Hartalika Teej Makeup: Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide To Acing This Makeup Look


We are quite eager to observe the fasting season this year because Teej is just around the corner. Women put on their prettiest clothing, jewellery, accessories, and most importantly, makeup looks despite the fact that it will be a long day. 


So we've compiled some of the best Hariyali Teej beauty tips to help you achieve that immaculate makeup so you may shine like the moon on your special day. Bring on your entire makeup collection—foundation, concealer, compact, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip liner, and more—to take on the world of beauty right now. Ladies, take note of how you can present yourself in the most glam way at this Teej. 


How To Do A Subtle Glamm Teej Makeup In No Time?


It is possible to achieve the ideal Hariyali Teej makeup look! Simply experiment to see what works for you. This makeup look will surely inspire you for this Teej celebration, whether you're wearing a lehenga or a saree, going the classic route or adding a modern twist. You can achieve it with this simple step-by-step decode. Read on.


Step 1: Get Cleansing


cleansing step for teej makeup look


To get a dewy, barely-there appearance, start with skincare. Use a foam-based cleanser to wash away dirt, grime, debris, and buildup from your skin. Use a decent toner to get rid of the impurities after that.



With extracts of rosehip, this foam cleanser is a magic elixir for all your skincare woes which make it a winter skincare routine must-have. This cleanser will set the rest of your skincare products up for success by gently removing the dirt and excess oil while giving a boost of brightness to dull-looking skin. It also helps lock in the hydration so you get a youthful glow.


Step 2: Moisturise & Hydrate


moisturising step for teej makeup look


Finish by moisturising your face with a light, brightening moisturiser that absorbs easily into your skin and seals in moisture for a base that is velvety smooth.


This moisturiser is like a generous hug for your face and can brighten even the dullest of complexions. This rosehip oil and vitamin-rich treat is an instant thirst quencher for parched skin. The best bits? It is one of the best face creams for winters. Not to forget, it also fights signs of ageing and will give your skin a subtle iridescent glow.


Step 3: But, First Prime 


Primer - Teej Makeup Look


Before putting on your foundation, make sure to prime your skin with a pore-blurring primer. Your base will be smooth and last all day if you do this.



This one is a true multi-tasker and a cult-favourite for all good reasons. The multi-action balmy formula instantly blurs pores and reduces excess oil so you get your base in place on a silky-smooth canvas. The tinted formula will prolong your makeup and give an instant brightness boost. Additionally, with this primer, there’s a subtle hint of yellow to revive dull, tired skin. We just love it!


Step 4: Ace Your Base


Apply foundation for teej makeup look


To imitate a light, airy, and natural-looking finish, choose a BB cream—or even a tinted moisturiser—instead of foundation. If you're wearing a foundation, opt for one with a hydrating, brightening, and concealing formula that is light and breathable. Use a brush or beauty blender to blend the product all in.



This stick foundation gives your skin a matte finish, with a medium to high coverage. It has a lightweight, satin texture that applies really smoothly on the skin. The nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E in the formula help moisturise the skin, while the silicone dioxide microspheres blur imperfections to create that soft-focus effect.


Step 5: Spot Correct


Conceal your spots for Teej makeup look


Consider concealing pigmentation, wrinkles, spots, scars, and pimples when you're accentuating your face. To apply the formula to your under-eye area, use your fingertips. Use a pea-sized amount, and apply it with short, light strokes.



Get your flawless face on point with this 5 in 1 palette. It contains a lightweight oil-free cream-powder formula that is packed with the power of a primer, concealer, foundation, compact with SPF 30, and two colour correctors.


Step 6: Let The Eyeshadow Create Some Magic


eyeshadow for teej special makeup


In the world of eye makeup products, go in for this look with a mono shimmer eyeshadow in a pink or champagne hue. But ensure it is more metallic than a glittery.



We drool over this palette because of its versatility. If you’re looking for one eyeshadow palette that does everything, this is the one to pick. With a stunning range of neutrals, browns, and shimmery hues, it’s perfect for getting creative with your eye makeup look.


Step 7: Brow Pow


eyebrow makeup for teej makeup look


With a spoolie, tidy up your brows, and then using a brow pencil fill in any gaps. Use a brow pencil to outline the shape of your brows as well, and then use a brush to blend the shade in. If you have a brow gel, apply it with the brush. Next, place a bindi between your eyebrows, in the middle of your forehead.



Goodbye bad brows, hello definition! Pro eyebrows in a jiffy with LIT Brow Definer Pencil by MyGlamm.


Step 8: Pink Flush


blush for hartalika teej makeup


Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and mix it outwards to give your skin a rosy flush. Use a powder matte blush to ensure that it won't wash off as you perspire.



This face palette holds three products that are perfect to create that gorgeous base. With a matte blush, a shimmery highlighter, and a contour powder, this palette meets all your needs. The formula has a buildable coverage that is luminous and silky, with a lightweight formula that blends beautifully.


Step 9: Illuminate The High Points


highlight for hartalika teej makeup look


If you want your nose, temples, cheekbones, and inner corners of your eyes to be illuminated for effect, gently dust highlighter over the high points of your face.



If you love a liquid highlighter, this is the highlighter to call on. It feels undetectable, and the glow factor is buildable, super wearable, and totally believable. Beauty mavens praise it for exactly that. It's also perfect for everyday use.


Step 10: Lip Flip


Lip makeup for teej festival


To achieve smooth lips, scrub and moisturise. Apply a long-lasting, moisturising liquid matte maroon or berry red lipstick after shaping your lips with a nude lip pencil.



This matte long-lasting lipstick gives you an intense pigment that glides on with just one stroke. There is no feathering or bleeding at all. It is formulated with solvents that make your pigment last and is enriched with moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic to nourish the lips. It has a creamy lightweight texture, so that you can wear it comfortably all day long.


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