Must-Have Monsoon Makeup Essentials


Waking up to grey skies, dodging puddles on your way to work and just hoping that your makeup stays in place by the time you reach your destination. Yup, it’s that time of the year again when the rains save us from the scorching heat, but turn the entire city into a not-so-appealing water park. Monsoons are a dreaded time and many women opt to forgo their makeup routines in order to save themselves from blotchy foundation, smudgy eyeliner or bleeding lipstick.

Makeup is a confidence booster for many women so why relinquish something that’s so beneficial just because it’s raining? Here’s the thing, you don’t have to! With the invention of waterproof and matte makeup, you now no longer need to worry about the rains ruining your makeup.

It’s time to update your makeup bag with these must-have monsoon makeup essentials.

Prime Perfection

Primers don’t only act as a base for your makeup, but also fill in any creases and pores, giving you smoother skin. So, forget about the rain and dab on some primer to get that silky-smooth finish. With MyGlamm's Tinted Perfection you can transform your face into a silky smooth canvas. 

Ditch The Foundation

During the monsoons, depend only on your primers and stay away from your foundation. Due to the humidity, there’s a high chance that your foundation might melt off and leave you with blotchy makeup.

Magic Mascara & Eyeliner

Don’t want people asking you if you’re sick even when you aren’t? Then make your eyes pop with waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. If you switch to MyGlamm's Stay Defined Liquid Liner, you don't have to worry about your perfectly drawn cat-eye fading or smudging through the day. 
Waterproof mascara will lengthen your lashes and leave them looking voluminous without any clumping.

Say No To Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow might not be a good idea during the rains but if you absolutely need to, then go for more subtle shades. If you don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon, avoid blacks and dark shades.

Flaunt Your Pout

Matte lipsticks are going to be your BFF this season. With a long-wearing formula, you needn't worry about your lipstick bleeding or even smudging with the increase in humidity.

Fill your makeup bag with MyGlamm's LIT 2-in-1 Liquid Matte Lipsticks. In 12 duos and 24 appealing colours, now get a shade to match your every mood. 

Keep Your Gloss At Bay

While lip gloss is classic and versatile, during the rains, however, it’s a big No-No. They may bleed and even leave a sticky residue due to the humidity.

Blush Bliss

Fake the flush with the right blush! A sweep across your cheeks is all you need to brighten up your face. But during the rains though, opt for cream-based formulas instead of powder-based blush as they’ll stay on longer. 

Get those rosy cheeks even during the monsoons with the Manish Malhotra Illuminating Blush Stick. It not only blends seamlessly with your skin but also lasts for hours! 

Now that you’ve been schooled on your monsoon makeup essentials, go ahead and change your makeup game this season.