15 Nail Polish Designs That Are Blowing Up On Instagram

Nail Polish Design

When the inspiration well runs dry, where else to turn to but to Instagram? The platform is chock full of fashion girls churning out daily drool material. And when it comes to nail inspiration, the A-list knows that a spot-on manicure is essential for every beauty look. With their consistently killer manicures, they’re pretty much the authority on cute nails. 

Due to the wellspring of manicure inspo flooding our feed what feels like 24/7, we’ve managed to nail down some of our fave easy nail art designs for your viewing pleasure. Whether you love bold, in-your-face designs or prefer to keep it classic and minimal, there’s most certainly a style that will strike your fancy. Scroll ahead for the trendiest nail art ideas that are on a meteoric rise.

You’re Going To Put Your Nail Tech On Speed Dial After Seeing These Nail Polish Designs

Glitter Accents FTW!

Glitter Accents Nail polish design

Image Credits: Instagram  

It's all about glitter mixes that have different-sized glitter and different colours that won’t bleed but will show through - such as this navy blue glitter with a copper tone. It’s also about having different particle sizes and effects in the glitter. For example, one will have a glass effect, one will give a shine. This creates dimension, texture, and light with designs. 

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones Nail Paint Design

Image Credits: Instagram

Emerald green and jewel tones were huge colours in the fashion world last season and will continue to have their time underneath the sun. The good thing for you guys is that this colour is an instant mood uplifter so when you’re dealing with Monday blues, apply this one and they’ll vanish.

Multi-Hued Nails

Multi Hued Nail polish design

Image Credits: Instagram

One of our favourite nail polish designs bubbling up at the moment is the use of different-coloured polish on each nail. It’s so unique plus easy to create and super fun to wear. The best bits? With just a couple of shades, your mani will look like a million bucks. 

Almond-Shaped Nails

Nail Paint Design for Almond Shape Nail

Image Credits: Instagram

As per our ‘gram feeds, almond nails will continue to shine and will be the shape of choice for a longer nail. We do think longer nails are on the comeback. We love it because it means more real estate to design on! They look super cute with a French manicure.

Modern French Mani

Modern French Mani Nail Polish Designs

Image Credits: Instagram

The sky’s the limit when it comes to French nail polish designs - not only can you switch up your tip with a shade of choice (we especially love pastels and neons), but things like glitter, rhinestones, and additional patterns make for an equally chic update. Side-tip, inverted, two-toned - there are tons of popular twists the fashion set has put on the French manicure recently.


Periwinkle Nail Paint Idea

Image Credits: Instagram

Since Very Peri is the Pantone colour of 2022, we’re really excited about the Periwinkle trend. A deeper take on the lavender hues that were blowing up during 2021, this trend evokes the vacay vibe without falling into the played-out trap. Gonna be wearing this nail polish design all for the rest of the year.

And It Was All Yellow

Yellow Nail Paint Design

Image Credits: Instagram

If you want a subtle neon nail polish design, opt for a clear or light pink base. Then add different neon hues to the tips of your nails. This one’s fashion-forward and it’ll switch up your style game for all the vacay plans on your calendar. Plus, it’s pretty easy to DIY.

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Want to DIY a bomb mani? Look no further than this nail kit. It is loaded with poppy hues and the formulas are spiked with good-for-nails ingredients that will keep your nails shiny and soft while helping you make a head-turning statement.

An It-Girl Fave

mirror image nail paint design

Image Credits: Instagram

We’re seeing a mirror image of colour-pop Frenchies with clementine and aquamarine shades. A full neon manicure might feel a bit over the top, but this mirror image nail art looks so polished and expensive. 

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Other than the fact that these nail hues are ridiculously chic, their formulas are also as clean as they come. You won’t find a single trace of harsh ingredients.

Seasonal Shades Are For Nails Too!

Easy nail paint design with brown shade

Image Credits: Instagram

Brown nail polishes are a go-to during the fall and winter, but you can rock these sophisticated hues all year-round. They’re so versatile and go with everything – just saying. Using different hues on each nail will add a spark to this fresh yet effortless look. We love everything about this cute, easy, and fuss-free nail polish design. It’s perfect for all the minimalist folks out there who wish to make an eye-catching statement with barely any effort.

Flower Power!

Flower Nail Paint Design

Image Credits: Instagram

This Summer might as well be 1976 because flower power is back in a big way in the form of floral nail art. Some of our fave celebs are wearing what looks like entire bouquets across their nails, inspiring us to up our manicure game!

Nostalgia Is Very In!

multifaceted shimmer nail polish design

Image Credits: Instagram

We’ve seen the resurgence of Y2K trends in clothing and makeup, and now, it’s time to infuse this into your fingertips. The Euphoria star is bringing out the space-edge nail products with multifaceted shimmers and cosmic colours, and we’re obsessed!

MyGlamm Recommends: POPxo Makeup Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit

No nail stash is complete without this nail polish kit. It’s perfect for glitter-lovin’ peeps. The clean formulas, chic colours, and fun packaging all make it a must-buy for DIY nail queens.

Negative Spaces!

Simple Nail Polish Design

Image Credits: Instagram

If there’s one manicure trend that’s nearly inescapable at the moment, it without a doubt is the paste-hued iterations. This one is so fresh-looking that we’ve actually crowned it as one of the trendiest styles of manicure. It’s playful, bold, and screams hot girl summer. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Chrome Nails To Steal The Damn Show!

Chrome Nail Polish Design

Image Credits: Instagram

This mega-watt all-over mirrored nail polish design is guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go. It surely stands out, but the simplicity of one colour all over makes it feel like a neutral that would work well with any outfit. 

For The Bold Type

Bold Nail Paint Design

Image Credits: Instagram

The biggest nail trends of 2022 are remarkably similar to those that took over in 2002. The resurgence of retro trends brought lots of vampy lipstick and nails. This one in particular will never go out of style. P.S.: Look for a creamier, deeper shade rather than cherry red if you’re exacting!

90s Supermodel Nails

‘90s Nail Paint Design

Image Credits: Instagram

The glam queens of Instagram – from J.Lo to Margot Robbie and Camila Cabello – are all sporting the milk bath manicure. It features a very sheer overlay of milky pink nail lacquer and is dubbed the ‘90s supermodel nail. Tbh, it’s the prettiest nail art trend to sweep Instagram.

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Featured Image: Instagram


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