Strengthening Bonds: 8 Raksha Bandhan Hairstyles To Make The Festivities Extra Special

raksha bandhan hairstyle

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Celebrating the strong bond between brothers and sisters, Raksha Bandhan surely holds a special place in every siblings’ heart. Honouring this bond, usually a sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist to symbolise the love, protection, and care they share for each other. While traditionally this festival is celebrated by brothers and sisters, nowadays, it is gender bound, and even extends to sisters alone rejoicing in the relationship that they share. Raksha Bandhan usually entails rituals, followed by a fun day with the family. While the celebration is a little low-key in the grand scale of festivities, it is one that shouldn’t be ignored either—especially when it comes to outfits, makeup, and hair. You probably have the first two figured out, but to make your life easier let’s unveil the latter for you. Here are some cute, cool, and easy Raksha Bandhan hairstyles you can choose from to celebrate the special day. 

Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle


Have your outfit set? Well, then we bring to you 8 Raksha Bandhan hairstyles that’ll make that even better. Whether you choose to go with a kurti, anarkali, suit, or even a saree, these hairstyles have got you covered. They’re quick, easy to recreate, and absolutely stylish. Scroll down for more. Just remember to use good haircare products before.


Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #1 - The Sleek Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for raksha bandhan

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This simple and easy to pull off sleek high ponytail is the perfect go-to, especially for a Raksha Bandhan hairstyle. All you have to do is centre-part your hair and pull it into a ponytail and you’re ready to go! Use a bit of hair serum on the ends of your hair to achieve that sleek look.


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #2 - Braided Ponytail


Braided Ponytail for rakshabandhan

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Amp up your Raksha Bandhan hairstyle with an upgraded braid. Pull your hair into a French braid and then secure it in a cool, low ponytail. Add a scrunchie of your choice to take the look to another level. Make sure to use a frizz fighting shampoo that tackles dryness, so that your braid sits comfortably without any frizziness, especially around the hairline.


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #3 - Wavy Lob

Wavy hairstyle for rakshabandhan

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This wavy lob is the perfect answer to your Raksha Bandhan hairstyle needs. Make sure to use a conditioner during your shower and dry your hair out. Using a thick barrel curling tong to create voluminous waves on your hair. Ruffle your fingers through your hair for that messy, yet cute effect. Use the right kind of hair conditioner to help soften and smoothen your hair.


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #4 - Twisted Half Ponytail

Half ponytail for rakshabandhan

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This Raksha Bandhan hairstyle is pretty cool and easy to recreate. The twisted half ponytail, paired with a gorgeous accessory makes this hairstyle a great go-to, for short hair and for long too. This hairstyle requires your hair to look smooth and frizz free, so ensure that you apply a hair mask to condition it. 


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #5 - Big, Voluminous Waves

Best hairstyle for rakshabandhan

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If you want to go a bit glam this festive season, then opt for these big, voluminous waves as your Raksha Bandhan hairstyle. Make sure you use a thick barrel tong to create those waves—you want to keep the curls tight and not beachy for that glam effect. Remember to use a heat protectant hair serum to protect your mane.


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #6 - Double Braid Bun


Braid bun for rakshabandhan

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This Raksha Bandhan hairstyle is a little more elaborate, but trust us, it is worth the effort. Pull your hair back into two French braids and then twist it into a low bun. Use a lightweight hair oil around the crown of your hair to prevent any flyaways taking over. 


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #7 - Bubble Ponytail

Raksha bandhan hairstyle bubble ponytail

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A fun and quirky Raksha Bandhan hairstyle, this one also works on second day greasy hair. Braid your hair around the crown and then pull it back into a loose ponytail. Then bubble up the ponytail. Feel free to use ribbons, scrunchies, and hair-ties to amp up the hairstyle.


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Raksha Bandhan Hairstyle #8 - Twisted Ribbon Braid

Special hairstyle for raskhabandhan

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If you’re one to prefer braids, then this fishtail braid with a ribbon wrapped around it is just for you. This Raksha Bandhan hairstyle will really amp up your look. Use a little hair serum at the ends to give your hair a finished look.

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