Reel In The Holiday Season With These Quirk Blue Nail Art Designs

Blue Nail Art

While many colours are bound by seasons and aesthetics — yellow for summers, brown to lend an edginess to your fall look, and red for Valentine's — blue is one colour that’s not limited by any of these factors. She’s like that independent woman who shines regardless of where she is. 


Blue is universally regarded as an all-year-round colour — refreshing and energising your vibe instantly. That’s why drowning your lacquers in hues of teal, navy, and indigo is not such a bad idea. Because, hey, the holiday season is coming up, and it’s time to upgrade your digits by opting for blue nail-art designs ASAP. Ahead — the nail makeup line-up. 

Refresh Your Nails With These Blue Nail Art Designs


Whether you’re a minimalist or live for extravagance, there’s something here for everyone. Scroll down to see which blue nail polish designs you like. 


Hues of Blue

Hues of Blue | Blue Nail Art Design

Turn your lacquers into a sea of blues for the holidays — from teal to arctic, this manicure is ideal for when you cannot pick one shade of blue, and why should you? DIYing the nails at home is effortless and quick too. All you need is an army of blue nail paints, and you’re done. You can use blue matte nail polishes too.


Use: Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer — Midnight Muse 

This shimmer-laden blue makes your digits feel like they’re floating through a star-studded galaxy. Just sweep it over your nails once, and notice how they embrace the colour deliciously. The formula is also vegan and cruelty-free, and it looks stunning on all nail shapes and sizes. 


Minimalistic, Not Mundane 

Minimalistic, Not Mundane | Blue Colour Nail Art

For everyone who likes neutral-toned manicures, you can maintain your love for minimalism by opting for this nail-art design. Just ask your manicurist to punctuate the nails with swirls of blue, and notice how the two balance each other out neatly. 


French Fantasy

French Fantasy | Sky Blue Nail Art

Marry your love for French manicures with all-blue tips. You can paint your nails a single shade of blue if DIYing is the way you want to go — or ask your manicurist to add in some swirls with a deeper hue of the colour as demonstrated in the picture. This blue colour nail art is stunning. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel — Bad Romance 

This chip-resistant nail polish boasts a sky-blue shade and latches onto your nails like a hug.  The formula is extremely high–quality in that it improves colour reflection, enhances brightness and brings out the shine. Don’t think so much — just GFI. 

Half N Half

French Fantasy | Blue Nail Polish Design

Add a pop of colour to your nails by painting your tips halfway, and embellishing part of the centre with a dash of blue. You can shape your nails into almonds, and layer them with an all-clear base before planting the sky-blue nail art on top. 


Two Toned 

Two Toned | Light Blue Nail Art

Looking for light blue nail art? How pretty is this two-toned mani? It features a muted pink and blue — enough to catch your attention but not so poppy that it overpowers your look. Pretty, no?  


Use: POPxo Makeup: Dreamin Mini Nail Kit 

This nail kit features both the shades displayed in the photo — along with green, purple, and yellow. If you like the clean-girl aesthetic, you’re going to love these pastels so much. Customise your own two-toned nail paint with any of these chip-resistant, high-gloss formulas, and notice how they pigment your nails in one single swipe. 


Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby | Dark Blue Nail Art

Looking for something edgy for Halloween? This ice-blue manicure is fresh off the ‘gram. This is an iteration of aura nails, and it involves drawing ombre-like designs around the centre of the nail to capture the appearance of an aura. The nail artist has airbrushed the blue on top of the black. While you might not have the tools or expertise to recreate the look at home, you can ask your nail artist to do so — hurry!


Glitzy Galaxy 

Glitzy Galaxy | Sky Blue Nail Art

Upgrade your neutral-toned manicure with a little bit of a glitter-studded blue bordering the tips and cuticles. It’s almost like you’ve thrown some confetti at the nails, and it just happened to look this glorious. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer — Iridescent Indigo 

This blue-purple nail paint is perfect for when you cannot choose between the two. It’s almost kaleidoscopic — gleaming from every angle — and the formula is cruelty-free and vegan. Are you sold yet?


Dual Deal 

 Dual Deal | Nail Design Blue

Instead of painting all your digits blue, soften the aesthetic with a splash of white. Notice how one of the nails is embellished with rhinestones to add to the glamour of the look. You can use some nail glue to paste them onto the lacquers once the polish has dried. That’s it!


How about a neutral-toned mani with some French tips?


If you don’t want to commit to blue, you can paint one nail blue, and keep the rest multi-coloured. Add some stickers on, and you’re done!


Now that we’ve established how versatile blue is as a colour, it’s time to pick your favourite. Spill — which one of these blue nail-art designs did you like best?

Now that we’ve established how versatile blue is as a colour, it’s time to pick your favourite. Spill — which one of these blue nail-art designs did you like best?



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