These Red Bridal Nail Art Are Guaranteed To Keep Your Digits Looking Fab

red bridal nail art

Here comes the beautiful bride dressed in red - or is it pink or Ivory? Contemporary brides are rewriting the rules on what colour (or outfit) to wear for the big day, and we’re all here for it. However, whether you’re more of a classic traditional bride or are looking for something ultra-modern, there’s an easy canvas on which to display an extra peep of your personality: your nails. 

If you’re looking to find your own dream wedding nails, we’ve just the thing for you. Today, we’re listing down the prettiest red bridal nail art ideas to suit every bride, from the dainty and delicate, to the badass and brilliant. Keep scrolling!

Red Bridal Nail Art To Bookmark RTFN

These red bridal nail art designs are here to steal your heart. Ahead, check out the best bridal manicures of 2022 - and prepare to have your breath taken away. 

Frenchies FTW!

french red bridal nail art

This stunning red bridal nail art will turn heads with its shimmery silver points. It’s flirty, pretty, and romantic, without being over the top.

Fiery Hot!

Fiery Hot red bridal nail art

This manicure is as classic as it gets. This one is easy enough to DIY and will ensure you make a statement with your bridal mani. This nail art looks so polished and chic.

Dainty Details

red bridal nail art design with french tips

Start with a coat of millennial pink polish on each nail. Then go back with red polish and add French tips to each nail. Finish by adding dainty white swirls. Don’t forget to save this idea! Take the pic for your next nail appointment and ogle over the masterpiece that your fingertips become.

The Half Of It

pink & red bridal nail art design

Pink is the perfect compliment to red so we’re throwing this combo on our BFF’s wedding mood board. We mean, how cute will this mani look with a bouquet of flowers in hand? The delicate twist in Frenchies is just enough to keep it interesting while holding the minimal manicure status.

MyGlamm Recommends: Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Laquer - Blush Babe

This bubblegum-pink nail polish is gonna look super flattering on your digits this fall and beyond. Swipe on two coats for a subtle light-pink hue, or add an extra third layer for a bolder look.

Red-Heart Nail Art For Brides

red bridal nail art design with heart design

Swap your classic Frenchies for a heart design to get the most romantic fingertips around. Plus, we’re drooling over the scattered hearts on the tip of one nail. It’s an off-beat mani look that’s both pretty and fun.

Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Laquer - The Love Edit

This rust-red shade has been a favourite ever since its launch last year and it continues to be a best-seller. It’ll legit make your fingertips look like fireworks!

Perf For Trendsetters

deep red bridal nail art design

Modern French manicures are having a major moment, so what better way to rock a bright red polish than by topping it off with blood-red tips? We’ll wait. If deep-red is not your colour of choice, silver and gold nails will look just as stunning.

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This matte red polish is basically a beauty wardrobe staple. Snag it asap because these beauties are selling out fast!

Love Hearts

red bridal nail art for almond shaped nail

ICYMI: Modern French manicures are back with fervour once again, as seen in this gorgeous manicure that’s perfect for your big day. Accentuate the look of your red manicure by pairing it with beautiful almond-shaped nails. Go for deep, rich red and enhance your mani with heart decals on just one nail. 

Gold Is The Way To Glow

Gold & red bridal nail art design

Why not match a couple of your nails with your wedding ring? The dainty accents take inspiration from delicately embroidered bridal lehenga. 

Negative Space FTW!

wedding red nail art & half moon design

If you like the idea of a half moon and red nails, this one's for you. The red bridal nail art is basically an inverted French manicure and we’re here for it. All you need is a red nail lacquer, a neutral pink nail polish, and moon-shaped stickers to try the mani at home. And bam! Beautiful nails without spending hours on your mani.

Cherry On Top

cherry adorned red bridal nail art

Another way to update your red bridal nail art? stick tiny cherry motifs on just one nail. We love how this cherry-adorned mani looks!

The Cutest Of All

cutest red bridal nail art

Hoping for just a hint of red? This sheer pink mani upgraded with a couple of red decals makes for one dreamy-looking manicure.

Glitz And Glamm

glitz & glam red bridal nail art

For a more glitz and glam take on red bridal nail art, use glitter polish to your advantage. If you are exacting, opt for a chunky red glitter and apply a few coats before sealing it in with a top coat.

Drops Of Gold

red bridal nail art with gold drop

In our opinion, you can never go wrong with this manicure - especially for your wedding day. This one is made extra special with shimmery gold drops at the bottom of each nail. 

Classic And Clean

Classic red bridal nail art

An uber-cool, modern update on the classic French manicure. Go for two dainty slicks of red and yellow on one corner of your nails. You can replace yellow with silver or gold to make it look more festive. 


bridal red nail art design

This red nail art for brides is dainty and subtle. If you are a bride-to-be who is minimalist at heart, this is one of the chicest nail art designs you can try right now. 

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