30 Halloween Ghost Makeup Looks That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

Ghost makeup looks for halloween

Can you feel that? It’s excitement. ICYMI, Halloween season is upon us and we’re just a few days away from the spookiest night of the year. While we love going all-out with our Halloween fits, we’re equally excited to level up our Halloween makeup game with scene-stealing makeup inspo. As we’ve been busy scrolling and hunting down the best Halloween ghost makeup looks, we simply couldn’t wait to share it with our fellow beauty-lovin’ queens (basically you!). Whether you wanna go spooky, scary, or chic - we’ve got you covered with the best ghost makeup ideas that’ll leave you shook.

30 Halloween Ghost Makeup Looks That Are Too Good Not To Copy

Halloween is a holiday for makeup lovers. It’s so much fun to transform yourself into someone else for the day. Because we like you too much, we scored the length of the internet to find Halloween ghost makeup ideas from Influencers that’ll will get you tons of compliments,

(Not) For The Arachnophobes

Arachnophobes style ghost makeup

The addition of spidery legs around the eyes and mouth makes this ghost makeup look scary and creepy AF. It is perfect if you wanna get the award for the best Halloween makeup ever. This look gets 100/10 from us.

A Bratz Doll

Bratz Doll ghost makeup look

For babes who wanna take the spooky route while looking super glamm, this is the look to call on. It’s equal parts edgy and sexy. Blood running down her face brings out the spookiness while the glitter makes it look quite eye-catching.

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This Look Is Scary Good

spider around one eye ghost makeup

Not for the arachnophobes out there, this ghost makeup look uses face paint to create a spider around one eye. The influencer wore white contact lenses on the other eye to make it look creepy yet super cool.

Ghost Makeup With Barbicore Aesthetic

Ghost Makeup With Barbicore Aesthetic

It’s all about the use of hot pink colour in this ghost makeup look that stopped us dead in our tracks. If you prefer to add bright hues to your Halloween makeup looks, this one might suit your vibe. 

Who’s Got The Blue?

blue ghost makeup look

What we love the most about this ghost makeup look is that it requires minimal skills to execute. Whether you’re just dabbling into the world of makeup or are a seasoned pro - you can easily create it. Slight imperfections would only add to the edginess of this makeup look.

The Prettiest Of All

scene-stealing ghost makeup look.

All you need is a white liner and white face paint to create this scene-stealing ghost makeup look. Just load some white paint on a precise brush and trace a few curvy lines all over your face. Coat your lashes with white mascara and apply some white paint on your arches as well. 

It Gets A 100/10 From Us

petrifying ghost makeup look

We’re suckers for petrifying Halloween makeup looks and this one fits the bill perfectly. Plus, it is super easy to recreate. Apply white face paint all over your face and body. Then, complete the look by applying red eyeshadow around your peppers. The white lenses are an added bonus (read: horror).

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Def Worth A Screenshot

hall of fame ghost makeup

If there’s ever a Halloween makeup hall of fame, this ghost makeup look belongs in it. If you’re exacting, apply white contact lenses on both eyes to take this look up by a notch.

Ghost Makeup With Siren Lips

Ghost Makeup With Siren Lips

This ghost makeup look gives a stamp of approval to the hot-right-now siren lip trend and is super easy to create. Just apply a white powder base all over your face. Apply a blood-red kohl eyeliner along the waterline and smudge it out. Then, apply a red lip liner on the centre of your lips, extending the edge line slightly beneath the point where your natural lips end. 

The Vampire Diaries Edition

Vampire Diaries ghost makeup

This ghost makeup look is inspired by the popular American supernatural teen drama television series aka The Vampire Diaries. If you’re a fan of the show, try this Halloween makeup look and you’re sure to make heads turn.

Beautiful Ghost Bride Makeup

Ghost Bride Makeup

If you want your Halloween makeup look to be pretty and spooky at the same time, this beautiful ghost bride makeup is for you. Apply some deep red eyeshadow all around your eyes and swipe on burgundy lipstick and you’re good to go.

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If It’s Good Enough For Cardi B

Cardi B ghost makeup

For all the trendsetters out there who aren’t afraid to steal the spotlight, take a cue from Cardi B. The pop star sported this ghost makeup look for Halloween 2021 but we’re still indisputably obsessed.

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Killer Ghost Makeup Look

Killer Ghost Makeup Look

This ghost makeup look is a little tricky to master but it’s guaranteed to make you the talk of the town. The deep-red ombre pout, sky-high lashes, and red eye makeup are all our Halloween makeup dreams wrapped into one.

Couture Approach To Ghost Makeup

Couture Approach To Ghost Makeup

Ghost makeup, but make it fashion. It’s more like a couture approach to ghost makeup and is just too pretty for words. The addition of pearl gemstones takes this look to another dimension. We like!

The Kinda Blues We Love

The Kinda Blues

The all-over blue makeup look is perf for folks who wanna go for a creepier vibe this Halloween. Ever since we came across this Halloween makeup look, we’ve been thinking about it non-stop. 

To Rake In The Compliments

Rake In The Compliments

Although this makeup look requires pro-level makeup skills, it’s just too good not to copy. It’s gonna take a couple of hours to recreate it but it basically guarantees endless compliments. 

Why So Serious?

clown inspired makeup look

Here’s a clown-inspired makeup look for Halloween that’s guaranteed to get you lots of attention. We’re especially loving the glossy red pout and spidery lashes. 

Keep Calm And Scare On

spine-tingling ghost makeup look

Wanna haunt your way through Halloween? Add this spine-tingling ghost makeup look to your Halloween mood board. 

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

scarier ghost makeup look

Is there anything scarier than this ghost makeup look? We’ll wait! All you need is white face paint, a black eye kajal or eyeshadow, and a pair of white contact lenses to ape it. 

Witch-Ing You A Very Happy Halloween

Witch ghost makeup

When we came across this ghost makeup look, we couldn’t help but stop mid-scroll and save it to our Halloween makeup inspo folder. Don’t forget to screenshot this if you wanna look glamm and witchy this Halloween.

Ready, Set, Ghoul!

Ghoul ghost makeup

Say hi to a ghost makeup look that’s sure to make you scream in delight (or terror). NGL, we’re also itching to copy her XXXL spooky claws apart from the black ombre lips.

Spine-Chilling Ghost Makeup

Spine-Chilling Ghost Makeup

It’s Halloween and the world is your haunting ground. What better way to celebrate the day than sporting this hair-raising ghost makeup look? All you need is white face paint, some cotton, and gold glitter to create this look.

As Classic As It Gets

classic ghost makeup

Here’s another ghost makeup look that basically deserves #GOAT status. It’s a classic take on ghost makeup and is sure to get you likes left and right. 

Creep It Real

Creep It Real makeup look

For babes on a budget who wanna sport a blood-curdling makeup look on Halloween without sacrificing your bank account’s well-being, this beauty look is for you. You just need white paint and black liner to ape it. Oh and a veil!

Resting Witch Face

Resting Witch ghost makeup

The beauty look is giving us major cute ghost vibes and we’re itching to copy it ASAP. Plus, copper eyeshadow is trending right now and this ghost makeup look is perf excuse to commit to the trend. 

Have A Spooktacular Night!

Spooktacular ghost makeup

It's all about the eyes! Just apply a pair of creepy contact lenses, and black eyeshadow, add some black contour and blur your lips to get scary in seconds.

Here For The Boos

scariest ghost makeup looks

The look is definitely one of the scariest ghost makeup looks of this roundup but we’re high-key into it. Make sure you prep your skin well before going ahead with the rest of your makeup. PS, them cheekbones though!

We’re Obsessed!

Obsessed ghost makeup

This ghost makeup look is one for the It-girl books. We love the addition of glitter and gemstones around the eyes, they add a hint of glamm to your spooky.

To Make Your Halloween Makeup Go Viral

bad bish energy makeup look

For peeps who love breaking the internet with scroll-stopping beauty looks, this ghost makeup look is your best bet for Halloween. It’s perf to give off that bad bish energy.

Siren Eyes + Red Lips = A Bomb Ghost Makeup

Bomb Ghost Makeup

There’s nothing we love more than a red-lip moment. This ghost makeup look makes a case for two of our fave trends right now aka siren eyes and red lips. The ghostly white makeup base elevates this look to an extraordinary level.

Tips for Ghost Makeup

If you wanna ace the white base for ghost makeup, we suggest using a white foundation or compact powder. Apply it all over your face as well as on the exposed areas of your body like your neck and your hands. If you don’t wanna apply too much makeup, wear high-necked clothing. Use dark shadow hues to give your cheeks a sunken effect. When it comes to the peepers, we recommend using deep red hues to accentuate them and make them look scary.

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