The Best Halloween Makeup Looks To Recreate

 halloween makeup looks

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your look! And, hey, putting on a cat headband doesn’t cut it anymore. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. From dotting the cheeks with glitter and gems to clustering the face with tens and hundreds of googly eyes, here’s a round-up of 10 of the best Halloween makeup ideas for inspo.


10 Of The Simplest Halloween Makeup Ideas


We promise — these are some easy Halloween makeup looks to recreate, and they don’t even require too many makeup products.


  1. Eye’ll See You Now

all eyes on you halloween makeup

Yeah — it is a literal representation of “all eyes on you”. Spooky! This one’s quite the googly-eyed look, and it’s possibly one of the simplest Halloween-themed looks to recreate. Here’s what you’ll need to do.


Prep your skin with a moisturiser before using a primer, and setting the base with foundation. You can use a matte-textured formula. Paint your lips burgundy or black depending on your preference, and use a jet-black eyeliner to create thick cat-eye flicks on both lids. Accentuate your lashes with mascara — or use falsies instead. Now — onto the main part of the look. Grab some lash-glue and your bag of googly eyes — make sure these aren’t the pre-sticky ones. Apply some glue to these eyes, and press them down onto any part of your face to get started. Notice how the smaller eyes occupy the smaller parts of the face like the nose, and the larger ones have made their way to the larger areas like the cheeks and forehead.


Use: MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Glitter Eyeliner — Black Moon 

This eyeliner pencil will bring you the moon — not even the stars. Highly pigmented and transfer-proof, it boasts a metallic finish, and will not budge from the eyes for 12 hours straight. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


  1. Fishnet Fantasy

fishnet fantasy halloween makeup

This mermaid-themed look might look tricky to recreate but it’s not. It’s composed of longer-than-ever lashes and galaxy-like colours.


Use some shimmery purple and blue smokey-eye on the lids, and attach the longest pair of falsies to the lashes before moving on to the rest of the look. You’ll need a fishnet hose — or an old pair of stockings or leggings. Pull it over your head, and use the same colours that you applied on the lids on spots you’d bronze or contour your face — cheekbones, nose, temples and chins. That’s it. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm 9 In 1 Eyeshadow Palette — Enchante 

This palette features high-glamm, ultra-pigmented colours – amongst which are sandwiched a glitter-studded shade of orange that will complement this look beautifully. It’s buildable, blendable, and so glittery!


  1. Cat Woman? Ariana Grande?

cat woman halloween makeup look

If you want to go all the way with the Ariana-esque, cat-woman look, this is it for you.


Just create a black face mask on the upper half of your face with black body paint or face paint, and streak some parts with white face paint. Glamourise the look with a cherry-red lipstick, and layer the waterline with a white eyeliner or kajal to brighten and widen them. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Matte Eyeliner Pencil — Mood 

This off-white eyeliner is bright enough to widen your eyes instantly. Formulated with vegetable wax to improve precision, it is composed of skin-loving ingredients that ensure a flake-free, crease-free experience. 


  1. No Tears Left To Cry

Looking for a simple Halloween makeup idea? This one is giving Billie Eilish from When The Party’s Over — and it’s simple to recreate because you don’t have much going on apart from smudged, jet-black tears dripping down your face. 


Colour your lids a soft orange, and apply mascara to the lashes. Line the upper and lower waterline with kajal or eyeliner, and grab some black face paint and a brush to recreate the drip-down effect. First — pack some colour under the lids, and use a damp cloth to go over this area. It will break up the pigment, and make the under-eye look messy and natural. Wet the brush again, and create drips down the face with the same paint. Colour your lips a shade of nude, and you’re done. 


Use: MyGlamm LIT Glossy Liquid Eyeliner — Black Party

This is a midnight jet-black liner crafted for all-event-approved eyes. It’s bold, dramatic, and ultra-pigmented. If you’re looking for something that glimmers and glides on smoothly, this one is it for you.


  1. Rain On Me

rain on me halloween makeup

Such a Euphoria-esque aesthetic! If that’s your vibe, you’re going to want to grab some rhinestones because this look is all about glitz and glitter.


Layer your lids with a golden eyeshadow, and create a soft wing on either side with a brown shade. Drench your lips in sheer lipgloss, and grab some lash-glue to stick the rhinestones on. Just start off from the inner corner, and take it from there. Notice how both sides aren’t symmetrical. You can create whatever pattern you like with the gems. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm 9 In 1 Eyeshadow Palette — Reverie

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  1. Gold Goddess 

gold goddess halloween makeup look

This is giving Cassie from Euphoria, no? Clearly — we’re very inspired by Euphoria. While the previous look employed gems into the aesthetic, this one is all about capturing the resplendence of gold-dipped tears.


Once you have perfected your base, create a rose-gold look on the eyes. Dip a small, fine brush into a shade of gold from your palette, and create the outline for the tears — starting from the lashline, and ending at the cheeks. Now — make your brush damp with some setting spray, and dip it in some loose gold glitter before filling in the tears with it. 


Use: MyGlamm Lit Lip & Eye Sparkles — Your Grace

This shimmery dust of gold boasts the prettiest finish and endows your lips as well as your eyes with so much glitz and glamour. 


  1. Dotted Damsel

 dotted damsel halloween makeup look

Honestly — you don’t have to do anything but dot your face with two colours. Does it get easier than that?


Start off with skincare. Use a hydrating, skincare-infused foundation to play into the dewiness of this look. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes, and layer your lashes with blue mascara. Brush your brows, and add a flush of rose to the cheeks. Now — with blue and white face paints, follow the silhouette of the face as demonstrated in the picture. Trace the dots over the sides of the nose, along the contours of the lips, over the cheeks and chin, and so on. That’s it. Such a cute Halloween makeup idea!


Use: MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid — Stardust 

Tease the high points of the face and inner corners of the eye with this veil of shimmer. This glow-inducing elixir endows your skin with a high-shine, dewy-dumpling aesthetic that feels and looks natural and understated. 


  1. Feline Fever

This one is a pretty basic, beginner Halloween makeup idea. If the previous feline-inspired looks are a little too intense for your taste, you can try something less in-the-face like this look.


Paint your lips black, and highlight the high points of your face. Create a graphic arrow liner on the lids as shown in the picture, and simply conclude by touching the inner corners of your eyes with some yellow eyeshadow. 

Use: MyGlamm LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick — JOMO

This black, matte-textured lippie is all you need to ace any gothic aesthetic ever. It’s infused with Moringa Oil — so your lips are always hydrated, supple, and healthy, and promises your lips an opaque, smooth, and crease-free application. 


  1. Sabrina? Is That You?

 sabrina halloween makeup

This one is for all the fans of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We see you, and we’re dedicating this look to the iconic witch.


The key to acing this look is getting the lipstick right. Sabrina’s signature is a blood-red lipstick complemented by a classic cat-eye flick on each lid. Once you get these elements right, all you have to do is wear your hair the way she does, and you’re done. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Soft Matte Lipstick — Berry Fantasy 

This berry-red, high-shine lipstick boasts a velvet-textured finish that feels luxurious on the lips. It’s dreamy, light-as-air, and infused with tropical oil that makes your pout feel petal-soft and supple. 


  1. Black Swan

black swan halloween makeup look

Natalie Portman’s Black Swan look continues inspiring many Halloween aesthetics, and why not. Here’s how to recreate it easy breezy. 


Dot your face with a foundation that’s whiteish and pale to capture the icy, ‘blood-drained-from-the-face’ look. Draw the lines of the feather around the eyes with kohl or eyeliner — note that you don’t need to achieve perfect symmetry. The look is supposed to be a little messy. Fill the area within the outline with some eyeliner. But use your fingers to dab the colour into place. To recreate the lip makeup, line the lips with a deep blood-red lip liner, and fill it in with a similar shade. 


Use: MyGlamm Beauty Lip Liner & Filler — Fierce Red 

This ultra-hydrating, blood-red lip-liner doesn’t just contour the lips effortlessly. It’s infused with the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, and Vitamin B5 that nourish the lips thoroughly. It’s smudge-proof and leaves behind a creamy-matte finish that feels so light on the lips.


Which Halloween makeup look did you like best?


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