Stunning Makeup Ideas For White Dresses That Has Me Spellbound


Are you wondering how to do your makeup for a white dress? Well, be it for a white wedding gown or a classy white date night dress, these simple makeup for white-dress ideas are going to blow your mind. From elegant to all-out glamm, it’s all here. Check them out! 


How to Create White Dress Makeup Look?

For white dress makeup, it is important to ace your base makeup first, because the colour white brings out your complexion. I like to follow this step-by-step skin makeup routine.


  • Step 1: I begin with a CTM routine and then apply primer on my face and neck.

  • Step 2: The next step is a hydrating foundation. I dot it on my face and neck and then blend it with a brush.

  • Step 3: I need extra coverage on my under-eye area and on blemishes, so I apply concealer on these areas and blend it with a moist makeup sponge.

Eye Makeup for White Dress Step by Step


  • Step 1: First, I apply my eyeshadow of choice on my lids and blend it well.

  • Step 2: After eyeshadow, I always apply eyeliner or kajal on my lash lines.

  • Step 3: The final step is mascara because my eye makeup will look incomplete without it. I brush my lashes with the mascara wand to go for a second coat in case I need more volume.


Makeup Look for White Dress


Are you ready to get started with your makeup for white dress? Gather your makeup products and try out any of these stunning celeb-inspired makeup looks.


1. Illuminating Blush

Best makeup look for white dress

The best makeup looks for a white dress is one with an illuminating blush. Apply it on the lids, cheeks, cheekbones, and nose for a celestial glow. Complete the look with brown kohl, mascara, and a lip tint.


No need to mix a liquid blush and liquid highlighter together to create Alia’s makeup when I have this amazing product. It is an illuminating liquid that can be used as an illuminating blush and highlighter too. I like to apply it over bronzer on my cheeks.

2. Fuchsia Lipstick

Simple makeup look for white dress with fuchsia lipstick


Move over red, a fuchsia pink lipstick looks beautiful against a white dress. Do your makeup as usual and keep your eye makeup to a minimum. Swipe on this lipstick shade and slay.



This lipstick shade is a close match to the one Kriti is wearing and it will look absolutely stunning when worn with a white dress. The creamy liquid formula makes this lipstick easy to apply and long lasting too.

3. Nude Lip Combo

makeup look for white gown


My go-to makeup look for a white dress features a nude lip combo and a touch of bronze shimmer on my lids. I use a brown lip liner to outline my lip and then swipe on a pinkish nude lipstick on the centre of my pout.



This is the cutest eyeshadow palette with heart-shaped eyeshadow pans and a gorgeous array of colours. The palette contains 9 shades in all which have shimmer and matte finishes. And it happens to have just the right bronze shade to recreate this look.


4. Kohl Eyes

eye makeup for white dress


Sometimes the classic kohl-rimmed eye makeup look is all it takes to slay in a white dress. I like to use the kohl on my waterlines and then load up on mascara. I pair this eye makeup with toasty nude lipstick and dewy skin.



This is the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone. It is a dusty rose shade with a creamy matte formula that makes my lips look pouty and plump. 

5. Loads Of Highlighter

White dress makeup look


Opting for tons of highlighter on my cheekbones and temples really looks great for a white dress. I keep the focus on the highlighter by wearing minimal eye makeup and red lipstick on my lips.



This is a creamy matte lipstick in a chilli red shade that looks amazing on my Indian skin tone. The formula glides on my lips and does not bleed or feather. It keeps my lips moisturised while delivering a gorgeous colour payoff.

6. Red & Silver Makeup

Silver toned makeup for white dress


If highlighted skin is too basic for you, try silver-toned makeup with a red lipstick. I like to apply bold silver eyeliner on my lash lines and then use a glossy red lipstick. I also add a stroobe cream highlighter on the high points of my face to add to the drama.



I love this strobe cream because it blends so beautifully and does not enhance my skin texture. It has a smooth and shiny formula that does not have any chunky glitter finish.


7. Au Naturel Makeup

Natural Makeup for White dress


Au naturel makeup for white dress is amazing and it makes me look super dreamy, especially for a brunch. I use a BB cream instead of foundation and then blend a lip and cheek tint on my pout, cheeks, and nose. A little mascara and brow gel complete this look.



This BB cream is perfect for au naturel makeup looks. It makes my complexion look so good and it also bestows my skin with skincare benefits so that my skin heals from concerns like dark spots and uneven skin tone. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

8. Minimalist Makeup

Minimalist makeup for white dress

This is my favourite makeup for white dress. It is simple and refreshing and makes me look naturally beautiful. To create this look I simply moisturise my skin, apply mascara, and then I swipe on a peachy lip and cheek tint. The final step is swiping on tinted lip gloss.



This is my favourite flavoured lip gloss that has a gorgeous tint. It smells divine and makes lips juicy and plump in an instant.


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