A Guide To Nail Shapes To Take Your Manicure Game To The Next Level

different nail shapes

You may either be wondering how to shape nails or are looking for a reference so that your manicurist can shape them for you. Knowing about the various nail shapes is essential for well groomed digits. Here’s a guide to different nail shapes so that you can try them out on yourself and elevate your manicure game.

Types Of Nail Shape

 An expert advises checking your cuticles first to determine the best nail shape for your hands and fingers. You must have oval-shaped nails if your cuticle is oval-shaped.

Here is our guide to the various nail shapes, which includes options for short, long, natural, and acrylic nails. Whether you're looking for something classy, simple, fun, or a strong statement shape, use this information to decide what to ask for at the salon or create on your own for the ideal manicure.


Natural Nail Shape


Natural Nail Shape


Natural nail shapes are short and true to your nail bed. This means natural shapes can be similar to square shape nails and round shape nails depending on how your fingertips are shaped. This nail shape is not long and is trimmed to look clean and groomed.


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Oval Nail Shape

Oval Shape Nail


Oval nail shapes are slightly longer than natural shape nails and it has curved edges. This nail shape makes your fingers appear more proportionate and slightly elongated. It is a sophisticated shape that is not too flashy and works for a variety of nail art designs.


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Square Nail Shape

Square shape nails


Square shaped nails are trendy and boxy. The nails are long with two angled edges to give the illusion of a square shape. This shape is perfect for displaying nail art designs and making a style statement. It can make any manicure look edgy and bold.


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Squoval Nail Shape

Squoval Shape Nail


This nail shape is a mix of square shape nail and oval nail shape, hence the name squoval. It is longer and the edges are rounded yet in the form resembling a square. This style is great for anyone wanting to experiment with square shape nails but doesn’t want it to look too flashy.


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Almond Nail Shape

Almond Shape Nail


Almond shaped nails are an elegant style that is perfect for classic manicures. It is a popular nail shape when in doubt as it is super versatile and suits everybody. The almond shape makes your fingers appear naturally longer and pretty. It also has a slimming effect on your hands.

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Coffin Nail Shape

Coffin Shape Nail


Also known as ballerina nail shape, coffin shape nails are the latest trending style for nail art designs. This nail shape is super dramatic and over-the-top. It is long and tapered towards the tip with a flat ending at the tip. It is similar to square shaped nails but it is more elongated and narrow. This shape is perfect for trendy manicure designs and will help make your hands look more fuller.


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Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto Shape Nails


Stiletto shaped nails are edgy and perfect for fashionistas. They are pointed at the tips just like stilettos and are super long. This nail shape is the perfect balance of curves and sharp edges that makes for more beautiful and striking nails. Opt for this for glam nail art designs to make a statement.


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Arrowhead Nail Shape

With a shorter point and more dramatic angles to form the tip, arrowhead nails are a less intense version of stiletto nails. These are ideal for those who don't have or prefer super-long nails. In fact, if you want to try long, pointy nails before committing to the stiletto shape, this nail shape is fantastic.

Edge Nails

Although the tips of edge nails are pointed, they are not as long as stilettos or as sharp as arrowheads. But unlike a mountain peak, it has a slightly more acutely angled tip. Prior to the top edges being filed to resemble edges, the sides of these shapes extend straight. The edge nail also takes the shape of a ridge running through the middle of a nail when it is made with acrylics, simulating an edge. You can try this fingernail shape next time when you are doing your manicure.

Lipstick Nail Shape

When trying different nail shapes, you can consider this type of nail shapes. Lipstick nails are shaped like the cut angle of a brand-new tube of lipstick, giving them another simple name. This squared nail design has a diagonal slant at the tip for an incredibly distinctive nail shape. Any nail length can be used with them, and they will make you stand out.


Which nail shape makes your fingers look thinner?

Almond shaped nails and oval shaped nails can make your fingers look thinner and longer. They are the ideal nail shapes that work for any nail art designs.


Are some nail shapes stronger than others?

It is possible that some nail shapes are stronger as they are more manageable than others. The shorter the nail shapes the longer they will last. Square shaped nails are thicker and therefore they might last longer.


How can I strengthen my nails so that they are able to hold tricky shapes?

Always use a cuticle oil to nourish your nail beds and use a nail strengthening solution to harden your nails and keep them in optimal shape. Trimming and shaping your nails regularly will help strengthen them too. 


Whichever different nail shapes you choose, you’re going to look fabulous. Go with the one that best suits your personality to boost your confidence levels.

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