28 Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas To Get In Devilish Character For Halloween

halloween eye makeup

Is Halloween one of your favourite days of the year or do you simply love the whole idea of dressing up with scary costumes? Whatever your reason is to celebrate, Halloween eye makeup is something you need to look into if you wish to be the best-dressed person without having to put much effort in your outfit. And if you think Halloween eye makeup is too creative for you, fret not for we got you covered. Try out these scary and cool Hallloween eye makeup looks that are super easy to recreate. And don’t forget to just trust the process and have fun with it!


Halloween Eye Makeup

Halloween eye makeup will have you looking spooky and in character without much effort. Here are some stellar Halloween eye makeup ideas you can try out in 2024


1. Knife Eyeliner - Halloween Eye Makeup

Knife Eyeliner halloween makeup look

How To Create this Halloween eye makeup look!

Draw a straight line beginning from the inner corner of your eyes going upwards to the end of the crease line at the outer corner of your eyes. Draw a line connecting from that end point to the outer end of your lash line. Fill in this space with silver eyeliner. Create the knife handle with eyeliner and add two dots of the silver liner to decorate it. Apply red eyeliner or a lip liner dripping from your lower lash lines like blood.

2. Cleopatra Halloween Eye Makeup

Cleopatra Halloween Eye Makeup

How To Create It

Blend glittery gold eyeshadow on the lids and blue eyeliner on your lower lash lines. Create a fox eyeliner pattern with an eyeliner pen. Draw a graphic eyeliner with the Eye Of Horus symbol beneath one eye if you’re feeling creative. If not you can skip it and simply draw floating eyeliner a centimetre beneath the lower lash lines. Repeat the same on the crease lines as well. And you’re done with creating this amazing Halloween eye makeup look!


3. Rainbow Unicorn Eye Makeup

Rainbow Unicorn Eye Makeup

How To Create It

Blend purple eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes and then blend the remaining colours in order after the purple along the eyelids: pink, yellow, orange, green, blue. You will get a rainbow eyeshadow look. Draw diamond shapes with white eyeliner over this colourful eyeshadow base. Blend blue eyeliner on the inner corner of your lower lash lines and purple on the outer corners. Apply winged on the upper lash lines and stick on a pair of falsies.


4. Cruella de Vil

Cruella De Vil

How To Create It

Use a child-safe glue stick to write the words ‘the future’ above one eyebrow and along your under eye area as shown in the picture. Let it dry. Scrape out some black eyeshadow and mix it with liquid highlighter and smear it over your under eyes and eyebrows. Peel off the dried glue to reveal the Halloween eye makeup look.


5. Evil Queen Halloween Eye Makeup

Evil Queen Eye Makeup

How To Create It

Blend purple eyeshadow all over the lids to imitate this look. Top it off with purple glitter. Create a smokey eye and apply a dark eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines. Stick on false lashes and add two coats of mascara. Wear green or grey coloured lenses for best results.


6. Clown Halloween Eye Makeup

Clown Halloween Eye Makeup

How To Create It

Blend a gold glitter eyeshadow all over your lids. Define your lash lines with black kohl. Draw a vertical line from the centre of each lash line extending towards the cheeks with the kohl pencil. Use the same kohl to draw a triangle above each eyebrow. Make dots with the kohl above the triangles. Stick on falsies and wear mascara to complete the Halloween eye makeup look.


7. Poison Ivy Halloween Eye Makeup

Poison Ivy

How To Create It

Blend green eyeshadow all over your lids and on your lower lash lines. Dust a metallic green eyeshadow or a basic green eyeshadow topped up with highlighter on your brow bones and on the inner corners of your eyes. Draw on a bold fox eyeliner. Stick green jewels beneath the wings at the outer corners of your eyes. Finish off this Halloween eye makeup look with two coats of mascara.


8. Witch Halloween Eye Makeup

Witch Halloween Eye Makeup

How To Create It

Blend red eyeshadow above your crease lines and on your under eye area. Then, blend maroon eyeshadow into your crease line and on your lower lash lines. Blend black eyeshadow on your lids. Create a smokey effect with kajal on your lower lash lines and draw winged eyeliner on your upper lash lines. Create triangles or dops from the centre of your lower lash lines with liquid glitter. Add some glitter in a silver shade to the inner corners. Complete the Halloween eye makeup look with false lashes.


9. Marvel’s Scarlet Witch - Halloween Eye Makeup

Marvel’s Scarlet Witch Halloween makeup

How To Create This Halloween Eye Makeup Look

Prep your lids with primer and blend a milky-toned nude eyeshadow all over your lids. Draw on a graphic eyeliner that goes above the crease line and wings out and connects to the upper lash line with red eyeliner. Additionally, draw on a winged eyeliner to define your upper and lower lash lines. Wear long false lashes.


10. Bat Wing Eyeliner - Halloween Eye Makeup

Bat Wing Eyeliner

How To Create It

Recreate the gothic eyeliner trend but make the wings more dramatic. Curve and point out the eyeliner three times on a slant to make a bat wing like shape. Fill in the shape with eyeliner and connect it to the lower lash lines. Apply a deep green eyeshadow on your lids and make it drip down. Then, smudge at the under eye areas and be ready to nail this Halloween eye makeup look!

11. Butterfly Eye Halloween Makeup

Butterfly Eye Halloween Makeup



Imagine yourself in the beauty of this butterfly eyes makeup rendition! With this eye Halloween makeup, you’ll spread both cute and spooky vibes. To finalise this striking look, pick a black Halloween eyeliner shade, draw a bold line above your eyelids and wing it out.

12. Owl Eye Halloween Makeup

Owl Eye Halloween Makeup



Replicating the owl eye Halloween makeup is quite an artistic skill. To give this Halloween eye makeup a try, you can use neutral-toned eyeshadows, wispy lashes and liquid Halloween eyeliners.

13. Spider Woman Halloween Eye Makeup

 Spider Woman Halloween Eye Makeup



Here’s a simple way to create spooky Halloween eye makeup while staying true to the theme. Bold dark eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and black eyeliner with a spider web design beneath your eyes will make you look nothing less than a perfect Halloween spider woman!

14. Dripping Blood Eye Halloween Makeup

Dripping Blood Eye Halloween Makeup



Hit the Halloween party in your spooky style with this Halloween eye makeup look. Use a glitter red liquid eyeliner for that dripping blood Halloween eyeliner effect.

15. Pumpkin Halloween Eye Makeup

Pumpkin Halloween Eye Makeup



Make way for a Halloween party with a playful pumpkin twist on your winged eyeliner. Colour your eyelids orange and complement them with a touch of glitter to enhance the Halloween eye makeup look.

16. Devilish Winged Halloween Eyeliner

Devilish Winged Halloween Eyeliner



Make a devilish style statement with this chic Halloween eye makeup look! It is such a classy look that’ll not only steal limelights but it doesn’t require any over-do Halloween outfit too.

17. Spooky Trees Halloween Eye Makeup Look

Spooky Trees Halloween Eye Makeup Look



Yes, you can create any Halloween eye makeup look with an inky liquid liner! So feel free to create extending spooky trees with your liner for that haunting effect.

18. Rainbow Magic On Eyes

Rainbow Magic On Eyes



Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean painting your face in all dark shades. You can play around with different colours and designs for your Halloween party. To achieve this Halloween eye makeup look, all you need is an illuminating highlighter and rhinestones in the rainbow colour.

19. Tripple Eye Halloween Makeup

Tripple Eye Halloween Makeup



Elevate your Halloween eye makeup with this oh-so-different trippy eye look. This eye makeup look perfectly strikes a balance between glamorous and spooky vibes.

20. Ghost on the eyes

Ghost on the eyes



The most popular Halloween eye makeup colours are green, purple and black. So why not use all these 3 colours in one ghost-infused eye makeup look!?

21. Ouija Board Halloween Eye Makeup

Ouija Board Halloween Eye Makeup


No better time than Halloween allows you to look bold and brave. The white face makeup with those contact lenses makes this Halloween eye makeup look different in the crowd!

22. Double-Toned Halloween Eye Makeup

Double-Toned Halloween Eye Makeup


If you don’t want your Halloween eye makeup to look basic, you can give the double-toned eyeshadow a try!

23. Galaxy Halloween Eye Makeup Look

Galaxy Halloween Eye Makeup Look



Galaxy Halloween eye makeup is beyond perfect. If you really want to recreate this work of art, make sure you have a lot of patience. And if you are up for this eye makeup, we promise it’ll be worth it!

24. Pink Winged Halloween Eyes

Pink Winged Halloween Eyes



This look is for someone who’s looking for an easy and doable Halloween eye makeup look! To nail this eye art, all you need is rhinestones, pink eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick!

25. Moon Eye Halloween Makeup

Moon Eye Halloween Makeup



If you’re looking for something unique and complex, this Halloween eye makeup is for you! All you need is face paint, false extended eyelashes and a couple of fine point brushes to achieve this amazing look.

26. Melting Halloween Eye Makeup

Melting Halloween Eye Makeup



No one likes the feel of watery eyes or runny makeup unless it looks like this and is for Halloween! To achieve this melting Halloween eye makeup look, you’ll need normal makeup and a dropper to make the paint drip effect.


27. Tie-dye Halloween Eye Makeup

Tie-dye Halloween Eye Makeup



If you are a tie-dye fan, you cannot only include this into your costume but your makeup too. So grab a colourful eyeshadow palette with some fluffy blending brushes and you’ll achieve this tie-dye Halloween eye makeup look perfectly!

28. Under-Eye Eyeliner Halloween Makeup

Under-Eye Eyeliner Halloween Makeup



This under-eye eyeliner completely changes the vibe and look of a regular cat-eye makeup look. To add an oomph factor to this Halloween eye makeup, you can pair this with jet-black lipstick!

Try out these Halloween eye makeup looks in 2022 and show off the best beauty look out there. Go on and slay the Halloween theme.


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