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Easy Skincare Dos & Don'ts To Keep In Mind This Monsoon


Summer 2021 passed by in the blink of an eye. Was it because we were stuck at our homes with no vacation this year? Strong guess- probably. However, we have kept the lockdown interesting with new makeup and skincare trends for a year now and we won't let you break the streak. Ditch your summer skincare routine and get your skin ready for the wrath that monsoon brings with it - humidity, paired with the cold breeze in most parts of the country. 

Monsoon Skincare Solutions To Follow

With a drastic increase in humidity during the monsoon season, there is extra moisture in the air. Contrary to what you might think, it is not good for the skin. Many times it results in clogged pores, which can further cause acne and pimples. This comedogenicity can also cause for lack of moisture absorption in the skin. Especially difficult for combination and oily skin types, one needs to switch their skincare game up a notch. Here are some dos and don'ts you need for the season: 


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Don't: While the sun might be playing hide and seek this season, do not skip sunscreen. Some people associate sun protection with direct sun rays only and skip sunscreen during cloudy days. Science has established that sunscreen is a skincare essential not only all year round but also inside the house! Isn't that crazy? Crazy, but true. Do not skip your sunscreen. 

Do: To avoid stickiness or a greasy effect that sunscreens usually cause, switch to gel-based sunscreens, or matte finish formulas. These choices will have your skin protected at all times, without leaving your skin oily. 


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Don't: It goes without saying - DO NOT skip your moisturiser at any cost. Even oily skin requires a moisturizer that suits its needs. And if you already knew that, it's time to invest in a monsoon-friendly alternative. If you see signs of deteriorating skin health, do not stick with your old moisturizer just because it used to work for you. make a change.  

Do: Usually, the moisturisers that are suitable for your skin during the summer season, are not moisturizing enough for the rainy season. You can figure out if your moisturizer has outlived its time of the year by spotting signs of dry patches, acne, pimples, or pigmentation on your skin. Again, you can switch to moisturizing gels for a lightweight texture. Take a pick and see what suits your skin more.


Facial Mists

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Don't: There will be times that your skin will feel dull because of the gloomy weather. Do not keep layering makeup on it without taking care of it first. 

Do: While you have your monsoon skincare stash ready, keep a refreshing facial mist handy for freshness on the go. A facial mist can help your skin wake up and make it feel rejuvenated no matter where you are. 


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Don't: The humidity in the atmosphere will urge you to exfoliate your skin often Do not give into physical scrubs like harsh walnut scrubs or sugar scrubs. Humidity also makes the skin barrier much more sensitive and using a physical exfoliant can cause wear and tear that you don't want. 

Do: Stick to gentle chemical exfoliants that suit your skin type and requirement. You can start small from vitamin C serums and can go ahead and explore different types of AHAs and BHAs for your skin concerns. 


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Don't: Although it goes for every season, do not skip your body's daily hydration needs in monsoon, especially. Your skin goes through a lot of changes when the seasons' transition. Now that you will be changing a couple of skincare items too, your skin will need some extra TLC. What you can do to help is keep your body hydrated at all times by drinking enough water.

Do: Consume 10-12 glasses of water on a daily basis.

You now have a cheat guide to a smashing monsoon skincare routine. Buckle up for the rainy season and do not let it rain on your skincare parade.

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