The Chic Clique: The Best Short Haircuts For Women

short haircuts for women

There’s one thing I detest about having someone cut my hair short—just the experience of sitting in a salon, and watching my stylist run their fingers through my hair with a look on their face that’s not so discernible is dreadful. If there’s one thing running through my head, it’s this thought, “If, by the end of the cut, I hate how I look, how am I supposed to pretend I love it?” This, eventually, progresses into another dilemma, “What am I supposed to do with myself if I don’t like it?” And that’s why, to save you from all the anxiety, I’ve put together a mood-board for you if you’ve been contemplating cutting your hair short.  If you’ve googled ‘short cuts hair’ or short haircuts for women’ to no avail, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of the best haircuts for when you want to go short—from short bob haircuts to layers bangs, this guide has it all.

10 Of The Best Short Haircuts For Women 

A Side-Swept Lob



A side-swept lob is perfect for when you don’t want to compromise too much on the length of your hair—it’s just like a bob but a little longer. It’s edgy and bold without being too much in your face, and it changes your look instantly. 


A Bob With Curtain Bangs



Feeling adventurous? Here’s a classic bob cut for women. How about chopping most of your length off? Unsure? Here. A bob, but add a couple of bangs—wispy, curtain bangs—to the mix, and you’re sporting an ultra-chic style. This one falls right above the shoulders, and frames the face effortlessly. 


A Choppy Pixie Cut



Pixies never go out of style, and though they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, they’re statement-making. This one’s a choppy and not everyone's cup of tea, since they're statement-making and dramatic. This one's a messy iteration of the cut. 


A Wavy 'Do With Bangs



Looking for a short layer cut? Its Taylor's curls accompanied by her trademark sweeping bangs that constitute the majority of this shoulder-grazing look. If you're looking to add bangs to the equation, and your texture is wavy like hers, this is it for you. 


A Bixie



'Bixie', a new entrant, is doing the rounds on the internet—courtesy of this year's Cannes Film Festival. The cut is a fusion of a Pixie and Bob in the way that it is shorter than a Bob but longer than a Pixie. It's perfect for those who don't want to cut all of their hair off, or are unsure about pulling off something as transformative as a Pixie. 


An Side-Parted Bob



Though side-parts have a reputation for not looking as cool as a middle-part, Yami proves us wrong with an ultra-short bob characterised by a deep side-part—chic and classy. 

A Curly 'Do



This one's effortlessly cool, and perfect for those with curls—neither too short, nor too long. 


A Shaggy Mullet



Have you always liked mullets? This grown-out, shaggy one makes a statement, and switches up your everyday look drastically. If your is thin and fine, and you're looking to add some volume to them, a mullet should be your go-to. 


A Lob With Side-Swept Bangs



Here’s to the never-dying popularity of short hair with bangs. This iteration of a lob works with side-swept bangs, minimal layering, and smooth retro curls. It's low maintenance, easy to work with, and flattering from all angles.


A Classic Cut 



If you're looking for something simple and basic, here's your muse: Anushka Sharma's short haircut. This one's conventional, easy to pull off, and perfect for summer. 


MyGlamm Recommendations For The Best Hair-Loving Elixirs


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Shampoo 

Ah—‘onions’ don’t induce the nicest reaction, do they? Especially when they’re infused in hair-care products. This shampoo is here to prove you wrong. Formulated to control hair-fall, it stimulates the roots, and enhances the health of your hair while cleansing your scalp of build-up and residue, strengthening your strands, and making them silky-smooth. If you’re unsure about the smell, the infusion of Moringa in the elixir lends a sweet, rejuvenating scent to your hair, and masks the scent of onions. 


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Conditioner 

It’s important for your shampoo and conditioner to work in sync with one another. So—pack a punch by bolstering the effects of the onion-and-moringa-based shampoo with this superfoods-charged, hair-loving conditioner. 


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Serum 

Looking for a hair-serum? If your frizz is abstaining you from styling your hair the way you want, this cocktail is perfect for massaging them into submission. Formulated with Onion, Moringa, and Argan Oil, this elixir reinstates the lush and luster of your tresses instantly; protects you from heat-induced damage, and restores their silky-smooth avatar. And it’s suitable for all types of hair. 


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Hair Oil

You might like the idea of a champi; but what’s the point of it if you’re not using the right oil? This hair oil excels at making your hair stronger, promoting growth, reducing breakage and fall, and restoring the scalp’s natural moisture over time. 


So—which haircut are you choosing?

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