The Best Makeup Looks For A Black Dress

makeup for black dress

It has cemented itself as an indispensable article of clothing through fashion’s multiple eras. It has accompanied the power-packed strides of Naomi Campbell across runways. It has played muse to entire songs—cue Little Black Dress by One Direction. It’s safe to say that we’re proponents of the ensemble—but how do you decide which shade of pink pairs with the dress? And do rose-tinted cheeks complement the aesthetic as much? How do you go about makeup for black dress? 


10 Prettiest Makeup Looks For A Black Dress


How about a round-up of looks that flatter your go-to little black dress the most? We’ve put together a carousel of 10 aesthetics you can draw inspiration from for black dress makeup looks as well as makeup product recommendations for each.

90s Supermodel Lips

This trend is witnessing an iconic comeback, and we're here for it. A Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, and Naomi Campbell-favourite, this look thrived on a shade of nude on the lips, and an unblended outline of liner around the borders that accentuated the voluptuousness of your pout.


Just start off by lining your lips. Make sure you’re emphasising the edges. You can accentuate the fullness of your lips by overlining them. Begin by overlining at the centre of your upper-lip near the cupid’s bow, and bring the lip liner down to the natural contours of your lip as you reach the corners of your mouth. Repeat this on the lower-lip,  Lastly — apply your nude lipstick (three shades lighter than the liner) in the middle of your lips, and work your way outwards. Blend the lipstick into the liner gradually. You can do this with your fingers or a brush — and that’s it.


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Lipliner Pencil - Yeet 

Rosy Reds


rosy red look for black dress

Hadid pays homage to the miracle of blush — stamps of rose come into colour all over her cheeks, and dustings of highlighter play into the look along with gloss-laden lips and jet-black flicks. 


Just blend a rose-tinted blusher into the apples of your cheeks. Use the colour generously — you want to create a rose-flushed look that shows. Paint your lips with a gloss-packed pink, and accentuate your Cupid’s Bow to play into the illusion of a plumped-up puckered pout. Highlight the high-points of your face with highlighter, and draw cat-eye flicks on both lids to dramatise the look. 


Use: MyGlamm K.PLAY Flavoured Blush- Juicy Strawberry 

 Everything Is Blue


Makeup Look for black dress - everything is blue

Hailey absolutely nailed this under-eye look — and, hey, blue and black compliment each other effortlessly. Ask anyone. 


Pack a pop of silver into the inner-corners of the eye as well as on the brow-bone. Lay the groundwork by planting a shade of blue along the waterline with an eye kajal. Blend the colour upward into a cat-eye, and dramatise the look further like Hailey. Coat your lashes in oodles of mascara, and blend the softest hues of pink into the cheeks and lips. That’s it. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil — Slay

Grinch Green

Grinch green makeup looks for black dress


This colour is perplexingly underused in makeup; but notice how a wash of green lends an element of vibrance to the look. Halsey has opted for pinks on the rest of the face, and the contrast between the two colours is soft and striking all at once. 


Use a concealer to eliminate any discolouration under the eyes as well as a primer on the lids to set the base for eyeshadow, and work a glitter-packed shade of green onto the lids with a small brush. Use a glossy pink lippie to replicate Halsey’s look, and a cream-based colour-rich blusher for the cheeks. Make sure you’re using a hydrating, dewy foundation for this look


Use: Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil - Aquamarine 

Graphic Green


Graphic green makeup look for black dress

Doja has drowned her lids in a Julia Fox-like eye, and concluded with flicks of green framing the wings as well as the under-brow. If drama had a picture, this would be it. 


This one might look tricky to replicate; but it’s pretty simple. Just draw a cat-eye on each lid, and fill it in with eyeliner. You can use lash-glue to attach black rhinestones to the inside like Doja has. Now — just frame the cat-eye silhouette with green eyeliner, and draw flicks right under the tail of your brow to conclude. And use a glossy nude for the lips.


Use: Manish Malhotra Glitter Eyeliner - Jade Forest

Gem Goodness


gem goodness makeup look for black dress

This makeup for a black outfit will get you noticed. Leave it to Sydney Sweeney to bring an element of Euphoria to the table. The actress has bordered the under-brows with rhinestones, and climaxed the look with the subtlest flicks on the lids with eyeliner complemented by mascara-laden lashes. If you’re looking to go all-out but in a different way, this is it for you. 


This is so easy to pull off. All you need are a pair of tweezers and lash-glue to attach the gems to your brows — which you’ll find at any arts and crafts store. 


  1. Red Renegade


red renegade makeup look for a black dress

We couldn’t not mention the classic red-lip. Nothing can beat the glamour of a blood-red shade coming into bloom on the lips. 


Once you’re done applying lipstick, look for a shade of red in your eyeshadow palette. With a brush, concentrate the pigment on your lids — don't forget to focus on the brow-bone. Conclude by sweeping a little bit of highlighter on the brow-bone. 


Use: MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Hi Shine Lipstick Radiant Red

Double Trouble


double trouble makeup look for black dress

Nothing sings to the praises of black more than two pairs of wings — and this look, punctuated by a thicker-than-ever flick of jet-black levitating up toward the brow, is dramatised with a barely-there streak of the colour sprouting out from the waterline. 


Do your cat-eye like you normally would, and right underneath, create a razor-thin flick running parallel to the cat-eye flick. Marry the aesthetic with dabs of contour on the cheeks, smatterings of highlighter on high-points of the face, and brushed-out brows. Dab your face with some compact powder to eliminate any sweat or oil from the skim.


Use: MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner 

White Under-Eyes

best makeup look for black dress - white under eye

Running out of black dress makeup ideas? Not us. A white or beige under-eye lifts and brightens your eyes instantly. You can pair it up with traditional flicks on the eyes like Megan—or choose not to, and limit your aesthetic to glossy-pink lips and rose-flushed cheeks. 


Just run the pencil along your waterline, and notice how you look almost brighter instantly. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil

Glittery Galaxy


glitter galaxy makeup look for a black dress

Looking to make a statement without experimenting too much? This one’s a lesson in playing it safe while serving a head-swiveling look—what with lids dripping in gold, and ricocheting off your eyes in waves of iridescence. 


Sweep oodles of gold eyeshadow onto your lids, and complement it with a berry-red lip — this one’s one of the most conventional pair-ups. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm 9 In 1 Eyeshadow Palette-Rendezvous

Which makeup looks for black dress did you like best?


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