15 Trendy & Fun Pigtail Hairstyles You Need To Try ASAP!


If you are looking to add an extra dose of fun to your daily OOTD with a trendy hairstyle then we’ve the perfect recommendation for you–the pigtail hairstyle.

What Is A Pigtail Hairstyle?

The pigtail hairstyle, of late has started gaining popularity and a lot of fan following. Typically, a pigtail hairstyle involves dividing the hair into two equal sections, parted down the center of the head. Each section is then gathered and secured with elastic bands or hair ties to create two "tails" from the head. You can further decide on the positioning of these pigtails, either from high up near the crown to lower down near the ears. After securing, you can adjust the tightness and positioning of the pigtails according to your personal preference.

Overall, the pigtail hairstyle is versatile, fresh, and suitable for various hair lengths and textures. You can wear it casually for everyday occasions or dress up for special events. 


Trending Pigtail Hairstyles

Now that we know what pigtail hairstyles are, it’s time to look at some fab trending pigtail hairstyles that you try right away. Whether you are looking for something easy and basic or more intricate, we’ve everything for everyone on our list. Check it out. 


1. Braided Pigtail Hairstyle

Braided pigtail hairstyles



For those fond of pigtail hairstyles but unsure where to begin, opt for a timeless and simple approach with classic braided pigtails. Simply divide your hair into two sections after parting it. Then, loosely braid each section and secure them with hair ties.


2. Classic Pigtail With A Twist

Classic pigtail with a twist


Elevate the classic pigtail hairstyle with a trendy twist. Start by parting your hair and dividing it into two sections. Tie both sections to create low ponytails. Next, take a thin strand of hair from each side and wrap it around the ponytail, giving a rubber band effect. This adds a chic touch to your look.


3. Bubble Pigtail Hairstyle 

Bubble pigtail hairstyle


Introducing another off-the-runway hairstyle: the bubble pigtail hairstyle. This quirky yet dramatic look is versatile enough for any occasion and pairs well with any outfit. Guaranteed to turn heads, it adds a playful twist to your overall appearance.

4. Half Dutch Braids Pigtail 


Half dutch pigtail



Since their introduction, Dutch braids have revolutionised our typical braided hairstyles. They're perfect for any occasion, offering a fabulous look while also providing practicality by keeping hair out of your face. You can update the braids by just leaving them half open and using your hair strands as a rubber band.


5. Crown Braided Pigtails  

Crown braided pigtails


Here's another fantastic trendy pigtail hairstyle that's both an upgrade to your usual pigtails and looks fabulous. Begin by creating two Dutch-style braids from the crown of your head and merge them with the traditional pigtail, as shown in the picture.


6. Double Pigtail Hairstyle 

Double pigtail hairstyle


This trendy pigtail hairstyle is both unique and easy to create. Simply start by making your usual pigtails and tie them off. Then, take a small section from each pigtail and loosely braid them. Finish off the look by adding a bow for an adorable touch.


7. Classic Dutch Hairstyle 

Classic dutch pigtail hairstyle


Classic Dutch braids are timeless and will always remain one of the trendiest pigtail hairstyles. Whether you're hitting the gym or hanging out with friends, this versatile hairstyle complements every outfit, ensuring you stay stylish no matter the occasion.


8. French Pigtail With Bows


French pigtails with bows



Utilise the current fashion trend of bows by incorporating them into the trendiest pigtail hairstyle. Start by crafting traditional French pigtails and leave them halfway. Then, elevate the look by adding a pair of bows for a chic and stylish finish.

9. Half Bubble Pigtail 

Half bubble pigtail


For an easier version of the bubble pigtail hairstyle, opt for this one. Begin by creating high pigtails and securing them with hair ties. Then, take rubber bands and divide the pigtails into sections, securing each section with a rubber band. Gently loosen the sections for a relaxed look, and you're all set.

10. Loose Pigtails With Bow


Loose pigtail



Elevate your Dutch pigtails with this upgrade: instead of tightly made pigtails, opt for a looser style and tie them off with bows. This charming twist adds an adorable touch to your trendy pigtail hairstyle.

11. Folded Dutch Pigtail Hairstyle


Folded dutch pigtail


Here's another trending pigtail hairstyle that puts a stylish twist on the classic Dutch braid. Simply create a regular Dutch braid and fold them at the end, as shown in the picture. This not only adds a trendy flair but also helps keep your hair in place effortlessly.


12. High Pigtails With Glitter 

Highpigtail with glitter


Classic high pigtails are undoubtedly one of the easiest and coolest hairstyles. Take it up a notch by adding glitter along the middle partition. This dazzling hairstyle is perfect for concerts, parties, or any other social gatherings, adding a touch of sparkle to your look.

13. Half-Up Pigtail Hairstyle 

Half up pigtail


If you want to rock a pigtail hairstyle without tying your entire hair together, try this fantastic recommendation: instead of securing your entire hair in pigtails, tie only half of it in a braided hairstyle and leave the other half loose. This creates a chic and effortless look that's perfect for many occasions.

14. Braid In Braid Pigtail Hairstyle 

Braid in  briad pigtail hairstyle


Why settle for just two braided pigtails when you can add more flair? Begin by creating regular braided pigtails, then incorporate two additional tiny braids into each pigtail for added texture and style.

15. Multi-Braided Pigtails 


Multi braided hairstyle


How adorable is this trendy pigtail hairstyle? Simply create two braided pigtails and accentuate them with two tiny little braids. Secure the look with a charming bow for a truly out-of-the-box style statement. You can use a hair oil to give a little bit of shine to your hair.

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