6 Of The Prettiest Raksha Bandhan Makeup Looks

Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look

Rakshabandhan is around the corner — and we can actually entertain the idea of stepping out of the house this year. That’s why you’ve got to yank the minimalist out of you, and restock your repertoire with makeup — we’re rounding up 6 of the best Raksha Bandhan makeup looks for you to take cues from along with a breakdown of an extremely simple one. Read on. 


The Simplest Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look Ever


Here’s to making sure our Raksha Bandhan makeup is spot-on this year. 


Step One: Cleanse Your Skin

 Cleanse your skin Pexels


Start off with skincare. You can cleanse your face with a foam-based cleanser to remove build-up and residue gently. Conclude by moisturising your face with a lightweight and brightening formula that seeps into your skin seamlessly, and locks in moisture for a silky-smooth base. 


Use: MyGlamm Iridescent Brightening Foam Cleanser 

Use: MyGlamm Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream

Step Two: Prime For Long-Lasting Makeup


Apply primer for best raksha bandhan makeup look



Dot a primer all over your face to set the base for your makeup, and extend the longevity of your look. Look for a primer containing hydrating ingredients (like Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip Oil, or Camellia Oil) for a candle-lit, goddess-worthy base. Remember that this one’s a dewy look, and you want to get that right from the get-go.


Use: MYGLAMM Tinted Face Primer

Step Three: Build The Base


 Apply Foundation for raksha bandhan makeup look



Opt for light-to-medium coverage foundation to emulate this smooth, seamless finish. Look for a lightweight and breathable formula that hydrates, illuminates, and conceals effectively. 


Use: MyGlamm Treat Love Care Oil Control Foundation Restore 

 Step Four: Get The Flicks Right

Apply primer for raksha bandhan makeup look


Prime your eyes to create a crease-free, clean canvas. Create your cat-eye flicks on both lids with a shiny, jet-black eyeliner


Use: MyGlamm Lit Glossy Liquid Eyeliner: Black Party

Step Five: Use A Mascara For Flutter-Ready Lashes

Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look - Apply MascaraPexels


Coat the lids in a volume-inducing mascara. Wait for a couple of seconds before going in for another coat.


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By Myglamm Mascara-Dark Knight

Step Six: Brush ‘Em Brows

Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look - apply eyebrow pencilUnsplash

Brush your brows with a spoolie, and fill them in a little with an eyebrow-pencil or eyebrow-pen—but don’t overdo it. Use an eyebrow-pencil to create fine hair-like lines and strokes in the direction of the hairs to further play into the subtlety of the aesthetic. Notice how Priyanka’s look isn’t overdone — it’s as natural as ever.  


Use: MyGlamm Lit Brow Definer Pencil

Step Seven: Add A Flush To The Cheeks

Apply blush for raksha bandhan lookPexels 


You’ll need a pink-tinted blusher for this — scoop a little bit of the pigment onto your fingers, and swirl it into the apples of your cheeks to lend a soft, pink flush to the skin. 


Use: MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Blush-Juicy Strawberry

Step Eight: Highlight The High Points

apply highlighter for raksha bandhan makeup look



Priyanka’s cheeks and temples are glowing. To capture the lit-from-within aesthetic, dust highlighter all over them 


Use: MyGlamm Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Stardust

Step Nine: Get Your Hands On A Nude Pink Lippie

apply lipstick for raksha bandhan makeup lookUnsplash

Use a nude pink lipstick to conclude this look, and don’t forget to overline your lips to achieve that perfect puckered pout. 


Use: Manish Malhotra Beauty By MyGlamm Hi-Shine Lipstick-Barely Nude

6 Trendy Raksha Bandhan Makeup Looks


  1. Classic Chic 

Bold & red raksha bandhan makeup look


Kiara’s look is chic and traditional all at the same time. She has opted for pinks on the lips and cheeks — notice how the wash of pink on the apples of the cheeks lend a softness to the look. To play up the drama, her eyes are stricken with kohl along the waterline, and her lashes are accentuated with oodles of mascara. Just concluding by filling in your brows with thin hair-like strokes, and highlighting the high-points of your face. Weave a braid into the equation to ‘traditionalise’ the look a little. 


  1. Bold & Red 


Bold & red raksha bandhan makeup look

Mouni has chosen to go with a head-swiveling combination of scarlet-red lips and cat-eye flicks. This look is all about creating drama. Her cheeks display the softest brushes of orange — which contrasts the red of her lips effortlessly — and her brows are filled in to perfection. If Raksha Bandhan is quite the affair in your family, don’t downplay your look — recreate something like this.


  1. Dewy Dumpling

Dewy Dumpling - Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look


Disha’s look is all about capturing that dewy-dumpling aesthetic. You’re going to want to use a hydrating foundation before attempting to recreate this look. Notice how her lips are drenched in gloss, and her cheeks are a mix of highlighter and rose-tinted flushes. Her lids display flicks but these aren’t your razor-thin wings — they look like they’ve been created with black eyeshadow — just prominent enough to look like a shadow on the eyes instead of a blatant cat-eye.


  1. Glitter N Glitz 


Glitter N Glitz Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look

Take cues from Deepika’s traditional Cannes look from this year. The actress has opted for a smokey eye — if you’re feeling it, go ahead and bring out the browns to recreate the lids. Since this is a bronzed-babe look, make sure you’re playing around with your contour and bronzer, and painting your lips a light shade of brown. Brush out your brows, and don’t fill them in as much since you want them to look as natural as possible. 


  1. Pink Poison 

Pink Poison Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look


If you’re more of a minimalist, let Janhvi’s look play muse to you. Drench your lips and lids in a light shade of pink, and dab your lids with the same shade before creating the shortest, subtlest 

cat-eye flicks on both sides. You can define the contours of your lips with a pink lip-liner that’s a little darker than the lipstick, and blend it all in. That’s it. 


  1. Purple Daze


Purple Raksha Bandhan Makeup Look

Purple eyeshadow is trending on Instagram, and this is the time to jump in on the bandwagon. Notice how Sara’s eyeshadow spills onto her lids, and migrates to the inner-corners of her eyes softly — mascara-laden lashes, brushed-out brows, and gloss-drenched lips play into the softness of the aesthetic. 

Whether subtle or dramatic, we’re hoping you go glam this year, and put these rakshabandhan makeup ideas — after all, Instagram awaits your ethnic avatar.


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