How To Build The Perfect Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type


Who doesn’t like healthy and plump skin with a glowing complexion? Everybody dreams of beautiful glass skin that they can flaunt without a speck of makeup. As easy as generic advice like “drink more water” sounds, taking care of our birthday suit is harder than it may seem. Figuring out the best skincare routine for your skin type and concern can take many tries. From alternating different skincare routine steps to changing numerous products and formulas, building a perfect routine is not easy. Forming the perfect skincare routine that targets your concerns without breaking your skin out, is a difficult task, and is usually achieved after a fair share of trials and errors.

5 Basic Skincare Routine Steps You Can’t-Miss

If you are trying really hard to achieve healthy and glowing skin with a 10-step skincare routine, but it is not working for you, there’s a heavy chance that your skin is confused. Maybe this is a sign for you to go back to basics. Whether you are a beginner or a pro skincare aficionado, a basic daily skincare routine will do justice to all skin types. Here is a basic 5-step skincare routine for minimal and effective care:



Cleansing your face is the most essential part of any daily skin care routine at home - day or night. For this step, choose a gentle cleanser that thoroughly eliminates dirt, impurities, excess oil and makeup residue from the skin. A good cleanser should be able to deeply cleanse and unclog your pores without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. 



While toner is a common part of many basic skincare routines, it is purely optional. The primary function of a toner is to double-check your skin’s cleansing needs. Experts recommend an alcohol-free toner for a non-drying, hydrating effect. A suitable toner can help in giving your skin an evenly toned complexion.

Serum Care


After you’ve cleansed your skin properly, the next step calls for targeted care. This skincare routine step includes a face serum that targets your skin concerns like dehydration, pigmentation, acne, blemishes, or even dullness. A serum has a lighter texture as compared to a moisturizer and thus needs to be applied before a cream. Its lightweight formula deeply penetrates through the skin to deliver quick and effective results. Based on your skin’s requirement, you could opt for hyaluronic acid serum, salicylic acid serum, vitamin C serum, and many more.




The second most important step in a daily skincare routine is moisturizing. Be it a nighttime skincare routine or a daytime skincare routine, moisturization is a must. This skincare routine step helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture and keeps it from drying out throughout the day or night. It also helps to lock in the goodness of the serum you just applied. If you have a dry skin type, go for heavy moisturizing creams for intense nourishing. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you can choose a gel moisturizer for some light hydration. No skin type should emit the step of moisturizer from their skincare routine. No matter how oily, acne-prone or irritated your skin is, there is a suitable moisturizer with nourishing ingredients and texture to help the situation.



The last step in the most basic, yet best skincare routine is that of protecting. For a daytime skincare routine, this step consists of a good sunscreen. Opt for a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. For a nighttime skincare routine, one should invest in suitable anti-ageing skincare products. These age care skincare products help in protecting your skin from the oxidative stress of your body, and the environment. Anti-ageing creams and lotions reduce and prolong the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. 

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What is a simple skin care routine?

Every simple skin care routine begins with a facial cleanser, which then is followed by a moisturizer. Depending on the time of the day, the next step is either sunscreen or age-care. Sunscreen is a must step in a daytime skin care routine

How do I start a skin care routine?

To begin your journey with skin care, one should determine their skin type first, and their skin concerns the second. The best skin care routine for you is the one that is suitable specifically to your skin type, and targets your skin concerns, without any side effects. 

What should be my skin care routine?

A daily skin care routine at home should include a thorough cleansing, intense moisturizing, and targeted care for individual skin concerns. Your skin care routine should compromise products that are strictly suitable for your skin type and requirements. 

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Have you found the best skincare routine for your skin yet? 

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