15 Rainbow Nail Art Designs That Are Anything But Basic


Obsessed with rainbow nail art? We can admit that rainbow nail art is truly mood-enhancing and fun. So don’t have any second thoughts. Go on and get your nails painted in the colours of the rainbow today. Let these unique rainbow nail art designs inspire you.


Trending Rainbow Nail Art Designs


Here are 15 stunning rainbow nail designs to experiment with to add a touch of whimsy to your look.

Rainbow & Clear Nail Clouds Design

Summer rainbow nail


This is the perfect summer rainbow nails to rock at a pool party. The design is best suited on almond-shaped nails.

Marble Rainbow Nail Art Design

Marble rainbow nail art design


Marble rainbow nails are a chic way to experiment with the rainbow nail art trend. Go in for darker rainbow nail polish colours to get this bold colour payoff.

Blueberry Rainbow Nail Art Design


Blueberry rainbow nail art design


With a pretty blueberry smoothie shade of glitter nail lacquer as a base, this rainbow nail art design is for those of you who want something special and unique.

Black Rainbow Nail Art Design

Black rainbow nail art design

This rainbow nail art design pairs black glitter nail lacquer with rainbow designs that are directed at different angles on different nails. It is an eye-catching design that is also quirky.

Glitter Neon Rainbow Nail Art Design

Glitter neon rainbow nail art design


Incorporating all the colours of the rainbow by distributing it in halves on each nail with neon glitter nail polishes, this nail art look is for those of you who want to indulge in a magical and fun manicure design.

Unicorn With Accent Rainbow Nail Art Design

Unicorn nail art design


This rainbow nail art mainly features blue polish with a cute mythical unicorn and stars with a singular nail dressed in rainbow colours.

Black Star Paint Drips On Rainbow Nail Art Design

Black stat paint nail art design


Featuring black paint drips at the cuticles with stars drawn on them, this rainbow nail art look is unique and cute AF. Since the attention will be on your cuticles, make sure to use the right nail care products like cuticle oil before trying this design.

Pop Art Icons Rainbow Nail Art Design

Pop art icon nail art design


Featuring multiple pop art icons like a cloudy blue sky, black flames, flowers, and a melting smiley face alongside two rainbow accent nails, this nail art design is for anyone who wants to personalise their manicure design to feature all the art they love.

Simple Rainbow Nail Art Design

Simple rainbow nail art design


If you want to try rainbow nail art at home and don’t have the skills of a professional manicure nail artist to do it, try out this look at home.

Rainy Weather Dark Blue Rainbow Nail Art Design

Dark blue nail art design


This rainbow nail art design is different from the rest because it is more on the darker side. With raindrops, a dark blue base nail polish, and pigmented glitter nail polish rainbow art, it’s as unique as it gets.


Outlined Rainbow Nail Art Design With Maroon Nail Polish

Outlined Rainbow Nail Art Design With Maroon Nail Polish


Another unique rainbow nail art look, this one features a marron polish as a base, and then the rainbow hues are used to outline the nail shape.

Rainbow Themed Multi Colour French Manicure Nail Art Design

Rainbow themed nail art design


Have fun with rainbow nail polish colours and recreate this exciting French manicure design where no nail has the same colour combination as another.

Tattoo Style Outlined Rainbow Nail Art Design

Tattoo style rainbow nail art


With immense detailing, glitter, and perfect outlines, this rainbow nail art design is for all the cool girls. It perfectly incorporates a starry night into the design as well.

Clay Nude Pastel Rainbow Nail Art Design

Nude pastel rainbow nail art design


With a clay-toned nude nail polish base and pastel shades of rainbow nail polish colours, this is a pretty manicure design for those of you who like minimal nail art looks.

Sparkly Ombre Rainbow Nail Art Design

Ombre rainbow nail art design

If you love glitter and sparkles and the rainbow, you will love this pretty rainbow nail art look. It has an ombre effect that makes your nails look even more chic and magical.

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MyGlamm LIT Matte Nail Enamel

This collection of matte nail polishes is the best for creating chic rainbow nail art looks. Available in 15 different shades and featuring a chip-resistant formula, these matte polishes have a quick-drying formula that makes it convenient to use for girls on the go.


POPxo Makeup - Vacay Mini Nail Kit (Set of 5) | Long Lasting, Chip-Resistant, Glossy Mini Nail Polish Set

This nail polish set has all the best shades you need to create rainbow nail art designs. Each polish has a glossy, chip-resistant finish that is to die for. There are 5 nail polishes in this kit in shades of pink, peach, blue, red, and turquoise.


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Bookmark your favourite rainbow nail art designs and get them on your next manicure appointment.

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