Different Types Of Foundation: Different Types Of Makeup Foundations For Fab Base Makeup Game!

Types of Foundation

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If you are new to the world of makeup, you’d often find yourself a little lost when it comes to foundations. There are so many types, different formulas, suited for different skin types –– it can be tricky to navigate yourself around and find what works best for you. The primary goal of a foundation is to even out your skin tone, cover up any blemishes, and give you a ‘second skin’ sort of finish. When looking for what works for you, there are a couple of things you need to ask yourself when choosing amongst the different types of foundation makeup –– what sort of coverage you’d like, what sort of finish you’d like, and whether you’d want your skin to look more natural or more glamorous instead. Scroll down to see different types of makeup foundation.

Types Of Foundation Makeup

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Don’t worry! While figuring out your way through the types of foundation makeup can be tricky, it’s not all that difficult. We’ve got your back (and your face). Check out the different face makeup products you can choose from. 

Stick Foundation

If you’re a beginner or a girl who is always on the go, a stick foundation is the perfect makeup product for you! With a creamy formula, stick foundations double-up as concealers and give your skin that perfect ‘no-makeup makeup look. With this foundation, always remember to prime your skin properly as it needs a smooth base for application (or else it’ll end up looking cakey). Stick foundations give you buildable coverage –– which means you can always go from light to medium to full (not too heavy) with just one swipe! It’s one of the best types of foundation!

MyGlamm Recommends - POSE HD Foundation Stick

Looking for a foundation that doesn’t leave your skin looking all caked up? This foundation will do the trick! Taking your skin, but making it better, this stick foundation is highly pigmented and the creamy formula glides on your skin to give you a long-lasting matte finish. It has a blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, all of which hydrate and nourish your skin, while protecting it against free radical damage. It blurs your imperfections and conceals blemishes, making those HD selfies absolutely flawless.

Mousse Foundation

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Mousse foundation is almost reminiscent of those chocolate mousses you’ve binge eaten as a child. The whipped texture is so smooth to apply and is perfect for people with oily skin. It is formulated in such a way that it prevents your pores from getting clogged, while providing your skin with a lightweight, matte finish. Just remember to blend it really well into your skin with makeup brushes or your fingers, or else you’ll end up looking super patchy. The coverage is super light and it’s great for everyday wear, when you don’t require it for too many hours in the day.

Serum Foundation

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These two-in-one skincare-makeup hybrids are super popular. Packed with the goodness of skincare ingredients, just a few drops of any serum foundation is enough to give you that healthy desired glow. You can even mix it into your moisturiser if you just want to give your skin a tint

Powder Foundation

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Giving you a subtle light coverage that’s ideal for people with oily skin, powder foundations instantly give your face that matte finish and soak up all the excess oil. They come in two forms –– compact powders and loose powders –– both of which require a basic prep to acquire the best results from the product. Powders tend to stick to dry patches on your skin, so make sure you moisturise properly before.

Liquid Foundation

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The most popular type of makeup foundation, liquid foundations are the ultimate go-to for base makeup. They often give your skin medium to full coverage, and are buildable depending on what exactly your makeup requirements are. Liquid foundations can give you both a matte and a dewy finish, and can pretty much wither any storm that’s thrown your way. They blend very well and often hydrate the skin, even if you’re going for a matte finish.

MyGlamm Recommends - Treat Love Care Brightening Foundation

Protection, nourishment, and hydration, this liquid foundation covers it all. Formulated with vitamins and ingredients that brighten the skin, this foundation gives you a luminous finish that’s medium to high coverage. It comes in an airless pump tube, which makes this foundation easy to use, as well as hygienic.

Cream Foundation

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Cream foundations are super pigmented and give you a full coverage. Apt for drier skin types, these foundations tend to hydrate and moisturise the skin, while evening out your skin tone. However, you will need to set this kind of foundation properly, as it has a tendency to crease, especially when a little sweat and moisture is involved. People with oily skin, stay away from cream as it just doesn’t sit well on your skin.

Tinted Oil Foundation

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For people who have ultra-dry skin, a tinted oil foundation is one of the best types of foundation. This foundation type gives moisturised and well-covered skin. You’ll get a glowy, bright, highlighted, and evened-out skin tone with the help of this foundation type.

Cushion Foundation

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This type of foundation is a blend of goodness & functionality. From smoothening out the skin tone, and nourishing the skin, to giving your skin a dewy finish, this cushion foundation is very easy to carry and apply.

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While you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the different types of foundation makeup, it’s easy to figure out what works for you once you know exactly what you want. Whether it’s liquid or powder, serum or cream, these foundations nail the base game in a jiffy!


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