20 Chic, Cool, And Stylish Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

hairstyles for big foreheads

They say the larger the forehead, the wiser the person. And while there is no definitive proof of that, it’s alright if you want to conceal it. The way you would reach out to contour your face with makeup for those chiseled cheekbones, you can always contour your forehead with certain hairstyles that help make your forehead appear smaller––yes, you read that right, these are hairstyles for big foreheads that create the illusion, while making you look oh-so-chic. 


So how do you know if you’ve got a big forehead? Well, the simplest way is to place your fingers horizontally in the area––if four fingers fit you have a normal size-forehead, but if five fingers fit then you cross over to the larger size. But, again this also depends on the proportions of your face. Scroll down to get inspired by 20 hairstyles for broad forehead we’ve curated just for you!

Short Layered Bob


hairstyle for big forehead - short layered bob

Image courtesy - Instagram


This hairstyle for big foreheads incorporates light layered side-swept bangs, paired with messy waves on short hair. It’s the perfect day to night kind of hairstyle that doesn’t require all that much effort to begin with.

Face Framing Layers For Long Hair


hairstyle for big forehead with long hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Looking to conceal a big forehead with your hair? Then these face framing layers are the perfect way to go. Perfect for long straight and wavy hair, this one makes for the perfect hairstyle for broad foreheads as it does its job, and looks pretty to begin with.

Shaggy Layers For Short Hair With Side Swept Fringe


hairstyles for big forehead with shaggy hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Going short can make a whirlwind of a difference to your face shape. Keeping that in mind, these choppy layers for short hair paired with a dense fringe can instantly reduce the appearance of a broad forehead—and no one will be able to tell.


Short Wavy Layers

hairstyles for big foreheads with short wavy hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Another short hairstyle for big foreheads, this one is elegant and oh-so-chic. The light waves and side-swept bangs with a side parting add so much oomph to the hairstyle. Just make sure to use the right kind of haircare products for this one—think lightweight, as we wouldn’t want the hair to be weighed down. 

Heavy Curtain Bangs With Short Layers


best hairstyle for big forehead

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Looking to style medium hair, then go a little heavy on the layers. This particular hairstyle for big foreheads makes use of a dense, long curtain bangs that frame your face and create definition.


Short Wavy Bob


short wavy bob hairstyles for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


A classic in itself, this short wavy bob uses medium-length side bangs paired with a centered parting and beach waves, to create this tousled look. It’s great for longer faces with broader foreheads as it makes your face shape appear smaller. 


Short Fringes


short fringes hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


A little bold and experimental, these short fringes paired with long hair makes for a great hairstyle for broad foreheads. But be careful not to go too short with the bangs, or else it’ll end up looking a tad funny. This hairstyle will work best with straight or wavy hair—it can be risky for those with curly hair, so it’s best to avoid. And don’t forget to use a hair conditioner so that the ends don’t look dry. 

Long Layers With Bangs


long layer hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Another classic hairstyle for big foreheads, this one is definitely a go-to for many. The long layers paired with the side-swept fringe adds dimension to the face and conceals that forehead too.


Curtain Bangs With Light Layers For Medium Hair


medium hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Going for a more natural look? Then this hairstyle is perfect for you, especially if you’ve got wavy hair. Once you’re done with your shampoo and conditioner, just gently blow dry your hair when it’s damp. Scrunch in the natural waves and then simply blowdry the front with a roller brush for those perfect curtain bangs.

Shaggy Medium Hair With A Light Fringe


Shaggy hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Going for that messy vibe? This hairstyle for big foreheads comprises a messy shag paired with some intense layers. You can enhance the waves with curling tong—just make sure to use a hair serum with heat protectant so that you retain your hair’s natural shine.

Classic Long Layers With Dense Fringe

classic hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Instagram


This hairstyle for big foreheads is a classic go-to. The long layers paired with the dense fringe is great to conceal that broad forehead, and adds an element of style to your entire look. 

Defined Curls With Fringe

 curl hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Curly hair FTW. Who said those with curly hair cannot rock the fringe. You just need to let your curls be and scrunch in some hairstyling products to enhance its natural look. You can even add some hair oil to give it more shine.


Contoured Layers With Side Swept Bangs


contour hairstyles for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


If you’re in the mood to amp things up a little, then try hair contouring. This uses hair colour to create definition to your face. A few highlights here and there, and your waves will shine away!


Messy Waves


messy wave hairstyle for big forehead

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Gone for a super short layered bob? Good idea! Style it with some waves that will help add volume to your hair. Scrunch in hair styling products to keep that hold and remember to use a hair mask in your routine to soften your locks.


Low Half Up With Curtain Bangs


low half up hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This hairstyle for big foreheads doesn’t conceal it as much as give it more shape. Pull your wavy hair into a low half ponytail, take a centre-parting, and let the curtain bangs fall a little on your face to frame it.


Curtain Bangs With Short Layers


Curtain bangs for big forehead

Image courtesy - Pinterest


If you’ve got medium-length hair with longer layers, why not turn up the style factor by going for lighter more caramel-based highlights in the front of your hair. The colour will add definition and will allow your hair to frame your face even more, given the illusion of a smaller forehead. 


High Ponytail With Side Swept Pinned Bangs

ponytail for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Instagram


This iconic hairstyle makes for a great go-to for those looking to conceal their big forehead, without covering it completely. The pulled back sleek ponytail along with the side swept bangs, help balance out the proportions of your face and definitely look very chic!

Beach Waves With Curtain Bangs

beach wave hairstyle for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Instagram


Beach waves and long layered hair go hand-in-hand. This hairstyle for big foreheads, however, is done with a bit of a twist. Instead of letting your bangs sit straight, wave them out too, so that they frame your face but also blend in with your hair.


Top Bun


top but for big foreheads

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Having a bad hair day? This hairstyle for broad foreheads is fun, messy, and easy to pull off. Let your curtain bangs fall on your face!


Low Bun With Face Framing Tendrils


low bun for big forehead

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Perfect for second day hair, this pulled-back hair bun is stylish and effortless. The face framing tendrils help soften your features, including your forehead. Remember to twist it to mini waves to create that soft and romantic effect.


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What hairstyles make the forehead look smaller?

Opt for bangs, fringes, and curtain bangs, if you are looking to make your forehead appear smaller. This’ll create definition and will also bring the illusion of a smaller forehead.

What hairstyle suits a big forehead?

Bangs, fringes and side-parted buns and ponytails are perfect hairstyles for a big forehead. It’s best to avoid straight looks and opt for more volume in the form of curls or waves.

Can a hairstyle make my forehead look smaller?

Yes, the right hairstyle can make your forehead look smaller. It creates definition and pulls focus from your forehead, giving the illusion of a smaller area.

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Have a broad forehead? Don’t worry, these hairstyles for big foreheads won’t just help you conceal it, but will also add more style and elegance to your overall look.

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