Sweat Proof Makeup Tips To Follow During The Humid Months!


Monsoons are a joy, but the humidity often wreaks havoc on our makeup. Because we sweat so much more our makeup and skincare seem to be slipping off the skin.  From moisturizer and foundation to mascara and lipstick, everything can feel heavy and greasy during this time and we figure out ways on how to make your makeup sweat proof? When we do attempt to wear makeup it is often met by melting foundation, patchy concealer, runny mascara, and smudged lipstick. It's because the hot and humid weather doesn’t go well with your makeup, even if it’s waterproof. But how to do sweat proof makeup? While many give in and decide to brave the monsoons by going bare-faced, others struggle to keep their makeup game face on. It’s a battle that nobody wants to lose and the struggle is real. But you can beat the monsoon-makeup-madness by being a little cautious with the products you use and by following some simple sweat proof makeup tips! Here are some ways to know how to do sweat proof makeup and make it last longer in humid weather. 

Makeup Tips For Humid Weather

While we all love glamming up, wearing nice makeup becomes extremely difficult during the humid weather. But not anymore! Here are some sweat proof makeup tips for you to nail your makeup instantly!



Keep the face clean

If the base is clean, the makeup will usually last longer. Begin by washing your face with some cold water to get rid of extra oil on your skin. There is also a certain freshness only a cold-water splash provides. Pat your face dry (never rub!) and apply a thin layer of a light moisturizing gel or lotion. Blot away the extra sebum or moisturizer.

Use Primer

To prep skin for makeup, apply a primer as your base. Everything else should go on top of it. Using a face and eye primer will smoothen your skin texture and create an even surface for your foundation to sit on. The primer keeps your makeup in place along with smoothing out the skin by filling in the pores. 

Keep the foundation light

Using heavy foundation in a humid climate makes your makeup appear pasty. You can use a light layer of the foundation after applying moisturizer and primer. Use the teeniest amount of foundation and just dab it in your skin instead of rubbing it in. You can also go for BB or CC cream if you want light coverage.

Use setting spray

Setting sprays help the makeup to set along with providing a boost of instant hydration to the skin. Think of it as the finishing touch to your makeup. After you have finished your makeup, spray the face with a setting spray and let dry. The trick is to keep the spray at arm’s length before applying and spray it with small squirts, spreading it evenly all over the skin. Take a few seconds to let it dry.

Use translucent fixing powder

The rainy season is the time to switch from compact powder to translucent powder. The compact is tinted and can run down your cheeks when you sweat making your face streaked. Translucent powder is colorless and does the job of banishing oily, shiny skin very well. The silky texture glides on the skin, absorbing all oil and mattifying it instantly. It also gives sheer coverage while bestowing the skin with a delicate glow.

Go Waterproof

Waterproof Mascara, eyeliners, and kohl are your best friends in this humid weather. These may be not-so-easy to remove at the end of the day but they can hold ground longer than the ordinary non-waterproof products. This can save you panda eyes and also a lot of embarrassment.

Use cream-based products

Cream-based products are perfect for humid weather as they blend into the skin. Choose cream products over powder products as they adhere to the skin better and do not cake or streak even when you are sweating. Right from foundation to concealer, blush, and eyeshadow, cream products are just right as they blend into the skin preventing a makeup meltdown.

Go easy on the lips

If statement lips are your thing, it's best to keep the rest of your look pared down. The gloss trend has made a huge return so stocking up on some nude, rosy colors is also recommended. You can also go for tinted lip balms, lip tint, and lip stains for a smudge-free pout.

Always carry blotting papers

Don’t leave home without blotting paper or oil-absorbing strips. You want a soft radiance all day long, not a slick shine on your face. Whenever you feel sweat building, pat your face with blotting paper to keep looking fresh and shine-free.

So, now while doing your makeup, don’t you worry about sweating as the above tips for sweat proof makeup are surely going to help you! Once you are all sorted with the best sweat proof makeup tips, glamming up seems easy!

Sweaty Makeup no more!


Does primer prevent sweating?

Primer is one of the most important products to keep your foundation from sweating off. Its main goal is to keep your makeup in place and also helps to reduce shine!


What causes excessive sweating on the face even when you're not working out? How to prevent it? 


Excessive sweating on the face could be due to a lot of things such as warm & spicy food, warm temperatures, and stress. You can prevent all of this by the below methods:


  • Wash your face with cool water frequently, especially at the end of each day and pat dry your face with a soft towel.


  • It’s always good to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fruits during the day.

  • Doing exercise and ayurvedic treatments also help in such cases!


Does setting spray prevent sweating?


Setting spray is a must when you want your makeup to be sweat-proof. It keeps everything intact and also ensures your constant look all day long. For summers, it’s a must-have product to definitely splurge on. Because these setting sprays are immune to sweat and humidity, they are perfect for people who are prone to melty makeup.


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