Fantasy Makeup Looks That Are Creative (And Totally Doable)


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Makeup is a form of art and art is a form of expression! While we like to opt for more doable and easy looks regularly, sometimes it’s nice to express ourselves a little dramatically through our makeup. Step in fantasy makeup -– a manner through which one can fully tap into their artistic and creative potential, and go as crazy as possible! Whether it’s going for an aesthetic Euphoria-esque vibe or a full-on Avatar meets Lord Of The Rings kind of approach, there is something about fantasy makeup that is jaw-droppingly creative and exquisite. If you are as fascinated by…well, fantasy makeup but are too afraid to venture into it, fret not! 


We’ve got 3 creative yet doable fantasy makeup looks you can sport without any stress. While they are intricate and detailed, the whole point is to make it a fun activity –– so pick up your makeup brushes and get started.

Fantasy Makeup Look

Fantasy makeup looks might seem daunting –– they require a skill (and a whole lot of makeup products) that comes easily to very few. However, it is a way of bringing makeup out as an experience. The best part is that you can make anything a fantasy makeup look if you add a whole lot of flair to it. Think fairy tales, sci-fi, and all things in between. Scroll down to see 3 easy to replicate fantasy makeup looks that are a perfect starting point for anyone looking to venture into this beautiful field of makeup.

All Out

all out fantasy makeup

Image courtesy - Instagram


This intense look may seem complicated but it is quite simple. A great go-to for Halloween or any sort of themed or fancy dress event, this fantasy makeup look is the perfect place to start.


How To Create It


Step 1 - Start With The Lines


After you apply your base makeup, begin by using a liquid eyeliner to create those swirls. Go with a flowing pattern in white and black –– start from your forehead then lead in with your eyes, follow through with your cheeks, till you reach your lips.

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Step 2 - Add The Lipstick


Take two hues of a liquid red lipstick -– one deeper than the other. Start by applying the deeper lip colour on the outer part of your lips to line them and a lighter colour on the inside. Purse your lips together so that the two hues blend seamlessly. There needs to be a visible gradient of colour. 

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A rich deep red hue that leaves your pout with a velvety matte finish. The formula is highly pigmented with full coverage, and is weightless and moisturising. It has an almost tattoo effect, that is transfer-proof.

Out Of Space

out of space fantasy makeup

Image courtesy - Instagram


Where Euphoria meets everyday life, this slightly off-beat ‘out of space’ look is one for the books –– especially when you want to add a whole lot of drama to your day (and evening) eye makeup look.


How To Create This Look:


Step 1 - Start With The Highlight


Once you are done applying a low coverage foundation, add a whole lot of highlighter to the highpoints of your face. This includes your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bones, and your cupid’s bow. Blend away! For this look skip the shimmery highlighter and go for a 3-D multidimensional one that adds a very holographic glow to your look.

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Step 2 - Add The Shimmer


Apply a shimmery eyeshadow powder to your eyelids and blend away! Add a few sticky pearls to your eyelids and under your eyebrows.

MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm Lit Lip & Eye Sparkles - Kween

A lavender shade of pure shimmer, this loose glitter powder has an impeccable makeup finish that is super sparkly. A small amount is enough to cover your entire eyelid and more!

Step 3 - Go For The Eyes


Brush out your eyebrows and feather them out gently. Add a tiny kitten eye flick to your eyelids –– make sure the line is thin and precise. Finish off with some mascara that will define your eyes even more.

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Step 4 - Finish Off With Gloss


Apply a nude brown lip gloss on your pout. Layer twice for a more intense colour payoff.

MyGlamm Recommends - Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipgloss - Copper Rose

An antique gold shade with a hint of blush that gives you a subtle glow. It has a high, glossy shine that is long-lasting. It has special effect pearls that create different shades based on the refraction of light when it hits the lips.

Full Of Sparkle

Full Of Sparkle

Image courtesy - Instagram


Give your rainbow makeup a bit of a makeover with a whole lot of shimmer and shine. Add elements of glitter on your eyes, your forehead, and your decolletage for the full effect. 


How To Create It


Step 1 - Add The Eyeshadow


Apply colours of the rainbow on your eyes –– start with a green hue, go into a blue colour, then a purple shade on your upper eyelid. Smoke out your lower lash line with a pink eyeshadow to finish.


Step 2 - Top Off With Glitter

Take some loose glitter powder and dust it on top of your eyeshadow to create that luminous shimmery glow. You can even add a few sticky sparkles if required.

MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm Lit Lip & Eye Sparkles - Kween

Step 3 - Add A Pink Lipstick


Apply a glossy pink lipstick to tie in your entire look! If you’re using a matte lipstick, feel free to dab it on your cheeks for a flush of colour to your face.

MyGlamm Recommends - MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Lipgloss - Passion Fruit Crush

A Barbie pink hue with blue undertones, this lip gloss gives your pout a true gloss lustre. With a high shine finish, it leaves your lips with a subtle pigment. The formula is enriched with Vitamin E and jojoba oil –– both of which moisturise your lips and leave ‘em nourished.




Green Fairy

green fairy fantasy makeup look

This style is a rich emerald diamond explosion that conjures up images of everything green, from a garden queen to an alien. You can be sure they'll look sick AF whether the green inspires an exotic dream or an ethereal aesthetic.

How to create it:


Step 1: Prepare your base makeup look and then move to create your fantasy makeup look. Apply eyeshadows like greenish and yellowish to create a dramatic look followed by glitter and shiny touch.


Step 2: Use white mascara to give the eyes snowy look.


MyGlamm Recommends- MyGlamm Lit Lip & Eye Sparkle- Regina

Step 3: Pick green lip glitter and gold glitter and mix them together to create the perfect lip colour resembling the picture.

Layer on some cheek and adventure with the ideal amount of shine and texture to achieve flawless, sparkly, saturated lips that will make you want to die.

Bad Nun

Bad Nun fantasy makeup look

This look is not just for your horror theme parties or Halloween party but a look perfect for a costume party and movie-themed party. It sets to scare and build mystery around your look and personality.


How to create it:


Step 1:  After completing your base make up, pick a reddish maroon shade for your eye makeup and start applying from the centre of your eyelids taking into consideration that it doesn’t touch the corner or your eyes.

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Step 2: Pick eyeliner and create a winged eyeliner look, just giving the effect of cat eyes.


Step 3: Pick kajal and draw upside-down crosses below the eyes.

MyGlamm Recommends- MyGlamm Superfoods Kajal- Raven

This kajal is your best friend who can be by your side through it all for up to 12 hours of waterproof, tear-proof wear.

Step 4: Apply liquid lipstick of maroon colour to complete the look.


Snow Queen

Snow Queen fantasy makeup look


Snow Queen is a classic look that reflects blue and silver shades with whites. A snow queen depicts a heart-shaped blue leaf design along with a crystal snow design.


How to create it-


Step 1: Prepare your face with base makeup and start making a heart-shaped leaf with blue eyeshadow as shown in the image. Make sure it covers your eyes and nose areas.

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Step 2: Take silver eyeliner to draw simple eyeliner on your eyelids, not to make it dramatic.

Using silver eyeliner do make snowflakes to cover your face.


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Dive into the world of fantasy makeup with these fun and easy-to-recreate looks. The fact that they aren’t completely out there, makes them totally doable when you want to add that small amount of pizzazz to your entire vibe. 


Step 3: Pick copper shade lipstick or you can take pink lipgloss and apply it on the lips to complete the look.


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