Rainbow Eyeshadow Look: How To Nail The Rainbow Eye Makeup Trend To Perfection!

rainbow eye makeup

Isn’t life a lot better with a whole lot of colour in it? Rainbow eye makeup means only one thing –– having fun with the hues of the rainbow in different ways. Take your easy rainbow makeup look to a whole new level by incorporating the various shades of bright and pastels to form the colour of the rainbow. The best thing about this particular rainbow eyeshadow trend is that you can go all out any way you’d like. So put your creative hat on –– it’s going to be a fun ride with our steps of rainbow eyeshadow look.


Rainbow Eye Makeup Step By Step Guide


While the rainbow eye makeup trend is fun to recreate, it can be a little tricky. A little bit of extra colour here and there can result in a full-blown mess –– pretty, nonetheless. To enhance the rainbow eyeshadow makeup look, opt for nude lipsticks and strong, yet natural-looking eyebrow products with any and every rainbow you attempt. Follow this rainbow eye makeup step-by-step guide, that’ll help you recreate this pretty rainbow eye makeup trend.


Step 1 - Apply A Primer


Want long-lasting, crease-free eyeshadow? Primer is the answer! A dash of primer is enough to create a seamless base for your eye makeup kit. It also prevents your eyelids from oiling up, as well as keeps your rainbow eyeshadow makeup look intact. 


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Step 2 - Go With A Dot Of Concealer


This step is applicable when you want to get the truest possible colour from your rainbow eye makeup. Dab a little bit of concealer on your eyelids and under your eyes and blend away. The concealer also creates a neutral base for your eyeshadow.


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Step 3 - Start With Centre


Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, take a glittery blue hue and gently apply it to the centre of your eyelid. Sweep the colour towards the inner corner of your eye and blend it till it looks seamless. You can even use eye chalk and apply it directly to the centre of your eyelid. Take a fluffy brush and blend it into your inner eye. That'll be the next step of your rainbow eye makeup.


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Step 4 - Add A Stroke Of Blue And Green


Using a matte blue eyeshadow, add a stroke of the hue on the outer corner of your eyelid –– make sure to apply exactly where your glittery blue eyeshadow ends. Now, next to the matte blue, apply the green eyeshadow in the shape of a dramatic wing. And blend away again –– remember to make sure the hues blend together seamlessly.


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Step 5 - Go Into the Bottom Lash Line


Using the same matte green eyeshadow, gently sweep it into your waterline for this rainbow eye makeup. Using a light hand, smoke it out and connect it to the outer wing. 


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Step 6 - Apply The Pink


Use a pointed brush and pick up the pink eyeshadow. Tap it above the inner corner and take it all the way above your crease. Stop right under your brow bone.


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Step 7 - And Finish With The Yellow


Complete the rainbow eye makeup look by using a bright yellow eyeshadow on the brow bone. Blend it into pink and green, so that the transition looks smooth.


Step 8 - Finish With A Kajal & Mascara


Finely line (or even tightline) your eyes with a black kajal pencil. To define your eyes even further add a coat of two of mascara.


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MyGlamm Twist It Mascara

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Tips For Rainbow Eyeshadow Look 


While a lot to recreate, the rainbow eye makeup trend needs to follow a few rules in order to get the best looks possible. As this rainbow eye makeup requires a whole lot of makeup products, ensure that you are following these tips. 


Always Apply Primer


As mentioned before, a primer sets the base for your rainbow eyeshadow look. Whether you’re going in with a matte eyeshadow or an eye sparkle, you need a primer to ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t crease or cake up in time. 


Conceal Or Dab A Little Foundation


Make sure you neutralise your base with a nude hue. This evens out your skin tone around the lids and ensures that you’re getting the actual colour of the shadow. Sometimes certain hues don’t pick up on certain skin tones, and applying a concealer or foundation helps prevent that. Plus it also aids in making your rainbow eye makeup last longer.


Use A Separate Brush


Each colour deserves a separate brush so that you don’t mix the hues together, so keep those tools handy.


Apply Eyeshadow Before Your Apply Your Foundation

While this is a general makeup rule of thumb to follow, it applies more to this rainbow eye makeup look. If you mess up or any eye makeup falls on your skin, you’re able to clean it easily and cover it up with your foundation. 


Go With Cream First Then Powder


If you’re using multiple eyeshadow textures, make sure you apply creams first and then powders. This helps the powder stick to the cream and stay put. Use creams to create a shape and then top it off with powders for that added saturation.

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While this eye makeup look is out there, it most definitely is a head-turner. So why not let this guide lead the way when it comes to perfecting the rainbow eye makeup trend. You won’t regret it! 


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