10 Office Hairstyles That Practically Guarantee IT-Girl Status


Getting ready for the office in the morning is no easy task. Between jumping in the shower, and figuring out what to wear, we’re betting your usual morning routine doesn’t allow you much time to think about what to do with your hair. Because we like you too much, we scoured the lengths of the Internet to find the chicest office hairstyles that will take you slingshot your style game to an all-time high. The office hairstyles listed below not only guarantee IT-girl status but are also easy enough to be done in under 5-minutes. Ahead, find the hairstyles that are polished enough to rock on the clock and sexy enough for happy hours afterward. 

Office Hairstyles For Long Hair

As our saved folder is brimming with A+ hairstyle inspo, we are listing down the best office hairstyles for long hair. Thank us later!

Low-Effort But High On Style

Low-Effort But High On Style office hairstyles

If you’re on the hunt for an office hairstyle that is low on effort but high on style, this hairdo is perf for you. The metallic gold ponytail holder takes this hairstyle to the next level. It’s a great hairstyle to elevate your otherwise neutral formal ‘fits.

Headband FTW!

Headband FTW! Office hairstyles

Say hi to another seriously dope work hairstyle that required less than 30 seconds to master. Headbands have been hogging the beauty spotlight for quite some time now and this hairdo is the perf way to hop on the trend wagon. Use a hair serum to keep frizz and flyaways at bay and then wear a statement hairband to make heads turn.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail hairstyles

Bubble ponytails aren’t new to the scene but we’re witnessing chicer iterations of this hair trend, thanks to our fave beauty bloggers. If you’re a trendsetter in your social circle who loves adopting new trends before everyone else, this hairdo has your name written all over it. Just tie your hair up in a ponytail, make a basic braid, and then use elastic bands two inches apart to complete the look.

Office Hairstyles For Medium Hair

After studying a tidal wave of office hairstyles for medium hair, we’ve curated some unique hair inspo that’ll help you with the ante on the glamour front.

Claw Clips To Make A Statement

Claw Clips office hairstyles

Looking for an easy-peasy hairdo to elevate your office hairstyle game? This one’s for you, bestie. All you have to do is grab your fave claw clip. Take the upper half section of your hair, gather them together, and secure them using a claw clip. If you want to keep the look more understated, opt for a nude or black claw clip instead of a shiny one.

Rope Braid To Make Heads Turn

Rope Braid office hairstyles

Your basic braid just got a high-fashion makeover. If you want to level up your office hairstyle game, try this simple yet chic hairstyle and get ready for a stream of compliments hitting your way. We recommend using a hydrating shampoo and hair mask to give your tresses the much-needed TLC. Then, apply a shine-inducing serum before creating this hairstyle.

Jumbo Scrunchies

Jumbo office hairstyles

If you want your work hairstyle to give off ‘90s vibes, this nostalgia-inducing hairdo is the one to try. Jumbo scrunchies have been gaining popularity once again and we’re not mad about it. This bomb hairdo is super easy to create and suits all hair lengths and textures. We like!

To Rake In The Compliments

low-tied ponytail office hairstyles

If there’s ever a hall of fame for office hairstyles, this cute hairdo belongs in it. The hairdo involves securing your hair into a low-tied ponytail but make sure you leave a one-inch section just below the ponytail. Create a micro braid out of that section and wrap it around your hair band to give your pony a trend-forward update.

Office Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair? We do care. Ahead, we’re listing down the best office hairstyles for short hair that will take your style quotient from regular to remarkable

Sleek And Chic Office Hairstyle

Sleek And Chic Office Hairstyle

Sleek buns have been blowing up on Instagram. Thanks to our fave girl crushes for giving the hairdo their stamp of approval. This is one of the chicest office hairstyles we’ve come across thus far. It’s equal parts chic and edgy. We suggest using a hair gel to tame frizz and flyaways.

‘90s-Inspired Office Hairstyle

‘90s-Inspired Office Hairstyle

Another ‘90s-inspired hair accessory that’s making rounds on social media is claw clips. It’s a great way to take your look a notch higher. Plus, it helps give off major cool-girl vibes, which is always the goal, right? Opt for nude shades like this one to elevate your office hairstyle.

If It’s Good Enough For Dua

Dua Lipa’s office hairstyles

For an office hairstyle that’s guaranteed to get you lots of attention, take a leaf out of Dua Lipa’s book. The sweeping, outgrown bangs send this hairstyle to another dimension. Pile your hair at the top head and tie it in a bun. Use a curling iron or blow dryer to curl the front sections away from the face. This hairdo can perfectly transition from desk to dinner.

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These office hairstyles are guaranteed to make you the talk of the town.


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