The Best Pink And White Nail Art Inspo We’re Saving For Our Next Manicure


You don’t have to scroll far on Instagram to notice that pink and white nail art is reigning supreme at the moment. The styles flooding are feeds are so killa’ that we couldn’t help but share them with our fellow mani-loving queens (also known as you). Whether you are looking for a minimal manicure or want to bring Barbiecore to your fingertips - we searched high and low to find your manicure muse. Ahead, we’re listing down the trendiest pink and white nail art the fashion girls are sporting. These are the ones that will have you itching to book an appointment with your nail technician.

Pink And White Nail Art Designs

Pink and white nail art designs are hogging the beauty spotlight right now. Having stolen the crown from chrome nails and autumnal chocolate brown hues - pink and white nail art is set to be the spring’s hottest nail art trend. And with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we know you’re gonna be looking for these hues! So we took upon the beauty mission to list down the best of the best iterations for you. Keep scrolling to check ‘em out.

Yin And Yang

Yin And Yang - pink & white nail art

Giving a subtle nod to harmony, this pink and white nail art features a ballet pink glossy base coat which is topped with a tiny yin and yang symbol. We are totes in love!

Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer - Pixie Dust

The nail paint by Manish Malhotra beauty is so good that it’ll land a permanent spot in your nail stash. If you want to give your self a salon-worthy manicure without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being - this nail lacquer has got you covered.

Squiggly French Tips

Pink & white nail art design

QQ: What’s better than a traditional white and pink French manicure? A pop of hot pink hues, that’s it. We’re saving this one for our next manicure sesh.

Pink Swirls And Hearts

Pink & white Swirls And Hearts

This pink and white nail art design is bold yet simple and romantic at the same time. Featuring a nude base with hearts and detailed pink swirls over the book - this manicure is perf for minimalists.

Pink Tortoiseshell

Pink & White Tortoiseshell

Remember the Tortoiseshell pattern that took Instagram by storm in 2022? The animal print done in pink and white is a bold twist on a classic pattern. We like!

Perf For Valentine’s Day

Pink & white nail art designs

Who says heart-detailed manicured nails are reserved for Valentine’s day? We are all in for wearing a romantic manicure all year long. 

Crystalised Mani

pink & white nail art design with mani

Be it beauty or fashion - you can never go wrong with polka dots. Rather than adorning your digits with white polka dots, stick minute crystals all over your nails, and your claws are sure to look fab.

Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer - Delicate Daisy

This nail paint has viral written all over it and is a budget-friendly option to ape this pink and white nail art at home. All you need to do is apply it all over your nails in thin layers. Apply two coats and let it dry. Complete the mani by sticking a few tiny gemstones on each nail.

Marbled Manicure FTW!

best pink & white nail art designs

Crystal-loving queens, rejoice! This marbled pink and white nail art design is save-worthy. Plus, we are loving the butterfly-detailed stickers. It’s giving off major Y2K energy we’re all craving at the moment.

Very Berry

pink & white fruity nail art designs

Looks like cherries are the fruity nail art to flaunt right now, which makes this pink and white nail art too good not to share. French manicure coupled with diminutive cherry motifs is all our manicure dreams wrapped into one. We’re indisputably obsessed!

We’re Obsessed!

pink & white nail art designs 2023

Heart-shaped decals are very 2023. This pink and white nail art design is romantic without being too kitschy which makes it perf for the upcoming Valentine’s week. 

‘Coz You Are Berry Special

pink & white nail art

Not only is this mani trend-forward but it’s also super easy to recreate. All you need is white nail lacquer to apply a French manicure and then spice it up by sticking on a few berry-shaped stickers.

The More, The Merrier

pink & white nail art designs fruit

The more, the merrier. Another fruit-inspired manicure to covet. Whether you’re more into the emoji or the fruit - you can’t go wrong with these cherry-inspired nails. 

Heart-Shaped French Mani

heart shaped pink & white nail art design

The heart-shaped French mani is having a moment right now. And this pink and white nail art is an easy way to hop on the trend wagon before everyone else. Save this for your next mani appointment.

MyGlamm LIT Matte Nail Enamel - KiKi

This hot pink nail paint hue will keep your digits looking fly 24*7. You’ll totes love wearing this hot pink nail paint and get asked a few times what shade it was. Add this to your cart to score endless compliments.

The IT-Girl Approved Mani

pink white nail art trend

If there’s one nail art that boasts a huge celebrity endorsement, this ombre manicure would be it. All the IT-girls - from Alia Bhatt to Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa have given the nail trend their stamp of approval and we can’t get enough!

Too Cute Not To Share

cute pink and white nail art

If there’s ever a hall of fame for cute nail art designs, this pink and white nail art belongs in it. It’s a chic option that’s equivalent to a pair of jeans - it’ll go with everything and is a pretty way to add some colour to your digits.

We’re Off To Copy It

pink and white nail art dreams

If this isn’t what pink and white nail art dreams are made of, we don’t know what is. The manicure with swirls, hearts, and French manicure details is one for the IT-girl books. We’re off to copy it.

Wanderlust Sand Matte Nail Polish - Cherry Tart

For babes who want to try the on-trend chrome manicure without stepping out of the house, this is the nail paint to call on. It will take your mani game from so-so to outstanding in minutes. Plus, this hue is perf to add zing to your fingertips this wedding season.


pink & white nail art manicure

Show us something cuter than this glossy manicure? We’ll wait. This pink and white nail art design is guaranteed to take your mani game to an all-time high. TBH, we can’t wait to take this manicure down to the salon eventually.

Think Pink

pink and white nail art designs

We could look at and admire this pink and white nail art all day long. It’s minimal yet big on style - exactly the kind we like! Try this manicure and you’re sure to rake in a never-ending stream of compliments. 

POPxo Makeup - Chillin’ Mini Nail Kit

This nail kit comes with five uber-flattering pink-tinted nail paint hues to help you create a manicure that breaks the internet. Plus, the formula is high-shine, chip-resistant, and non-streaky so your manicure rivals salon-level nail art. Snag this beauty before it is sold out again. Run, don’t walk!

A Minimalist’s Dream

pink & white nail art design

When it comes to manicures, sometimes, less is more. Case in point? This pink and white nail art design. We love that this one is easy enough to DIY. Seriously, try it out, and no one will be saying anything other than, “Wow! Your manicure looks amazing!”

Seriously Stylish

classic pink & white nail art designs

A chic update to the classic French manicure. The pink and white French manicure looks stellar with the sweetest touch of heart-shaped detail. You can easily recreate it at home and trick people into thinking you’re a fancy salon regular.

Glazed Manicure

pink & white nail art designs trends

Combining two of our fave nail art trends - glazed donut nail and marble nails - to create this uber-chic manicure. The manicure is ruling our FYPs right now. Try it out and you’ll itch to click and post a #nailfie on Instagram.

Brb, we’re booking our next nail appointment ASAP.

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