15 Tips & Tricks To Help You Avoid & Fix Cakey Makeup


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Smooth like butter—that’s how you imagine your complexion when your base is perfect right? And the key to that lies in your foundation application. Well, that’s not always the case. While most of the time, achieving that flawless look can be easy,but other times you’re left with a flaky, chalky, and anything but smooth canvas, resulting in cakey makeup. Spotting your foundation amidst the cakiness can be rather disappointing, especially if you’ve spent a few hours mastering it. But, fret not! There are a few ways to fix it, and best case scenario, avoid it entirely. Here are 10 tips, tricks, and everything in between that will help you deal with cakey makeup in the best and easiest way possible.

What Is Cakey Makeup & Why Does It Happen


First things first, it’s important to understand exactly what is cakey makeup, before you try to fix it. As the name suggests, it is when your foundation starts to look like…you guessed it, a cake. It appears flakey, thick, and extremely chalky, and this usually happens when the formula sticks to dry patches or isn’t blended properly. It also happens when excess oil mixes with foundation, only to result in a cakey effect. The foundation doesn’t look seamless and forms this thick rough layer that looks uneven and patchy.

How To Fix Cakey Makeup


Don’t worry! If you’ve got cakey makeup there are ways in which you can fix it, without having to remove your makeup. Here are a few pointers on how to fix cakey makeup. 


Option 1: Blot Away Excess Oil

How to fix cakey makeup - blot away excess oil

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Cakey makeup also occurs when there’s excess oil in the skin. Either use a compact powder or translucent powder to help blot away the excess oil, which will help with the cakiness. You can even keep blotting paper handy to help you remove the grease.

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Option 2: Use A Blender Or Sponge

Use a blender while fixing cakey makeup

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Use your beauty blender or a makeup sponge to help correct the cakiness. Dampen your sponge and then gently tap it across your face to help smoothen the base. This’ll help get rid or at least subside the cakey makeup. 


Option 3: Spray A Face Mist


Spray mist to fix cakey makeup

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Use a lightweight face mist or a setting spray to help combat cakey makeup. A little spray doesn’t just freshen up the skin, but also helps instantly make your makeup look as good as new!


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Option 4: Hydrate Away


Hydrate face to fix cakey makeup

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More often than not, cakey makeup tends to show up in areas like your under eyes and around your mouth. Use a moisturising face spray to dissolve that powderiness, and even out any lines around your eyes and mouth. You can use a blender to set in, so that the makeup appears as good as new.


Option 5: Add Some Oil


Use oil to fix cakey makeup


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If you’ve got really dry skin then you’ll notice that your makeup starts to cling on to dry patches. If that’s the case, we recommend applying a lightweight face oil, once you’re done applying your base. This gives your skin a luminous glow that’ll get rid of cakey makeup.

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup


If you’re really looking at how to avoid cakey makeup, then it’s important to start with the basics. Here are a few tips that will help you prevent it all together.

1: Follow A Proper Skincare Routine


Always make sure to do a proper skincare routine before you apply any sort of makeup, including foundation. Cakey makeup often occurs due to dry skin, therefore skin prep is absolutely essential. Make sure to exfoliate your skin, so that you’ve gotten rid of the layer of dead skin cells and any dirt and debris that sticks to the surface of your skin. Follow a proper cleanse-tone-moisturise skincare routine—moisturiser, especially when you’re applying makeup is key to prevent cakey makeup from occurring. Go for hydrating products, so that it helps leave your skin with a healthy glow and a clean canvas for your base to go on.


2: Prep Your Skin Before Application


Other than your skincare routine, ensure that you are using the right kind of primer to set the base for the rest of your makeup. Cakey makeup starts with a bad base—if you’ve got oily skin make sure to apply a mattifying primer and if you’ve got dry skin, go for a hydrating primer.


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3: Blend Your Foundation Well


Always remember to blend in your foundation really well, if you want to avoid cakey makeup. If it tends to look cakey just after application, it means that you haven’t blended it into your skin or you haven’t picked the right shade according to your skin tone. Use a damp makeup sponge or a blending to brush to ensure that the foundation looks smooth and even across your face and neck.

4: Hydrate Your Under Eye Area


Your under eye area is one of the first to appear cakey, therefore it’s imperative that you apply a hydrating serum in that area. You can use your makeup sponge to blend it well under the eyes, without leaving any product residue.

5: Use The Right Tools


Make sure to use the right tools when blending your foundation. Avoiding using your fingers as this will leave it with a patchy and uneven appearance. Use a blending foundation brush or a makeup sponge for that even application.


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A soft foundation brush with dense bristles and a square edge, this one leaves you with a streak-free finish. Perfect for liquid and cream foundations, it helps blend the formulas really well, leaving you with a seamless base.


6: Avoid Applying Too Much Makeup On Dry Areas, Fine Lines, & Creases


If you’ve got dry patches, make sure to avoid layering too much makeup along those areas. Same applies to your fine lines and creases around the eye and mouth area. It’s best to keep the makeup very light—less is definitely more when it comes to avoiding cakey makeup in areas like this. Gently dab the excess with a makeup sponge, so that it blends well into the rest of your skin.

7: Use A Setting Spray


Always remember to use a setting spray when trying to avoid cakey makeup. Setting sprays not only increase the longevity of your foundation, but also prevent the foundation from budging if sweat or water is involved. It also helps give you that natural finish, without making your skin look too thick or heavy. 

8. Be Gentle


Remember to always apply your makeup with a light hand. You want your foundation to appear seamless, and therefore go with gentle movements that won’t create stark lines on your face. Note: you don’t need layers of product to achieve that flawless look, therefore less is always more in the case of your base!

9. Be Patient


One of the biggest reasons why cakey makeup occurs is that your foundation or concealer isn’t given time to sit before you set it. Always remember to take your time and be patient when it comes to the entire process. Let your skin prep set in for a good five minutes before you start with the makeup.

10. Set Your Makeup


Once you’re done applying your foundation and concealer, wait a few minutes and then set it either with a setting spray or some setting powder. Setting powder works best for oily skin and prevents your natural oils from breaking down the foundation and making it look cakey. A hydrating setting spray sets the foundation while hydrating the skin, so that no dry patches are visible.

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Cakey makeup isn’t the best to deal with and nobody likes to spot their face melt off like that. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can both fix and avoid cakey makeup—this breakdown of tips and tricks are sure to get you there!


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