20 Black Nail Art Trends That Will Bring An Edge To Your Beauty Game


Black nail art is trending this season since gothic and grunge makeup aesthetics have achieved dominance all across the globe. Black nail art can be glamorous, cute, understated, minimal, or chic - you name it. Whatever your makeup personality is, there is a black nail art design for you. To sell you on this edgy and dark manicure trend, we have compiled a list of the ebay black nail art designs the internet has to offer. We’re sure you’re going to find a bunch of them very interesting and cool. Read on!


Black Nail Art Designs


Check out these stunning black nail art designs if you want to dress your talons to look edgy and fabulous this season. Here are our top favourites.

Basic Black Nails

basic black nail art


Black nail polish applied on short groomed nails is a classic. This black nail trend will never go out of fashion.


Black & White Nails

black & white nail art


This monochrome black nail art design features black polish on one half of the nail and a classic french manicure design with white tips on the other half.


Zebra Print Black Nail Art

zebra black nail art


This fancy black nail art design features black and white animal print accent nails, rhinestones, French manicure designs, and black polish, all combined in one look.


Black Nail Art With Glitter Lines

black nail art with grey line


This is a basic black nail art design that has thin strips of silver glitter polish applied vertically, on the the centre of each nail.


Black Nail Art With Red Stars

black nail art with red star


This nail art design features black base nail polish and graphic red star designs on each nail.


Black French Manicure On Stiletto Nails

black nail art design


This black nail art design features a black French manicure on stiletto nails with abstract white polish painted on at the tips for dimension.


Black & Nude Nail Art

pretty black nail art design


This pretty black nail art design can be done at home as well. It features a nude polish on the ring and pinky fingers, black polish on the rest of the nails with a black glitter topped only on the index finger.


Nebula Nails

nebula black nail art design


This black nail art design features galactic blue polish in the middle with some sci-fi silver polish lines swirled over each nail.


Line Work Black Nail Art

chic black nail art design


This is a chic black nail art design featuring outlines of French manicures with black and glitter polish over a nude base.


Hello Kitty Black Nail Art

Hello kitty black nail art design


An embellished black nail art design on square shaped nails, this look features a stone encrusted heart and star embellishments along with hello kitty accessories. 


Flaky Black Nail Art

flaky black nail art design


Simple black nail polish on trimmed nails is decorated with specs of white amke for a simple textured manicure design.


Black Heart Nail Art

black nail art with heart


A cute black nail art design on almond shaped nails, this one features few accent nude nails with black hearts painted on them.


Black French Manicure

french manicure black nail art design


This is a classic French manicure with black polish and clear nail polish. As you can see, it looks great on short nails as well.


Black Pink Nail Art

black pink nail art design


A manicure design featuring black nails, black french manicure designs, and two accent nails that are painted half black and half pink with a chunky gold polish separating the two shades.


Black Bow Nail Art

black blow nail art design


Like the perfect present gift wrapped neatly, this black nail art design features only one accent nail that has a nude base with a black ribbon painted on replete with a rhinestone.


Black & Nude Swirly Nail Art

swirly nail art design


A negative space manicure design, this one is created on almond shaped nails. It features a nude base nail polish with swirls of black polish in different designs on each nail.


Black Star Nails

black star nail art


Classy and artistic, this black nail polish design with gold stars placed all over is a gorgeous manicure design that is perfect for the festive season.


Black Marble Nails

black marble nail art design


Extravagant and dramatic with specs of gold foil, this black marble nail art design on square tips will make a bold style statement.


Black Nail Art With Red Glitter

black nail art design with red glitter


Designed on coffin shaped nails, this black nail art look has black polish on the nails and red glitter on the insides of the nails. It also features OTT red jewels.


Black Jelly Nails

black gel nail art design


Jelly nails have been a trending manicure design. When paired with black polish, it looks even more glamorous. This black manicure also features sparkles, black stars, and oxidised embellishments.


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These black nail art designs are sure to gain you loads of compliments. Bookmark them now and have your favourite one created for the party season.

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