Makeup For Blue Dress: 10 Makeup Looks That Guarantee Endless Compliments


By now, you’ve probably heard of all the colour trends that are gonna rule supreme in 2023. Whether it's lilac, tangerine, or millennial pink - there always seems to be one shade that you start seeing everywhere until it slowly infiltrates your wardrobe. The latest hue to join the ranks of this colourful crew is blue. The hue is associated with the cleansing waters of tranquil seas and clear blue sky, in addition to a symbolic message of loyalty and dependability. So it's no wonder we’re collectively fond of the hue. Yes, the fashion world is having a real blue moment, especially when it comes to dresses.

If you have added that blue dress to your cart, we are here to help you in the beauty department. Ahead, we’re listing down the hottest makeup for blue dresses. If you want to ensure all eyes stay on you wherever you go, these makeup looks are guaranteed to get the job done.

Makeup For Blue Dress

For babes on the lookout for makeup for blue dresses, we’ve done the hard work for you. We searched the depths of the internet to scout for makeup looks that guarantee endless compliments. If you want to make heads turn, keep scrolling!

For The Bold Type

Blue Dress Makeup Look

The look featuring negative space eyeliner, lush lashes, and glossy lips is one for the books and is perf for babes who aren’t afraid to steal the spotlight. Try this makeup look for blue dress and you’re sure to rake in a never-ending stream of compliments.

How to Create the Look:

Prep your skin and apply a glow-boosting primer. Grab a lightweight foundation and apply it all over your face. Brighten the under-eye area by applying a concealer. Then, use a fine-tipped liquid liner to ape the eye makeup and apply a set of falsies. Sculp your face to perfection using a bronzer and pair the look with a nude glossy pout.

MyGlamm Recommended: MyGlamm Super Serum Foundation

If you want your skin to look as glazed as Dunkin’s classic donut, this is the foundation to call on. Infused with the benefits of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, it’ll plump up your complexion while giving you an out-of-this-world glow.

Left On Red

Makeup for Navy Blue Dress

There’s nothing we love more than a red lip moment, so we couldn’t help but add the gorgeous makeup look to this beauty roundup. The fiery red pout, brushed-up brows, and slim eyeliner are all our beauty dreams wrapped into one. 

How to Create The Look 

Brush your brows up using a tinted brow gel. Apply a barely-there winged liner. Pair the look with glazed skin and a red pout. 


MyGlamm Recommended: MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick - Carmine Red

You’ll love wearing this red lipstick and get asked a few times what shade it is. The formula is exceptionally hydrating and glides seamlessly. The shade is equally sexy and edgy, which makes it the ultimate power look.

The Kinda Blue We Love!

Makeup for Light Blue Dress

Ever since we came across this dream makeup for blue dress, it has been living in our heads rent-free. This actor was seen sporting a pale blue eyeshadow coupled with nude lips and fluttery lashes and swept us off our feet in the process. 

How to Create the Look 

Once you’re done with your makeup base, apply a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone all over your lids to make your eyeshadow pop. Apply a winged eyeliner. Next, curl your lashes and cover them with mascara. You can also use false eyelashes to amp up the drama. Pair the eye makeup with cherub cheeks and a nude pout.

MyGlamm Recommended: Powder Magic Eyeshadow Pencil - Goldmine

With just one swipe, this eyeshadow pencil will take your look from regular to remarkable. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at 1000+ glowing reviews.

When In Doubt, Wing It Out

Makeup on Blue Dress

We could look at this makeup look all day long. Tbh, it has us itching to RSVP yes to all the upcoming parties on our social calendar. Team up your blue dress with this beauty look and you’re sure to be the talk of every party you attend.

How To Create The Look 

Smear an eye makeup primer all over your lids. Next, apply a light blue eyeshadow on your lids. Complete the eye makeup by applying winged eyeliner. Pair it with cloud skin and nude lips to make heads turn your way.


MyGlamm Recommended: POPxo Makeup Mini Lip Kit - No Drama

The lip kit comes with three uber chic nude lipstick hues that’ll have you at the very first swipe. All the shades are universally flattering and will take your glamm game to an entire new level. 

Too Glamm To Give A Damn

Too Glamm To Give A Damn | Blue Dress Makeup Look

This makeup for blue dress is legit a slam dunk for fire snaps. The look showcasing soft-focused skin, cherub cheeks, and juicy pout is just too pretty not to copy. Pair the look with a snatched updo and you’re sure to look amazing.

How to Create the Look 

Grab a brow pencil to fill in any sparse edges. Brush them up using a brow gel and a spoolie. Apply an illuminating foundation all over your face. Follow it up with bronzer and a blush. Apply a champagne gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Coat your lashes in mascara and stick on a pair of false eyelashes.

MyGlamm Recommended: Tint It Up -  Tint It Up - Fever

This lip and cheek tint will give your cheeks the prettiest post-workout flush. The kind that’ll trick people into thinking you’ve just done your workout sesh.

Smokin’ Hot

Smokin’ Hot | Makeup for Navy Blue Dress

If you are on the hunt for makeup for blue dress that leaves everyone else in the shade, this one has got you covered. The makeup look with dewy skin, glossy lips, and smoky eyes will ensure all eyes stay on you wherever you go.

How To Create The Look 

Take a jet-black eyeshadow and apply it all over your lids and along the lower lash line. Smudge it out a bit to give it that smoky effect. Pair it with a nude peach pout and dewy skin and you’re good to go.


MyGlamm Recommended: POPxo Makeup Drama Queen - 4 Eyeshadow Kit

This eyeshadow palette is all you need to create a smoky eye that breaks the internet. The eyeshadow gives intense pigment sans the fallout which is the reason why it’s almost always sold out on the platform.

Soft Glamm FTW!

Soft Glamm | Makeup for Blue Dress

This makeup for blue dress basically guarantees IT-girl status. Try this makeup look and you’ll be itching to click and post a selfie on Instagram. The makeup look is sure to earn likes left and right. Pair it with a wet hairdo if you’re exacting.

How To Create The Look 

Apply a full-coverage foundation using a damp sponge to nail that dewy-looking base. Apply a nude brown eyeshadow all over your lids and along the lower lash line. Apply a slightly darker eyeshadow on the outer third of your lids. Stick on a pair of falsies. Pair your eye makeup with nude lips and flushed cheeks.

MyGlamm Recommended: POSE HD Bronzer Duo - Bronzer

For babes who are after a J.Lo-worthy bone structure, this bronzer have you covered. Just load some bronzer on a contour brush and run it along the natural contours of your face to sculpt it to perfection.

If Its Good Enough For Khushi…

If Its Good Enough | Makeup With Light Blue Dress

Khushi Kapoor leaves no stone unturned to leave us spellbound with her beauty showcases and this one is no exception. The look featuring winged eyeliner, nude lips, and dewy skin is guaranteed to make you feel like that girl.

How To Create The Look 

Smear a gold eyeshadow all over your lids. Take a liquid eyeliner and trace it along the upper lash line as winged eyeliner. Apply a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and pair the look with a nude peach pout. 


MyGlamm Recommended: Wheelie Liquid Eyeliner

For babes who love sporting precision eye art, this eyeliner is calling out your name. Whether you want to trace subtle flicks, ultra-thin strokes or dramatic wings - this cult favourite eyeliner can do it all.

One For The Books

When it comes to makeup, Janhvi can do no wrong. The doe-eyed actress was seen sporting soft smokey eyes and a brown pout with her blue dress and we’re indisputably obsessed. We’re also drooling over her fluttery lashes and voluminous mane. 

How To Create The Look 

Load some nude brown eyeshadow on a brush and apply it along the eye sockets. Apply some dark brown shadow on the outer corner of your lids. Tightline your eyes using kohl and stick on a pair of falsies. Apply a full-coverage foundation to ace the base. If you want to give off-peak ‘90s energy, opt for brown lipstick.

MyGlamm Recommends: MyGlamm LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick - Daterview

This lipstick will make you fall in love at the very first swipe. The brown hue looks flattering on all skin tones and is an easy way to take your time machine back to the ‘90s.

Blue Eyes, Hypnotise

Kriti Sanon has been busy putting the ‘It’ back in IT-girl and this look is proof. The Bareilly Ki Barfi actress opted for blue kohl to spice up her makeup look and looked absolutely stunning. This beauty look is low on effort but big on style - the kind we love!

How To Create The Look 

Grab a blue kohl liner and apply it along the lower lash line. Apply a nude brown eyeshadow all over your lids. Fill your brows and complete the look by sweeping on a nude brown lipstick.


MyGlamm Recommended: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil - Slay

A slim stroke with this eyeliner will take your glamm game to the next level. Use it to apply a floating liner or a winged liner and your #MOTD is sure to reach viral status.

Try these makeup on blue dress and thank us when the compliments roll in!

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