This Makeup Look Will Add A Little Bit Of Sunshine To Your Yellow Dress


Yellow is the perfect middle-ground between drama and minimalism. While it pops more than a peach or brown, it doesn’t lean into the full-throttle boldness of reds and oranges. That’s why the colour is branded versatile and playful. But how do you marry an all-yellow ensemble with an above-the-neck look that doesn’t clash with the brightness of the colour. Tricky, no? Not really.  Jahnvi Kapoor’s look is a masterclass in marrying one of the brightest colours with a neutral-toned colour-palette — because the brightness of the dress is subdued by the subtlety of the base. Here’s how to recreate the look with the finest line-up of makeup products. Because this is the prettiest makeup for yellow dress.


You’ve Gotta Recreate This Look STAT


makeup look for yellow dress

While most celebrities’ looks are aspirational, this one’s extremely relatable because of how simple and grounded it is. Here’s a step-by-step guide on achieving it. 


Prep N Prime


Do double-cleanse your face to eliminate deep-seated impurities from within. Slather a scoop of moisturiser onto your skin to plump and hydrate and capture the lush, pillow-soft effect as modelled by Janhvi.


Use: MyGlamm Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream

This Rosehip Oil-enriched cream endows the skin with a pillow-soft suppleness that feels unreal. Not only does it moisture and glaze the skin, it heals and strengthens thanks to its composition of vitamins and antioxidants. 


All About That Base


Go over your face with a skincare-infused, satin-matte foundation. To pull off a faux-pas lift, apply your concealer around the outer-fold of the nose, in the inner-corner of the under-eye, along the outer-corner of the under-eye angled up toward the temples, and along the corner of the lips upward. Blend it upward and notice how it lifts your face apart from concealing. 


Use: MyGlamm Super Serum Liquid Foundation 

This soft-focus, skin-soothing foundation lends a luminous, matte-looking finish to the face — finding a balance between the glazed-donut and all-over matte aesthetics. It boasts long-stay, water-resistant ambitions, and is equipped with an SPF of 30. Ingredients like zinc, allantoin, Vitamin E, and panthenol heal, soothe, and hydrate the skin alongside water-banked Hyaluronic Acid — all while doing the job of a foundation.


Flicks On Fleek

Brush your brows sideways with a spoolie. Accentuate their shape with an eyebrow-pencil or pen. Draw fine hair-like strokes instead of filling them in un-naturally. If your brows are inherently lush and thick, skip the pencil altogether. You can set the look with a brow-gel at the end. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Precision Eyebrow Definer — Wood Mystique

This definer boasts a slim-tip that offers you a microblading-like effect and fills in your brows naturally. Thanks to Shea Butter, your brows feel moisturised even after hours of wearing the product. 


Eyes On The Prize

What about the eye makeup for yellow dress? Just set the base of the eyes with a warm-toned brown. Make sure you’re covering the area above the crease too. Line the under-eye area with some of the shade as well. The next step involves adding some bronze/gold shimmer to the centre of the lids. Coat the lids in a volume-inducing mascara. Wait for a couple of seconds before going in for another coat. Such a pretty eyeshadow makeup for yellow dress


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm 9 In 1 Eyeshadow Palette — Soiree

A corsage of glitter-packed and matte-textured shades, this palette by Manish Malhotra features high-impact, ultra-pigmented colours boasting the finest of textures. One swipe, and you’re sporting the prettiest shade on the lids. Get it ASAP!


Contour Couture


Swap your cool-toned pinks and reds because the clean-girl aesthetic doesn’t cut it anymore. Go over the area under your cheekbones with some contour to sculpt and define your bone-structure. Do the same along the jawline and temples to pump in a splash of warmth into the look. Add some down the sides of the nose to play into the illusion of a thinner, narrower nose. 


Use: MyGlamm Chisel It Contour Kit 

Chisel and sculpt your face with this all-encompassing kit. It contains a highlighter, bronzer, and contour that impart a naturally-flushed look to your face. Each one is silky-smooth and blends into the skin seamlessly. 


Incoming: Glow In Tow


Highlight the high-points of the face with a liquid-based luminizer. Focus more on the bridge of the nose because that’s the part of your face that light falls on the most. Go over the apples, jawline, and temples too. Don’t forget to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose — further narrowing and thinning it down. 


Use: MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Stardust

Drive that dewy-dumpling, glazed-donut effect home with this star-studded formula. This veil of shimmer endows you with a candle-lit, goddess-level glow that you’re going to want to keep returning to. 


Pucker Up, Buttercup


You can line your lips with a brown lip-liner to play into the appearance of a lush-looking, full-bodied pout. Blend it inward to dull the line a little bit. Fill your lips in with a nude lip-gloss, and you’re done. If you want to accentuate the sheen, dab some highlighter on the Cupid’s Bow as well as the centre of the pout. Such pretty makeup on yellow dress.


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Lip Liner – Yeet 

Set the base of the pout with this dark-chocolate lip-liner. This one contours the lips effortlessly and is cruelty-free and vegan too!


Are you recreating this yellow dress makeup look any time soon?



  1. How do you do the perfect eyeliner with a yellow dress?


You can experiment with so many different looks; but the best is just pigmenting your lids with a wash of yellow before creating razor-thin flicks on either eye. Define your lashes with mascara, and you’re done. 


  1. Which lipstick is best for a yellow dress?


You can opt for pinks and reds. These shades flatter lighter skin-tones; but browns will compliment warmer or darker skin-tones best. Peach will go with almost any skin-tone and undertone. Pick your favourite!


  1. Does cat eyeliner look good on a yellow dress?


Yes. You can collaborate the aesthetics — because not only will the cat-eye enhance and define your eyes, a jet-black flick will lend an element of contrast to the colour as well


  1. Can you wear red lipstick with a yellow dress?


These colours will compliment each other;  but do choose a red that’s deep instead of loud and bright. While the latter will clash with the brightness of your dress, the former will add a touch of sensuality and poise to the look. 


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