Trendy Nail Paint Colours That Will Make A Bold Statement


Nail Polishes for dusky skin are vibrant yet the colours are truly versatile when set against deeper complexions. There is so much room to experiment when it comes to nail paints for dusky skin because the colour palette is high on glamm. If you have a darker skin tone or olive skin tone, you’re going to want to bookmark this page ASAP because we have listed out all the best nail polish shades that look stunning on women of colour. Read on to check them out.


Nail Polish Colours For Dusky Skin


Here is a list of nail paints for dusky skin that range between a variety of different colours. From the ideal nude nail polish for dusky skin to the trendy coloured nail paints for dusky skin, there’s something for everybody.


  1. Matte Pink Nail Polish

matte pink nail polish for dusky skin



Choose matte pink nail polish for dusky skin because it seriously pops on deeper skin tones. The matte finish looks chic and even more polished than glossy finishes. 


MyGlamm Recommended Matte Pink Nail Paint for Dusky Skin

MyGlamm LIT Matte Nail Enamel - OG

This is a rosy pink matte nail polish that suits all skin tones and looks fabulous on dusky skin. It also has a quick-drying formula that saves you a lot of time.

  1. Red Nail Polish

Red nail polish for dusky skin



If you didn’t know already, red nail paint looks stunning on dusky skin. Cherry red, more cool-toned reds, and even dark red nail paints like burgundy stand out on deeper complexions.


MyGlamm Recommended Nail Paint for Dusky Skin

POPxo Makeup - Queenin Mini Nail Kit

Serving up 5 different red nail polishes in one set, this mini nail kit will have you spoilt for choice. It contains all of the flattering red nail colour shades that every dusky skin beauty will appreciate.


  1. Purple Nail Polish

Purple nail polish for dusky skin



Purple is the new black when it comes to edgy nail paints for dusky skin. Deep purple hues make darker skin tones look even more rich and vivacious. You can go in for glossy purple hues ranging from lavender to grape and even metallic or glittery hues.


MyGlamm Recommended purple nail paint for dusky skin

Manish Malhotra Nail Lacquer - Velvet Stardust

This pigmented glittery purple nail paint for dusky skin is an absolute gem. The unique nail paint is made in Italy and has the most gorgeous colour payoff. It looks great for glamorous occasions and even for a quick mood boost because the colour is pretty to look at.

  1. Orange Nail Polish

Orange nail polish for dusky skin



Orange is another vibrant shade that suits dusky skin. You can experiment with warmer or more fiery tones of orange or even neon hues to really make a statement. 


MyGlamm Recommended Orange Nail Enamel for Dusky Skin

MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel - Time Out

This is glossy neon orange nail paint for dusky skin that you should not miss out on. The chip-resistant formula gives a bold colour payoff and looks super light and reflective when applied.


  1. Sky Blue Nail Polish

sky blue nail polish for dusky skin



Beleive it or not, sky blue or any similar light blue shades look beautiful on dusky skin. This calming colour makes for the perfect light or pastel colour nail polish to rock if you have brown skin.


MyGlamm Recommended Product Name

MyGlamm LIT Nail Enamel - Bad Romance

If you’re looking for the perfect sky blue nail paint for dusky skin, look no further than this glossy nail polish by MyGlamm in shade Bad Romance. It is chip resistant and super-pigmented with a whole lot of shine.

  1. White Nail Polish

White nail polish for dusky skin


Another nail paint for dusky skin that might surprise you is white. It looks way better than any basic nude shade of nail polish on dusky skin and it is a must-try.


MyGlamm Recommended Product Name

MyGlamm Two Of Your Kind Nail Enamel - Casino Night 

This nail polish duo gives you snow white nail polish for when you want to look elegant and posh, and black nail paint to get creative and edgy. This nail lacquer set is a must-have for every nail polish kit.

  1. Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic nail polish for dusky skin


Metallic nail paints are always stunning on dusky skin tones. Pick any nail polish shade with a metallic finish and you are sure to look fabulous.


MyGlamm Recommended Product Name

MyGlamm Chromantic Metallic Nail Enamel - Hi Barbie! 

This exciting pink shade called Hi Barbie is a gorgeous rosy metallic colour that shines bright like a diamond. It has a smooth formula that gives a great colour payoff.


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These are the best nail paints for dusky skin that every brown skin beauty will look fabulous in. Shop for them now and slay your manicured nails every time.

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