luscious locks, flaunt it by donning this hairstyle. Ideal for the millennial bride who is the voice of new tradition, this hairdo can help you really make a statement.

The Fuss-Free Ponytail

ponytail for bridal hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

Classic, sophisticated, and romantic, this low ponytail is as chic as can be - especially when paired with a brightly coloured outfit. If your agenda calls for a fun daytime soiree, this is the look to call upon. The bridal hairstyle is easy to do and is perf for brides who wish to make a statement with minimal efforts.

The Evergreen Slicked Back Bun  

back bun for bridal hairstyle

Image Credits: Instagram

This bridal hairstyle donned by this beautiful bride is equal parts chic and fresh. And the simplicity look takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness. If you find yourself drawn to this idea, we suggest you keep a hair gel handy to keep away the frizz and flyaways. A simple bun like this makes for an eye-catching detail with elegant style.

Voluminous Braid 

braid hairstyle for bridal look

Source: Instagram.com


Say tata to your boring braid & go for a bit voluminous one! It’s a beautiful Dulhan hairstyle that’s created by twisting hair and making it look voluminous. You can top off this messy bridal hairstyle by complementing it with beautiful white flowers. 


Mid-Parting Open Hair All Ways!

open hair bridal hairstyle

Source: Instagram.com


Don’t want to go overboard with your bridal hairstyle for long hair? Don’t worry! This simple & sophisticated latest bridal hairstyle will not only make you look elegant but will let you feel light too! This is for every girl who likes & believes on less is more.




Go Light With Open Side Waves

open side wave bridal hairstyle

Source: Instagram.com


A bit of wavy hair in the side-parting makes it a beautiful Dulhan hairstyle to go for it! You can also team it up with a red rose on one side to make it look even more attractive.


Set Gajra Like A Pro!

bridal hairstyle with gajra

Source: Instagram.com


It’s safe to say that gajras have made a beautiful comeback. To amp up your Dulhan hairstyle, you can simply weave your hair into a long hair with flowers on the top and gajra tied around the braid.


French Braids Bun

bridal hairstyle with French braid bun

Source: Instagram.com


The multiple french braids bun is an amazing bridal hairstyle for long hair. To achieve this look, all you have to do is to combine multiple french braids and pin them all into a classy bun. Don’t miss complementing your bridal hairstyle with some shiny accessories!

Braids & Curls Combo Wins

braids & curls bridal hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com


What better than a bewitching combination of braids and curls into one hairstyle!? This bridal hairstyle looks stunning in both traditional and modern ways. If you are a bride-to-be and looking for something different, this one’s for you girl!


Bun & Braid Hairstyle


bun & braid bridal hairstyle

Source: Pinterest.com


If you love bun and braid both, why not try them together in one hairstyle!? Where one part of the hair is tied into a beautiful bun, the rest of the hair is made into a braid. Instead of leaving it plain like that, you can also accessorise this bridal hairstyle with some glitzy accessories!


What is the best bridal hairstyle for a wedding?

The possibilities for wedding hairstyles are pretty much endless. So, it’s up to your liking, style preferences, and personality which one you go for. Whether you gravitate towards pretty ponytails, classic half-up, half-down styles or timeless buns - it’s also important to make sure that it complements your attire, enhances your features and makes you feel like you.

How much time does a bridal hairstyle take?

It totally depends on what kind of hairstyle you are opting for. But it usually takes 1 to 2 hours based on how intricate the style is. It also depends on the stylist and the size of your hair and makeup team. 

Which hair cut is best for a bridal hairstyle?

There are a range of hairstyles available for all kinds of hair length, type, and texture. If you’re looking to keep your hair down during wedding festivities, it’s best to let it grow until it reaches a desired length. Alternatively, using hair extensions will also do the trick. With modern-day hair extension, you can easily create any hairstyle no matter the length of your locks.


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You’re going to look beyond beautiful on your big day!


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