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Give Yourself An Easy Salon Style Manicure At Home, On A Budget! #DIYMondays


A monthly mani-pedi session at the salon will definitely burn a hole in your pocket but if you're a DIY kinda girl, you've clicked on the right post. Giving yourself a manicure at home is easier than you'd imagine. And it also happens to be the perfect solution for the broke girl! While you're not going to be able to pamper and groom yourself with the same precision, you'll definitely end up saving more than just a few bucks, in the long run. And nobody will ever know! 

If you find yourself lusting after those salon-like digits, here's how you can get them at home, on a budget! 

1. Soak It Off

manicure dipping fingers into a bowl of hot water

Start by prepping your cuticles. Dip your fingers into a bowl of warm water. Add a few drops of body oil, any oil works really. You could even add some body lotion. The point of doing this is to soften your cuticles. Using a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back. You could even your favourite bath salts or essential oils to the bowl to make the entire experience more relaxing.

POPxo Recommends: Cuticle Pusher (Rs 169), Soulflower Ocean Blue Bath Salt (Rs 450)

2. Dead Skin Be Gone

Use a body brush, hand and foot brush or practically any brush you have at hand. Put some soap on it and start brushing your hands gently. This will get rid of any dead skin and tan that you may have.

POPxo Recommends: 4 In 1 Foot File With Pedicure Brush (Rs 220), Vega Dual Surface Nail Brush (Rs 80)

3. Clip, Buff And Shape  

manicure internal 2 filing her nails

Use a nail filer and a nail buffer to file your nails into shape. Make sure you file in one direction, this will prevent your nails from chipping. A nail buffer has 4 sides, start by buffing your nails to get rid of any yellow residue. 

POPxo Recommends: 4 Way Nail Buffer (Rs 129)

4. Oil It Up

Give yourself a nice massage. Take some lotion, body butter or even body oil and massage your hands. This will restore any moisture that may have been lost as a result of brushing the dead skin off your hands.

POPxo Recommends: Biotique Stress Relief Massage Oil (Rs 135), The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Butter (Rs 970)

5. Build A Strong Foundation

manicure internal 3 transparent nail paint woman painting her nails

If you plan on painting your nails, make sure you don't have any lotion or oil left over on your nails. It may cause your nail polish to wear off quicker. Use some acetone or nail polish remover to make sure your nails are clean and oil-free. Use a base coat that has nail strengtheners in it. It'll keep your nails from chipping and your mani last longer. Once the base coat is dry, add two thin layers of nail polish to finish off. Don't be afraid to get creative!

POPxo Recommends: MyGlamm Lit Nail Enamel - Groundwork (Rs 190), Nykaa Nail Care - Going Strong Calcium Milk (Rs 249)

6. Seal The Deal

A layer of a high shine top coat will make your digits look more poised and polished and increase the life of that manicure. 

POPxo Recommends: Essence Gel Look Plumping Top Coat (Rs 249), Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat (Rs 427)

PS: A quick way to revive a dull manicure is just to add another layer of top coat whenever your nails start to look lacklustre. 

There you have it! Our 6 steps for salon-like talons in the comforts of your home!


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