White Nail Designs: 20 White Nail Art Designs That’ll Give Your Classic French Manicure An Upgrade!

White Nail Art Designs

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Remember when a white French manicure was all the rage? Everybody loved to jazz up their digits with that white tip. White nail design has stood the test of time and has become the base and centre for many white nail polish designs. It’s minimalistic yet stylish and is definitely on trend. Playing around with the hue is equally fun, as it gives you the opportunity to tap into your creative side and go crazy. Scroll down to see 20 white nail art designs that’ll inspire you all year round. 

Best White Nail Art Design Ideas

The best part about white nail paint designs is that they fit into any and every occasion and season. You can use the hue to create simple and subtle nail art with white nail polish that is quirky and cute, or go all out classy with minimalistic, yet sophisticated designs. Take your pick from 20 white nail art designs that’ll give your digits a pretty makeover. 


Checkered In


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Minimal, but make it fun! The wight checkered effect set against a shell-pink or nude base makes this manicure anything but basic. This is one beautiful white nail paint art.





The Marble Effect

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Give your simple white nails a splash of colour. Use metallic and bright strokes to create a marble effect that’ll make your nails pop with this white nail design.





Twirl Away



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Love the French manicure, but are bored of the same old tips? This upgraded white nail design of the contemporary version of the classic is the perfect route for your talons.





Flower Power


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How cute is this nail art on white nail paint manicure? The white flowers paired with those little yellow dots make this one a great summer staple.







Glitter N Glow

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Step 1, slant your French white nail design manicure a little. Step 2, throw in some glitter to give a nice festive feel.





Face First


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If you’re someone who likes a little artsy quirk, then add these one line face shapes to your white nail art manicure.


Pretty Daisies


Image courtesy - Instagram


Taking the floral trend, but making it a little more stylish than cute, these daisies really do jazz up a plain nail. This is such a super pretty white nail polish design.




Splash Of Colour


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Play around with pastel glossy nail enamel hues and break the monotony with some white lines. You can even go with bright neons too in this nail art on white nail paint.




Geometric Prints

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Minimalistic nails at their best, this white nail paint design manicure is set against a nude background and uses tribal geometric prints to amp it up.






Green Leaves

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Inspired by an olive branch, the mix of green and white on a neutral glossy nail makes this white nail art manicure eye-catching, don’t you think?









Image courtesy - Instagram


This white nail art design is for all those who sport shorter nails. Have a little fun with the white tip, and extend it to your cuticle. Who said you always have to play by the rules?



Flamingo Friendly

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Take a glossy white and pair it with some cute holiday flamingo prints. Doesn’t this white nail art give you such #summervacay vibes?




Monochromatic Madness


Image courtesy - Instagram


Who doesn’t love to go black & white once in a while? From half and half, to waves, to fire, to even yin and yang, this white nail art manicure makes the combination anything but boring. 





Minimalist Mani


Image courtesy - Instagram


Two whites make it right! Use a pure white nail lacquer to set the base and top it off with silver-white nail polish for the floral design. You can even use a matte nail enamel as a top coat, to make this white nail art manicure even more on-trend.





Connect The Dots




Image courtesy - Instagram


Another monochromatic white nail art manicure, add a few black dots to your regular white to make your talons standout more.






Matte Magic

Image courtesy - Instagram


A pastel pink paired with white –– looks dreamy, doesn’t it? The swivel waves add a whimsical touch to your white nail art manicure, while the matte nail polish gives it a slightly edgy feel.




Lined Up

Image courtesy - Instagram


This white nail art design goes in with fine black lines to bring your nails to life. Feel free to mix it up and use other nail product colours for these lines too.






Sunset Heaven


Image courtesy - Instagram


Reminiscent of a Japanese sunset painting, this white nail design will make your digits look super fancy and creative. The black breaks the monotony, while the red and yellow add a gorgeous pop of colour.




French Fun

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Do a French manicure with any other colour except white –– you can either opt for something bold and bright or something pastel and subtle. Using white nail polish, colour block the bright hue by drawing a fine line under the French tip. Top it off with a glossy topcoat and you’re nails will look super gorgeous.















Yin Yang


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Yin and Yang get a bit of a neutral makeover. Instead of using black with this white nail art design, opt for nude or clear nail paint. This looks particularly gorgeous on long, square-shaped nails.

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White nails have stood the test of time, but it’s time to give it a trendy twist. These 20 white nail art designs give this classic manicure a contemporary spin –– whether it’s through quirky shapes, designs, or even pairings with complementary colours.


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