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Though Halloween just flew past us, all the aesthetics to come out of the holiday are perfect to tap into your creativity with. From enlisting the bat-eye flick to drenching the face in red and black face paint like Pennywise, there’s no dearth of options to experiment with under this category. Here are 15 of the finest clown makeup looks to start with — so by Halloween this year, you’ll be prepped to recreate the toughest looks like a pro. 


15 Clown Makeup Ideas For You To Take Inspo From


Heart Eyes 4 U


This heart-eyed look – literally — is such a mood for Valentine’s Day. There’s so much going on with this one — from the purple-pink hearts spanning the forehead, eyes, and cheeks, the extra long faux lashes, and the heart-shaped lips, there’s an over-the-top extravaganza about the look that maximalists will love. Screenshot this one for a V-Day cosplay, what say?

In Your Clown-Girl Era


For those of you that like playing around with face-paints, this look is yours to recreate. It’s extremely abstract and open to interpretation. While it enlists colours like blue, pink, and white to tie it all together, you can opt for shades of your preference. Throw in half of a Joker-like lip and half-done cat-eye flicks, and you’re done. 


Use: MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Glitter Eyeliner — Black Moon 

This eyeliner pencil will bring you the moon — literally. It's ultra pigmented and transfer-proof, it has a metallic finish, and will not budge from the eyes for 12 whole hours. What are you waiting for?


Raging Red 

raging red clown makeup

Though it looks like a lot is going on on the face, it’s just the contacts that are playing into the illusion. The outer corners of the burgundy-drenched pout are defined and shaped with a little bit of black and a bat-wing flick embellishes the lids. This one’s a pretty scary clown makeup look, NGL. 


MyGlamm LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick — JOMO

Is your current purple lippie not dark enough? Leave it to JOMO to change that. This is the deepest, darkest shade of purple, and it can only do you good. It contains with Moringa Oil that reinstates the softness of your lips.

Did Someone Say Pennywise

pennywise clown makeup


This half-done Pennywise-inspired clown-face is pretty cool. Just paint one side of the face red and white, and you’re almost there. Go all glamorous on the other side with a perfectly-done base, brushed-out brows, and heavy-handed brush of eyeshadow. Pennywise makeup FTW.


Got A Sweet Tooth?

got a sweet tooth clown makeup 

While this one ranks pretty low on the scary-spooky scale, it’s such a cute clown makeup look. Circle the eyes and lips with white face-paint, do your cat-eye flicks like you normally would, and draw a heart on the nose. The teardrop will require some patience — so take your time with it because it’ll pay off at the end. 


Glamm Game On

glam game clown makeup

Have you ever seen a glamorous, barbie-core-inspired clown? Now you have. From painting your eyebrows purple with lots of eyeshadow to bedazzling Joker-like lips with rhinestones, this one’s dramatic AF. Make sure you have a lot of purple highlighter on you — notice the cheeks, lids, and the area around the lips. They’re drowning in the colour. 


Smoky & Smouldering

 smoky clown makeup look


This look is proof that you don’t have to go in for something graphic or vibrant all the time. Just create a smokey-eyed aesthetic with a shade of green and highlight the inner-corners to dramatise the look further. Dabble in some black face-paint and paint your lips black or wear a black matte lipstick. That’s about it. 

Use: MyGlamm LIT Glossy Liquid Eyeliner — Black Party

This is the most intense shade of black you'll find. It’s bold, dramatic, and it shimmers from every angle. Perfect, no?

 Pretty In Pink 


pretty pink clown makeup

Don’t want to venture too far out of your comfort-zone? Take cues from this look. There’s nothing crazy going on here — it just collaborates the subtlety of glossy, pink cat-eye flicks extending up to the temples with a puckered-up pink pout. One thing that makes this look unique is the dash of yellow planted around the cheekbones and eyes in the shape of a ‘C’. 


Crybaby Clown

crybaby clown makeup 

How about painting the entire face white before anything else? Once you’ve set the backdrop, you can add in some blush, false lashes, and more depending on how intense you want the look to be. Those lenses add so much drama to the whole look though!


Use: POPxo Makeup Eyeshadow Kit — Hot Mess

This Vitamin E-infused kit features a couple of pinks that’s just like the one employed in this look. It blends into the lid effortlessly and it stains your cheeks with the brightest colour. And — it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

  1. Clownish But I’m Cute

clownish makeup e girl

This played-down version is very e-girl. Go heavy on the blush around the cheeks and nose and add in a heart-shaped embellishment wherever you like. Extend the corners of your lips a little and create the lines on the upper and lower lids instead of the brows and cheeks. 


  1. Low Maintenance Clown

low maintenance clown makeup 

This no-effort look only requires some lipstick and eyeliner to achieve — from the elongated lip-wing effect to the red-tipped nose, this one has all the elements you’ll ever need to ace the clown-makeup aesthetic without needing the skills of an MUA. 


MyGlamm LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick — Hanky Panky

This watermelon-red shade is bold, seductive, and fruity. Hanky Panky is a sign that you’ve got to divorce the nudes for a lot of colour, and this is the shade to start with. The chapstick-shaped bullet is creamy-soft and decadent — almost like you want to bite into it a little bit. Get it now!


  1. For All The Lazy Girls…

lazy girl clown makeup  

The lazy-girl aesthetic just got an update. Because this is such an easy clown makeup look. With a brown face-paint, trace a line from your lips right up to your cheeks and eyes as shown in the picture. Paint the tip of the nose the same colour, and that’s it. 


  1. The Sad Girl Edition 

sad girl clown makeup look


This look needs no precision. Really. Just set the base with white, throw in some red circles around the cheeks to play into the appearance of blush, and create an outline around the lips and fill it in with the same colour. Cover the area above the lids and over the brows with blue eyeshadow and create fake eyebrows right below the temples. You’re done. 


  1. Craving Candy 

craving candy makeup look 

Okay. Hear me out. How unconventionally cool is this one? And you just have to dot and line the lids? Easy and amazing. 



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