Up For A Banging Hairdo? Check Out 15 Best Ways To Flaunt Short Hair With Bangs!

curtain bangs short hair

Oh boy, the trend-setting curtain bangs on short hair are a sassy, volume-enhancing hair accessory. It's stunning to see the middle partition with the fringe draping both sides of the face. To be honest, it draws attention to your best features and imparts a charming radiance. However, getting bangs might call for you to be daring and experimental enough to take the plunge, but if not now, when? Let’s hop on this trend of curtain bangs short hair now for a face-framing change.



Brownie points to this hairdo of short hair with curtain bangs as it requires the least amount of blow-drying and hairstyling. But do not forget to treat your front tresses well with constant haircare, including nourishing hair masks and hair oil. So without further ado, let’s try out ten best ways to style your curtain bangs with layers.


Here’s How To Style Curtain Bangs On Short Hair


Presenting curtain bangs, which can be styled effortlessly based on your preferences to effectively frame all face shapes. Everyone's embracing this hair trend of short bob with curtain bangs, from Instagram influencers to celebrities, and the reason for that is the versatility of this trend.


Chin Length Bob With Long Curtain Bangs Short Hair


Chin Length Bob With Long Curtain Bangs


The simplicity of this haircut should not be taken for granted. For example, straight, fine hair that needs a lift and some shape at the front can certainly benefit from a subtle curtain fringe. For a softer finish, this length can hug a prominent jawline if you have a square-shaped face.


Lob With Blunt Curtain Bangs for Short Hair


Lob With Blunt Curtain Bangs


Straight cuts are essential to give your round or oval face a more structured appearance. For instance, choose blunt bangs that are trimmed just below your cheekbones rather than a delicate side-swept fringe. Because of the attractive contrast in lengths, we highly suggest pairing this with a lob!


Round Bob With Blunt Curtain Bangs


Round Bob With Blunt Curtain Bangs


Face-framing details can make the transition to a short style like a round bob less intimidating. In particular, if you prefer a style that requires little maintenance, curtain bangs are ideal for this. Likewise, the hardly noticeable length difference between a long fringe and a jaw-length chop just looks chic!


Wispy Curtain Bangs On Short Bob


Wispy Curtain Bangs On Short Bob


To make your hair look more three-dimensional, short bobs or mid-length hair frequently needs the assistance of layers. An airy curtain fringe on the sides of your face, however, can provide you with the effortless texture you demand if you prefer haircuts that are fairly simple or minus any dramatic texture.


Iconic Bardot Curtain Bangs On Lob


Iconic Bardot Curtain Bangs On Lob


The renowned hairdo of Brigitte Bardot is something that many of us would like to imitate. Create a voluminous hairstyle with loose, tousled curls to achieve her signature look. Ensure that your curtain bangs also have slight waves!


Layered Choppy Curtain Bangs With Highlights


Layered Choppy Curtain Bangs With Highlights


When adding highlights to your dark hair, don't forget to add a few splashes of blonde to your curtain bangs; this will brighten up the face and give the look a more naturally sun-kissed appearance.

Jaw-Length Edgy Bob With Middle-Parted Bob


Jaw-Length Edgy Bob With Middle-Parted Bob

If you really want short hair with length to frame your face, try a jaw-length edgy bob with middle-parted bangs. For girls who are lazy, this sleek, contemporary haircut is a low-maintenance alternative available.


Curtain Fringe With Short Shag


Curtain Fringe With Short Shag


You can adopt this new look by cutting your hair short but adding a curtain fringe! We guarantee you'll fall in love with this short hairstyle that embraces your natural hair texture and is incredibly low maintenance.


Feathered Bob With Face-Framing Fringe


Feathered Bob With Face-Framing Fringe


For girls who want to let their hair grow out, a feathered haircut with a face-framing fringe is gorgeous and adorable. It is possible to maintain the hair length while adding volume and bounce to the crown and face.


Layered Pixie With Voluminous Middle-Parted Fringe


Layered Pixie With Voluminous Middle-Parted Fringe


This layered pixie haircut with a voluminous middle part fringe will leave you flabbergasted. Although curtain bangs are a flattering hairstyle, we are fixated on this dramatic version. This hairstyle is best suited if you have extremely fine hair and want to choose something whimsical and airy.

Eyebrow Covered Short Hair With Bangs Hairstyle



This is one of the best curtain bangs with short hair hairstyles. It’s quite a cool eyebrow covered look if you are a first timer when it comes to fringes. You can also pin one side of your fringes or leave them as it is, depending on the style you want.

Wavy Bob Short Hair With Bangs Hairstyle



If you are lucky enough to have natural waves, this short curtain bangs hairstyle is for you! This smart hairstyle will make you look all effortless and easy-going. Good part? This short hair curtain bangs hairstyle requires a little upkeep.

Rainbow Bob Short Hair With Bangs Hairstyle



If you’re looking for a bold hairstyle that’ll make heads turn, this short bob with curtain bang hairstyle is for you! Find the best colour options for yourself & step out in full swag.

Curly Bob Short Hair With Bangs Hairstyle



Curly bob short hair with bangs hairstyle works best with curly hair texture. If you don’t want to add too much volume to your bangs, you can soften your curls too.

Short Bob Layered Side Fringe Hairstyle



Bring some coolness to your look and welcome this curtain bangs short hair hairstyle! This hairstyle will not only make you feel light but look gorgeous too!

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So, are you ready to rock these curtain bangs?

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