Hair Fall In Monsoon: Monsoon Hair Care Tips You Must Know

monsoon hair care tips

Monsoon is all about rains, pakodas and piping hot tea but it’s also about hair fall. Most people tend to face severe hair fall issues and try out a bunch of remedies for hair fall in monsoon. We try hair care products that promise to reduce hair fall, take advice from friends and family and whip up home remedies to apply to our locks. So, if you’re looking for that perfect monsoon hair care routine that actually works, you’ve come to the right place. 


Monsoon Hair Care Tips

During the rains, the sticky and moist weather causes dandruff and hair fall and your tresses to really suffer. Truth be told, your hair is at its most vulnerable during this time, thus, your hair care in rainy season is of utmost importance. All you need to do is read these monsoon hair care tips below to prevent your hair from getting damaged further.

  1. Prevent Excess Moisture

One of the helpful and direct monsoon hair care tips is to keep your scalp dry during a rainstorm. Rainwater is filthy and acidic (has a pH of about 5.6) which is extremely terrible for your hair. Use a delicate microfiber towel that assimilates water quickly and decreases friction between the hair and the towel, thus lessening hair fall. If you get drenched in rain then you can wash your hair with one of your best shampoos. Just so you know, adding an onion hair shampoo can give you the desired results as it nourishes the mane and combats hair fall. Also, don’t forget to use a hair conditioner after shampooing, so that your hair stays nourished for long. 

Extra Tip: You can apply onion hair conditioner and onion hair serum if you are using any onion based shampoo for better results.

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Infused with natural ingredients like Onion, Moringa and Argan oil, this hair serum simply supercharges your hair. It takes your haircare game a level higher with the help of the superstar ingredients present in it. From controlling hair fall, soothing hair, and promoting hair growth to fighting frizz & dryness and protecting your hair from UV damage, this hair serum is definitely a must-try!

  1. Oil Your Hair

Another amazing tip on hair care during monsoon is to oil your hair right.  Applying coconut hair oil has been the trend for ages but have you tried onion hair oil? Just like coconut oil, it has properties that help in keeping your hair healthy and gorgeous. Whenever you are making a pick in regards to hair oil, make sure that it suits your hair texture and condition, so choose the best hair oil that calls best for your hair. Massaging your hair with good hair oil helps in blood circulation and, hence it strengthens your hair to face the harsh environment of monsoon. 

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MyGlamm’s SUPERFOODS hair oil is for every woman who prefers to indulge in natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. This hair oil is a blend of Onion, Moringa, Bhringraj and Almond oil, which helps in dealing with multiple haircare woes. From reducing hair fall, nourishing the scalp, and treating dandruff to protecting hair and scalp from UV damage, this hair oil is the best one that suits all hair types!

  1. Have a Good Diet

Not everything can be done externally to solve an issue healthwise especially. You need to take care of your external things internally. If you have a poor diet plan then your body isn’t receiving nutritious food that will help to keep your hair and body healthy. What you eat, you become as well. So do follow this tip for hair fall in monsoon and include greens and proteins in your diet. Also not to forget, adding essential oils helps your hair to grow and fight the external environment.

  1. Keep It Short

One of the basic tips of the rainy season hair care routine is to is to keep your hair short. This will reduce your hair fall issues by a great deal since you will not be applying much force to your long hair. Short hair additionally decreases the problem of keeping up with it. And if you want to give some extra care to even your short hair, use hair serums that keep the hair smooth and manageable.

  1. Use Right Comb

Try not to brush your wet hair promptly as it is the most vulnerable then, at that point. When you talk about hair care for rainy reasons, this is one of the points you must take care of because your hair may be moist most of the time during the rainy season. Pick the right brush (wide-tooth), so it can without much of a stretch detangle your hair. Ensure the teeth of the brush have sufficient room in the middle with the goal that the hair doesn't break while brushing. Additionally, sharing brushes should stay away to prevent contagious diseases. This tip for hair fall in monsoon is one of the most underrated but surely an important tip you should follow!

  1. Let Your Hair Breathe

We often tie our hair into a bun, make stylish hairstyles and use zillions of hair accessories. But is that right? Not at all! This causes repeated straining of our scalp and sweat-build on a concentrated area leading to daily damage. Especially during monsoons, we often sweat a lot more than usual due to humidity and increased moisture content in the air. Hence, it’s a very important tip on hair care in rainy season to tie your hair loose, be it open, half-clutched or in a loose ponytail.

  1. Don’t Forget To Condition Your Hair 

You may wash your hair with the fanciest, healthiest and most expensive shampoo but if you don’t condition your hair, you should think again! You should follow this important step if you want to achieve healthy, long and beautiful hair. Frequent rain exposure in monsoons and simply shampooing your hair? A complete no! This may lead to dry and dull hair. In that case, your hair might need the correct amount of hydration. Using a natural hair conditioner in the right quantity would add moisture to your hair, making them lustrous and healthy.


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MyGlamm’s SUPERFOODS Passion Fruit & Olive Conditioner

It’s time to supercharge those dry and damaged tresses with MyGlamm’s SUPERFOODS Passion fruit & Olive conditioner! This hair conditioner has got a lot to offer like restoring hair shine, repairing damage, and nourishing hair.

  1. Limit The Use Of Dry Shampoo

Post the third day of washing your hair, you might need a dry shampoo to extend it for one or two more days. However, if you use it multiple times, especially during monsoon, it may cause dirt buildup on the scalp, leading to root damage and clogging hair follicles. 


What is the cause of hairfall during monsoon?

The humidity present in the atmosphere causes hair to absorb hydrogen. The chemical structure of hair is usually sensitive to hydrogen present in the air and the absorption of excessive hydrogen makes hair brittle, fragile leading to excessive hair fall in monsoon. It’s basically due to the high percentage of moisture in the environment that leads to weakening hair follicles, causing more hair fall during monsoon.


Which hair oil is best for monsoon?

The hair oil that’s best for monsoon is MyGlamm’s SUPERFOODS Onion & Moringa hair shampoo. It’s the best as it not only contains natural ingredients like Onion, Moringa, and Shikakai but this shampoo also controls hair fall. The SUPERFOODS shampoo by MyGlamm is a total game-changer as it promotes scalp health, makes hair stronger, nourishes roots and keeps any irritations or dandruff at bay.


How do you control frizzy hair in monsoon?

There are many ways you can control frizzy hair in monsoon such as: avoiding hot water, using hair serum, using a microfibre towel, combing your hair right, always using a heat protectant, using a hair conditioner, avoiding chemical treatments, etc. Apart from all these tips, the best way to control frizzy hair in the monsoon is by sticking to natural products and trying home remedies. 

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It is very normal for seasonal changes to negatively affect your hair. In any case, whenever dealt with appropriately with the right hair care routine of hair fall in monsoon, you can protect your hair while keeping up with your daily life balance.


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