Simple Nude Nail Art Designs To Try ASAP!

nude nail art designs

Let me guess — the minimalist in you likes nude nail design. But you’re a little dramatic that way, and plain old nude nail art design doesn’t cut it for you. You need to dress it up a little — pearls, dots, stripes, and whatnot. Don’t worry — you’ve found your people. The in-between-ers who keep moving between two extremes. And that’s why we’re rounding up some of the best ways to glamourise your nude color nail designs the right way, as well as the hottest nail-polishes RN. Ahead — a demonstration.

The Best Nude Nail Art Designs To Add To Your Monsoon Mood Board


Trust us — these are the hottest nude nail designs of this season. 


  1. The Frenchie Nude Nail Art

frenchie nude nail art

The French Manicure is a classic — and here’s one iteration of the aesthetic. You can set the base with a pink-ish nude, and embellish the tips of your nails with a shade of grey to play into the subtleness of the look. Go on to scatter a few pearls over two of your nails with nail-glue and a toothpick to add a little detail to the nail-art — or replicate across all nails if you’re looking for a nude nail art that’s something more dramatic.


  1. Glitter N Glitz Nude Nail Design

 glitter n glitz nude nail art

This nude nail design is not so different from the previous. The base remains the same — just line a few gemstones along the cuticles to achieve a minimalistic yet elegant end-result.  


  1. A Star Is Born Nude Color Nail Art

 star nude nail art design

This nude color nail design is one the easiest ways to upgrade your nails — adding stars to the equation. If you’re not able to draw them, try nail-stickers instead. Either way — this makes for an understated makeover.  


  1. Dotted Decadence Nude Nail Art

 dotted decadence nude nail art designs

Try contrasting two different shades of nude with each other. Notice the play of lighter and darker shades in this picture. Place a dot on each cuticle, and you’ve nailed the nude nail art look!


  1. Bodak Yellow Nude Nail Design

bodak yellow nude nail art design

Looking for a nude colour nail-art that pops? You can add stripes of yellow along the cuticles as well as on the tips of the nails to recreate this nude nail art look, and make your talons pop.


  1. Fly Me To The Moon Nude Nail Art Design

 fly me to the moon style nude nail art

Coat your nails in a single layer of nude — so the paint is more sheer than opaque — and cluster them with stickers of planets and stars. This nude nail design is ethereal, and brings the galaxy to you.


  1. Swirly Spirals Nude Nail Art

swirly spirals nude nail art designs

Just add swirls of chalk-white on one nail, and you’ve aced the nude nail art look already: delicate and intricate.  


  1. Heart Attack Nude Nail Art Design

heart shape nude nail art design

How about a nude nail art design that’s all about drawing hearts on each nail? Simple, quick, and effective. You can choose another colour apart from yellow depending on your preference.


  1. Glittery Gradient Nude Nail Art Design

Glittery gradient nude nail art design

Create a gradient by using 2 different shades of nude, and alternating between them — and reserve one nail for a glitter–packed makeover to take it up a notch. 

  1. Floral Fusion Nude Nail Art

floral fusion nude nail art design

If you don’t want to commit to nude entirely in your nude nail art, you can switch to poppy colours like yellow, and sprinkle in some flowers. 


  1. Ditzy Designs

ditzy designs nude nail art

Throw in some random designs as demonstrated in this picture. You don’t have to stick by the rules — whip out the nail-art manic within you, and brush away. 


  1. Pretty Polkas Nude Nail Art

 pretty polkas nude nail art designs

Glitz your nude nail art by dotting polka dots all over the nails — make it a party with confetti!


  1. Skinny Tips Nude Nail Art

 skinny tips nude nail art design

These electric blue super-skinny tips reign supreme, and paired with daisies. This nude nail art is to die for. A hack? If you find painting your tips tedious, just paint a little bit of your opposite finger, and press it against your tip to transfer the colour to the nail. There — a fuss-free Frenchie.


  1. All That Glitters Is Golden

golden glitters nude nail art designs

Create a smile-like line across your nail with gold-coloured dottings, and voila! Such a pretty nude shade nail design!


  1. Straight Streaks Nude Nail Art Designs

straight streaks nude nail art design

Or a simple line running across the nail!


  1. It’s In The Aura

ombre or gradient like nude nail art designs

Aura nails are in, and this is one way to recreate them. These are essentially pops of colour painted onto your nails in circular ombre or gradient-like designs so they resemble your very own aura. You will need a professional to replicate this manicure for you. 


  1. Zebra Zest

 zebra stripes style nude nail art

Zebra stripes never go out of style. Set the base of your tips with a white nail-polish, and draw in random black zig-zags to play into the look effectively. 


  1. Gold Goddess Nude Nail Art

gold goddess nude nail art designs

Add a couple of golden-hued swirls to complement the nude. These colours blend into one another flawlessly. 


  1. Sunny Smileys Nude Nail Art

sunny smiley nude nail art design

Smileys are playful and quirky. What do you think about plastering them on your nails?

20. Marble Game On


Marble nail art has been a trend for quite some time now. TBH, the craze is only & only growing & glowing! So paint your nails in a marble nude nail art pattern & it’ll go with almost all occasions!

21. Shades Of Nude Everywhere

nude shade nail art



Try different shades of nude on your nails & spread the aura of beauty everywhere. To achieve this subtle & classy nude nail art, simply paint each nail in different shades of nude. Guess what? It’s done! Not to miss, you can top it off with glitters for traditional occasions!

22. Studded Nude Stars Nude Nail Art Designs

studded nude star nail art



Want to go by the safe route & achieve sophisticated nude nail art? Then this nude nail design is for you! This is for all fashionistas who prefer keeping it minimal, classy & neat. 

23. Springy Vibes All Over

springy vibes nude nail art



We are falling in love with this springy nude nail art design! Paint your nails half ‘n’ half in nude green & pink shades and flaunt them like a queen.

24. Pink & White Magic

pink & white nude nail art



If nude is too boring for you, you can try pairing it with white-on-white stripe nails! This nude nail art truly describes subtleness & simplicity. Already in love with this!?


25. Leopard On It’s Way

 Leopard  nude nail art design


If you want to add a dramatic touch to your nude nails, try this leopard nude nail art design for yourself! This design is for everyone who wants to bring out the loud & soft vibe together!

MyGlamm Nail Products Recommendations

A line-up of the best nail-polishes for your at-home manicure!


Do you catch yourself gazing at the sky often? This is the shade for you — sky-blue and romantic. It’s matte, chip-resistant, and oozes with enough colour to drench your nails in one application.



On Wednesdays, you paint your nails pink. This hi-shine colour endows your nails with a gel-like finish, and makes your talons look like they’re blushing. Don’t believe us? Check it out!



If rosy-red lips aren’t enough, add a pop of colour to your nails with this shade ASAP!


Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This royal purple oozes with colour and glitter, and makes your nails look like they’ve been dipped in the galaxy.



Looking for a chrome matte-finish nail-colour? This one is it for you — the creamiest velvet-based shades just waiting to drown your nails in swirls of glitter. And you get two!



It’s time to dress your nails up in summer sophistication with 3 luxe pastel shades of your choice. They check all the boxes too — hi-shine, quick-drying, and colour-packed.




  1. What are nude nails

This trend encompasses neutral-toned colours that match your skin-tone. These nails run the gamut from warm-toned shades like peach and beige to cool-toned colours like taupe and pink. The versatility of this category lies in its ability to look chic and minimalistic on any size and shape of nail. 


  1. What colors can I wear for nude nails?

Anything that reflects your skin-tone — brown, peach, white, beige, pink, and colours alike have variations that can be categorised as nude. It’s all about finding a shade that suits you. 


  1. How do I get nude nails?

Just buy yourself a nude nail-paint, and there — all that’s remaining is to paint them.


  1. How do you apply nude nail polish?

Like you apply any other nail-polish. There’s no difference in application. 


Which nude nail-art design did you like best? We know we cannot choose!


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