Slugging: Does This Skin-Slathering Method Really Work?


Skin slugging is a beauty trend that was all over our Instagram feeds a while back and it has grown in popularity so much so that even celebs swear by it. But if you’re wondering why this skincare trend is so popular, what exactly is slugging, and how to do it, then you’ve come to the right place. We have the answer to all your skin-slugging questions right here. Read on.

What Is Slugging


Slugging in skincare refers to the act of applying a thick layer of an occlusive skin care product on your face right before going to sleep at night. Slugging is used as the last step of a night skincare routine. Typically, an occlusive product like petroleum jelly is used for slugging skin and it is the exact drugstore product that was used when the trend was popularised. But there are also other occlusive products like natural oils, natural butter, and winter creams that you can use for slugging your skin at night.


Benefits Of Slugging

  • Slugging skin prevents water loss from the skin and therefore it is highly recommended for treating dry skin.

  • Slugging skincare helps lock in moisture within the skin and therefore keeps the skin hydrated and plump.

  • Slugging helps restore your skin’s lipid barrier which are the natural fats of the skin and keeps out skin invaders like bacteria.

  • Slugging skin also prevents environmental damage like excessive dryness caused by cold and dry weather, especially in winter.


How To Do Slugging

slugging - how to do

If you want to try out slugging the right way, follow these simple steps.


  1. Double Cleanse 

Double cleansing is important to help remove dirt, makeup, impurities, and even blackheads from the skin so it is an essential part of a night skin routine before slugging. You can use a cleansing oil followed by a gentle cleanser to effectively double cleanse. Make sure to switch up for one night a week by using a cleanser followed by a scrub to double cleanse as this will give you a healthy weekly exfoliation.


GLOW Iridescent Brightening Foam Cleanser

This is a gentle cleanser that promises the most irresistible glow. It is infused with rosehip oil which provides anti-ageing benefits and easily takes off dirt and makeup.

MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Cacao & Berries 2-in-1 Scrub Mask 

You will fall in love with this 2 in 1 scrub that also doubles as a face pack. It deep cleans the skin and is perfect for a skin pampering sesh before bed. The formula is extremely nourishing as it is enriched with cacao extract, strawberries, mulberries, black currant, kaolin, and avocados.

  1. Target & Treat

After cleansing, you can use your targeted treatment skincare products such as a glycolic acid toner or face serums like retinol or niacinamide. You can alternate these potent treatment products with hydrating toners and hydrating serums for one-half of the week to keep your skin balanced and healthy.

  1. Hydrate & Moisturise

You can apply a moisturiser after your treatment products to hydrate your skin and keep it soothed. Choose a lightweight moisturiser that absorbs completely into the skin for this step. Gel moisturisers are a great choice.

  1. Slather On An Occlusive Product

Finally, it is time for slugging. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or any other occlusive skincare product all over your face and allow it to settle in. You are now ready to reap all the benefits of skincare slugging.

How To Choose The Right Product For Slugging

Are you worried that petroleum jelly might not be such a great idea for your skin type? We understand. Skin slugging may be a popular skincare trend, but many people claim that skin slugging does not work for them and their skin needs. This is mainly because not everyone’s skin type is the same and not everyone’s skin will agree with an occlusive like petroleum jelly. So what are the other options and is it possible that skin slugging can work on all skin types? Then answer yes. You can try slugging with the right skin care products that suit your skin type. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right product for slugging your skin type.

Always do a patch test with your selected occlusive product before using it liberally on your face for slugging. This will reveal whether your skin is sensitive or not or if you have any kind of allergic reaction to that particular occlusive product.

If you have extremely dry skin, regular drugstore petroleum jelly will work just fine.

If you have oily skin that does not agree with petroleum jelly, you can try jojoba oil as it is also an occlusive but agrees with oily skin as it has the ability to regulate sebum production.

If you want a more natural occlusive alternative to petroleum jelly which is also not exactly a natural oil, you can try shea butter as it is a natural occlusive. Shea butter might also suit sensitive skin types if it clears a patch test.

Argan oil is another lightweight occlusive skin care product that can be used for slugging the skin and it has anti-ageing properties too.

Cocoa butter is another natural skin care occlusive product that you can topically apply for your skin slugging routine.

Slugging is a popular skincare trend that can actually be beneficial for all skin types. So whether you try skin slugging with petroleum jelly or you try slugging with other natural occlusive alternatives like shea butter, argan oil, cocoa butter, and more, you are sure to find your skin feeling firmer, plump, and thoroughly hydrated even in the winter season.

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